Jul 30, 2009


the topic hits me after our meet-up with mr dressmaker nights ago.

apart from bride with handbouquet pose, next to my favourite is pic of bride's long veil, taken from bottom, with bride headturn like below; to me it's artful & sentimental - esp when the pic able to catch detailing of the veil ;)


knowing me the clumsy type, i dont think i'll be comfy in chapel/cathedral veil. risau je terpijak2 then gone sume yang dipakai hehe, so all this while i decided to playsafe with fingertip length. until last night when mr dressmaker sketch kan my dress with long veil, and hardly convinced me to wear them. yosh, dress dah train, veil pun meleret lagi ke? over la, his reception kat dewan je bang bukan hotel! he showed samples of his clients, gorgeously taken by Ikram and the weddings were in dewan too, night reception mostly. he got my buy-in finally, but i warned him jangan meleret sangat if not confirm aku nangis takmau pakai hehe!

no, not this. too heavy for my event :)
still, i love the ripple look!

love the lacey detail..

for penang reception, i'd love to appear homey as possible, most probably without any veil. bunch of baby's breath would just do ;)

or else, i prefer veil worn by our blogger,
Fifi and Alia. veil yang dipakai sedikit rendah from their bun, sweet :)

*for better view, pls click on pic. credit to pic owners.

Jul 29, 2009

2 days progress

hari ini dapat berehat di rumah, setelah berhempas pulas over the weekend di negara orang. nothing really much changed since my 1st trip in 2007 - except our staff complex dah siap & occupied. their kharuf still my fave, and the greens by Nile river too :) found nice pink chiffon with sari border sold at their souq, terfikir utk pengapit, niat dibatalkan setelah dibelek pricenya 200 Sudan pound (nearly rm400, gulp). maaf cik pengapit, budget tak lepas. so budget itu digunakan untuk membeli satu barang hantaran ketika transit di dubai hehe.

fiance came back from PD, and we get to settle few things yesterday, including :

- change my ring setting. no more my fave princess cut illusion.
- bought shirt & necktie for hantaran. Isetan on megasale now :)
- met up bertandang dressmaker, paid my deposit while measurement will be in nov. new heels, handbouquet included. he secured makeup with my fave too, alhamdulillah :)

something is cooking :)

Jul 27, 2009

siti catering

was informed that ctcatering is panel caterer for our hall.
anyone had experience attending their event? food sedap tak?


Jul 21, 2009

little black box & vid

We’ve got the ring. Came in a little black box, that’s it for now ;)

With ticker now going less than 7mths, I know there should be more of decision making rather than my never-ending survey hehe. Since fiancĂ© was on Israk Mikraj leave, we had the chance to meet our videographer yesterday. We didn’t do much talking, mainly the reason we’re almost zero on video thing and plus, it was nearly 10pm late – guess how tired I was :( But one thing we’re sure with – we love their work.


we booked them for our bertandang. He shared these tips, which I thought worth sharing with future brides :

1) share your chosen song with videographer prior your event, not after. This will help videographer to catch greater moments to suit your song :) or else, trust them to pick the song for you!
2) pick catchy song. this abit subjective, but at some point I realized, their combo of creativity and catchy song that's actually interesting about their vids :)

So brides, if you’re planning to grab their
July promo, wait no more!

we get different videographer for our penang event; 2 events for the price of 1 average event in KL, came with 2 videographers :) and no transport charge to penang yeay! Many many thanks to Diah for recommendation - i owe you alot babe ;)

Jul 17, 2009

my BFF

it is confirmed now, one of my BFF is no longer a fiancee to him.
as friends, we accept it's not their jodoh but, it was still dissapointing to know her parents did it again - causing their relationship to end after most of wedding prep been made :(

to recall, 4 of us will be on back-to-back wedding from Jan - Apr 2010. Earlier, i wasnt interested to have any hen night, knowing the fact we will later busy with own wed prep and plus, i'm no good at pouring such event ;P

my BFF was the one brought up the idea of combining our hen night together. idea was few months back. yeap, for 4 of us in one shot, tak pernah dibuat orang je kan hehe! the idea was to have everyone on task & in the end, together honouring everyone as a bride-to-be ;)

and i remember, we joke about having karma sutra cuppy for the nite - or at least anything as such below (apologize the notty-ness, hehe!)

naughty cuppy

since she's no longer in getting-married queue, i wonder if hen night still in list?

to BFF, we dont mind the hen night, if we could wish, honestly we'd love to see you both as item again *sigh*

Jul 14, 2009


remind me of PDP's ;)
i'm lovin' it!

dropped by kak shaja's blog tadi, found her entry on how to save on wedding cake. seriously, sangat membantu esp for those with no idea on cake pricing, like me ;) i didnt know it could cost a bomb hehehe!

since we'll have acara memotong kek for bertandang, i'd love my home reception to be as casual & homey as possible. no potong kek pun ok, just tiers of cakeballs or cuppies. if mum still insist, i might opt for kak shaja's great tip - one tier cake & sewa je cake stand ...(the sample she posted is real classy...)

Jul 13, 2009

the next tiffany

we both were on leave today & we had the chance to pay our second visit to coming bertandang hall. as advised by our decorator, we finally changed our venue to be the one closest to escalator & she suggested for 'L' walkway instead of typical straight lane. i cant really decide, the fact our hall is too small making my priority shall go for comfortable layout of our 500 guests rather than our walking aisle. there's still plenty of time anyway!

by the way, below are inspirations i wish to copycat for my tiffany wedding...glasses of themed-water hehe! those tall containers are quite pricey to afford, so i might opt for smaller ones & get bunch of white flowers on top. to save some cost, i should limit this deco perhaps to meja pengantin or room deco je ;)

Jul 12, 2009

unofficial food testing

as promised, we went for our first food testing today..

rather than picking up those food at expo, we had the chance to drop by to wedding itself. it was buffet style and canopy, with maroon wedding theme. package was different from us, but for pre-food testing, still it's a good start for us. was a little teruja with their nice table top & cordial dispenser hehe...!

staff in charge spent few mins explaining details of event. knowing he's on duty, we didnt wish to keep him long. we quickly got the packed food and left :)

meals we brought home :

- nasi minyak
- ayam masak merah
- rendang daging
- acar buah
- dalcha
- papedom

except papedom, the rest were fine to us :) dalcha cair sikit, but they still taste good. fiance brought some home, leaving to his parents for any decision. if ok, they'll decide on menu & we'll arrange for official food testing later.

Jul 9, 2009

main table deco

this is rarely discussed among brides; but i believe it's equally important - deco meja pengantin :)

often, main table deco is complimentary in any catering package, some prefer to make use of it rather than separately source it to decorators, which will add more cost to it. terpulang, yang penting, discuss your preference :)

and speaking of preference, i dont quite fancy bushy main table deco like below. if Qis had prob with ferns, i had my own with below daun juntai (maaf tak tahu panggil ape), as it's almost everywhere in our local weddings - to me, making the deco abit semak. and i dont find satin yang di ombak-ombak tu really necessary too, haih.

i tried to peek what our renowned NGI & Razak Flora had for their previous clients :

heart the blooming flowers..!

putting aside their price & lavishness of flowers used, on a positive way, their deco is very very NEAT! NGI had daun juntai too, but he arranged them in a nice way rather than typically found berjuntaian sepanjang-panjang table tu :P

for most of us, to spend their price is quite a waste for an average wedding. to save some cost, we can still opt for similar deco, except the flower arrangement to be abit distant from each other..and in between, some decorators choose to replace with sleek candles. tabur flower petals pun ok jugak for the sake of memenuhi ruang kosong and jimat too :)

again, the key is to discuss friends! share your budget honestly, some infamous decorators are just amazing too and they're more than happy to deco within your budget :)

Jul 5, 2009

Promosi Kerja Kahwin 2009

i had appoinment with our bertandang decorator last Saturday, fiance couldn't make it as he had courses to attend in Shah Alam. the plan was supposed to bring our decorator for site visit to our hall to estimate right size of pelamin and layout for meja pengantin etc. the plan changed, where instead, we had our discussion at the expo, as she was on duty that day and it took almost 4hrs to list down the detail & ideas to fit our small budget tu hehe..

she had lots of sweet pink shades theme as reference, and i love most of them. good news, she had fuschia ribbon for my guest chairs too :) for time being, the confirmed package will include pelamin, walkway, entrance arch and main table deco.

one of participating booth - Arma Wedding Couture
(Kompleks Kraf Jln Conlay 4 - 13 July 2009)

only on Sunday i managed to drop by other booths. the expo wasn't bad afterall, no more kerawang pelamin on parade but the trend of black damask now becoming somewhat - stereotype? i dont despise damask design, the idea of having black damask as pelamin backdrop is my big turn-off :( hmm, apa kes kerusi pengantin pun nak black damask, kan hehe!

i found caterer which below our budget too :) for rm20/pax, you can afford dome style seating inclusive of :

- menu including ayam, daging & ikan in one go!
- mineral water, fruits, dessert and coffee/tea served
- dome, napkin & highball glass (you can upgrade to goblet glass with some charges)
- meja + alas + themed table top
- banquet chair + sarung + themed ribbon
- red carpet
- 6 stands of fresh flowers
- menu card for all table
- meja pengantin & deco for 10-12 pax (fresh flowers)
- 4 VIP tables
- pelayan tetamu
- food testing for 5 pax

their SA will provide new quo as i no longer need items in red above. will reconfirm the waiters:tables ratio, just to ensure guests are timely served. unlike few caterers, they also allow pre-booking food testing prior to placing any deposit. 2 org je, and we booked for next week as they have a kenduri kahwin to cater. i'll review the outcome later.

p/s : boringnye esok keje...hehe

Jul 3, 2009

DIY centerpiece

since we're going buffet style for penang reception, guest table sudah pastinya kosong tanpa sebarang deco kan, so im thinking of having one for max 40 tables. simple or very mini je pun ok.

so brides, this my first attempt to DIY guest table centerpiece. it was done few months back, tapi kurang keyakinan to blog them, hehe. btw, i worked from this
inspiration ;)

Items bought @ SSF

mini glass - rm1.00

hydrangea - rm7.90 @ rm 10.90..lupe!
(can cut to 4-5 mini bunches)

tiffany polka dot ribbon - rm0.80/m
(can use for 2 centrepieces/m)

sponge - rm2
(can cut to 8-10 mini sponges)

the outcome; one with slim glass and right pic with gemok glass.
comot gile, bunga pun tak balance hehe!!

p/s : lecehnya to drive them home from kl, wasting carspace je hu hu..haruskah outsource? hihihi

Jul 2, 2009

dress neckline

last few days were hectic. with piles of work coming each day, nothing sounds that i can reach home earlier than 10pm for at least next 2 weeks :( i'd promised myself, tonight is my me-time & i should write something here :)

fiance is getting white nehru for bertandang and the theme is going a little contemporary for his side. being a fan of MK's classic white dresses, i know it just not me to be wearing anything too modern or trendy esp for wedding dresses. so my choice, im going for contemporary classic instead; and one way of doing it, making my dress neckline to this off shoulder type, rather than my fave v-neck kebaya :)

i googled some
infos on this, and found this type of neckline will help to balance wider hips - it's a countless blessing esp for heavy hips bride - like me!. additional to it, our neckline will guide us to right jewellery/accessory for our big day :) and for this neckline, recommended for choker, princess or Y-drop; exactly as what this bride had :

credit to Avicenna Studio & Amy Janz for these local inspirations