Oct 31, 2009

modern songket

songket with contemporary design. i love the fact they came in my fave combo for songket - white & silver...

she had cymbi for her hair.. :)

pics from Syomir's fb

Oct 30, 2009

minggu ini

progress as of today.
  • guest list for bertandang dah siap, based on few tables yg fiance allocate
  • sample monogram dah dapat, need my colleague's expertise to touch up :P
  • task list for bertandang coordinator pun dah siap..
mahu cepat ke gym...harini ada appoinment with 3 vendors....

Oct 26, 2009

last weekend

i took one day leave & spent my recent weekend in my hometown, visiting abah who just had a minor surgery. alhamdulillah, he's getting better :) i promised myself not to discuss any wed prep last visit, considering abah's condition. but abah was the one beria & initiated the discussion since my brother too getting engaged this coming dec. i still remember last raya when my bro asked my mum to look out for engagement ring. ibu & myself were clueless, until ibu finally said "pi lah beli dgn dia, biaq dia pilih. kan dia yang nak pakai.." i nodded to bro & smile, very much agreed to ibu's suggestion...

back to my prep, abah will hire Pakcik Brahim for catering. he used to be our caterer for few of our family events, but yang peliknya, so far i tak penah rasa his food pun hehe...for canopy & props etc, P.Brahim will outsource to other vendor since he only do catering. abah specified his canopies, chairs, layout etc. i like them all, except no. of canopies proposed which seems sedikit for the guest numbers :( nvm, raya haji nanti we'll meet up P.Brahim - will seek for his advise & let him talk to abah should he think the same too :) btw P.Brahim, if u cant find any white+clean+tegang canopy, im fine with whatever you have hehe...

gambar hiasan - suke white setting mcm ni :P

moving on to doorgift, abah agreed to paper pouch yeay! few aunties called up mum & now she proposing for sweets/chocs/agar2 kering as fillers. NOOOOO...i want my eggs..i want my eggs. i know eggs would require last minute job, but pleaseee, the hassle just once-off k....glad that abah's on my side :D

for bunga pahar, we'll buy 200pcs ready made at Jln TAR nanti, ibu nak sangat. my decorator will help to add some deco - she said cheaper than upah her to do a new one...ooo ok :) for bunga pahar hantaran, tradition from fiance-a-proud-johorian, i'll DIY..dah lama sangat perap idea ni & the steps pun sonang je :)

for my 1-tier cake, ibu will order fondant from her friend - subject to outcome of my bro's hantaran cake this dec hehehe :P in-laws pun dah kasi duit to place booking for bertandang cake..but i told fiance for whatever reason do not spend that 4-digits given solely for cake.. membazir, married friends pun remind no guest would stay just to eat the towering cake...we already contacted this vendor for quo, and hopefully in-laws would agree to go for design simplicity too..

btw, fiance & family had 2nd food testing from this caterer. in-laws dah approve, we'll meet up with Syawal this weekend to discuss further...in-laws will decide on menu later. we also praying can tukar the chair ribbon to organza instead of striking fuschia satin hehe..and we dont want any pink table top too...alas meja pun dah cukup...

Oct 20, 2009

bunga manggar

bunga manggar atas ni buat dari ape...?

Oct 18, 2009

shafaf's wedding

alhamdulillah, bestie shafaf finally selamat diijabkabulkan with her hubby, firdaus on friday. few unpleasant things happened that day; makeup artist didnt turn up due to emergency, air takde seharian, pengapit tidak dapat dikesan sehari sebelumnya hehe....but im impressed shafaf managed her stress very well and somehow, things will fall into place in the end they said - which is very very true :)

early friday morning, teman her and arfah to floristika to get some flowers for her bouquet. the chinese lady was so rude when we asking for suggestion, we pejamkan mata je cos dah last minute kan hehe :) then to SSF, buying the remaining organza pouch for nikah favors. i excused myself 2hrs to gym dulu then pegi rumah shafaf to help her DIY-ing the bouquet.

kak liza's relative passed away, so she replaced with her friend. lupe nak tanya nama cos we were so excited tengok shafaf di-makeover hehe..lawa, and the makeup style very close to kak liza's. accessories by Saidatulnisa's boutique & her pretty dress by kimie kajang.

nikah theme was purple & above part of her room deco. she got my fave hydrangeas, with calla lily cucuk2 on top...remind me of Poetry of Flower's style..love it!

saje post pic yang berselerak with batang bunga..bukti DIY haha :P i'd always prefer sweet williams over baby's breath as fillers..tapi shafaf nak jugak baby's breath tu hehe..to tell the whole truth, i tukang cabut daun je hehe...arfah who also the first-timer yang turn them to everyone's dream bouquet :)

pic sanding on saturday malas nak upload. tak byk pic cos busy catching up with old friends (and food!). honestly, i had to tahan my tears from falling on her nikah night. i was so happy that bestie that i've known for past 8yrs since studying in muar now with her man. and today they're flying to bali for honeymoon...shafaf, im not ready yet to be aunty & ko pun nak naik pelamin lagi bln 4 ni...so our advise...... banyakkanlah sightseeing dari memerap di hotel lalalala.........

shafaf, congratulations again to you & fid. be good in kerteh & labuan k...lps ni sila lah bookmark page airasia :P

Oct 14, 2009

telur pindang


I'm currently looking for telur pindang maker here in kl. i've tried once during my schooling in johor, given by friend who just return from her relative's kenduri. erm, tak kena sgt with my tekak but now am pretty much interested knowing it's part of tradition giving by johorian pengantins :) fiance's family is johorian, so the in-laws prefer to have telur pindang as doorgift for bertandang.

i have 2 contacts in hand, but would like to keep my option open as much possible :) any other recommendation? we really really interested to consider one if the price is good, thanks!

p/s : i just read some info on telur pindang...lamenyeeee rebus telur ni hehe..

Oct 13, 2009

wedding card

next month will due for invitation card order. to jimat, we decided to share same card - the most to differentiate bride's & groom's invitation maybe color ribbon kot :) the funny thing, bride will have blue ribbon while the groom's card with er, pink ribbon :P itu pun if our budget allows for ribbon hehe!

abah said 1000pcs dah cukup for both weddings, but i'll order some extras just in case. i've read somewhere better to order extra 25-50pcs rather than placing new order later which will cost u lots higher.

knowing our malasness, we'll be picking anything off-rack je. sebulan (or most 2 mths?) je kan siap? hopefully we can send out latest by early jan =)

minimalist =) map can put kat belakang kot?

taken from Indo site. tak penah dpt lagi kad camni hehe..

p/s : exactly 4 months to go ..

Oct 10, 2009

photographer & coordinator

we finally booked photographer for our majlis bertandang. until last Tuesday, he still asking "dah habis survey ke ni?" honestly we didn't :P we did seek quotation from as many photographers but we only met up with few who meet our budget & liking. we loved the finished pictures to look as much natural to real event, so we only shortlist photographers who not keen doing the kabus-kabus or anything like "brushpaint" effect. 1 or 2 pics are ok with such editing, but not the whole album - it'll lose its art, IMHO hehe :)

btw, kak nana dah tunaikan her months-ago janji to contact her friend, to be hired as wedding coordinator for our majlis bertandang. for formal seating, walaupun sekecil 5oopax, i think it's a must. fiance foresee the need, but we dont want any of family member or friends to be the runner cos they're supposed to enjoy, kan. for cheaper option, we look out for freelancer and happened that kak nana's friend dah biasa with event management & wedding planning task. he's also one of male secretary in our office, and we've worked together for one event last year. heard he's so fussy, but i never come across seeing he marah2 vendors as few storied by my colleagues hehe..we're not prepared yet to meet him up personally, tunggu after i draft some expected tasks for him dulu la..takut kene marah..

i told fiance not to expecting perfection, we're actually hiring him to minimize the imperfection - that's all :)

Oct 9, 2009

cake topper

tho im not interested of having one, but i have to admit they are cute pieces on cake!

click here for local supplier

Isetan pre-sale & hantaran

yesterday was pre-sale for Isetan member card :) ajak my fiance hunting for hantaran and after work, we off to one in The Garden. heaven, dapat shopping dgn tenang dan tanpa beratur panjang seperti di klcc yeay :P

perfume as usual mane2 pun no discount, isetan only offer extra freebies for this pre-sale. i got rm120 vouchers to spend off, so oklah. bought the latest Gucci for him, which he insisted for hantaran. the woody smell so sexy on him, and very masculine too :) im not going to get any perfume or toiletries, cos honestly i dont quite like it as my hantaran kahwin (engagement takpe, cos if sume food/manisan sure boring kan..). reason being, sebotol perfume can buy bebile je when old perfume dah habis and price of full set perfume can afford me a nice purse or handbag or even Nine West pair...so i feel so rugi to waste hundreds only for perfume hehe..

then, i got him bag that he wanted so much for hantaran. i was so happy cos the bag is on 50% discount only for yesterday (today back to normal price), and on top of that we redeemed rm30 vouchers from his perfume purchase :) jimat lagi...

heels for hantaran, none really caught my eyes. i ended up spending for my kasut keje which on 40% discount. Aldo office shoes pun left below rm200, quite a bargain but HP is more comfy to my feet after few tryouts :)

p/s : thanks faeizah for lending her Isetan card to my fiance..if not he kena duduk luar hehehe..

Oct 3, 2009


few things to update in one entry :)

yesterday noon, we met this designer & get him to sketch few designs with cosry's buttons. i'm still waiting for quotation, hopefully not lari much from our budget :( as the discussion about to end, fellow blogger Sue arrived...she sooo prettty. hopefully, this designer help to solve stuffs that bothering her since she came back to kl.

then we jln2, checking out progress of our house. tinggal basement parking je belum cat, lps ni will garu kepala again to find money to do the grill, beli kipas lampu etc before we could rent out to tenants. market price nearby is higher than our monthly payment, so oklah i think to rent out :)

after pekena nice roti arab at this cafe, we jln2 at few shoplots. check out what i found at this kedai kasut.

almost similar to my prev post :) and the price is only rm59.90! murah, kan? if u dont mind kasut with no brand hiks..i grabbed one sbb tak tahan they so cheap hehehe!

mlm i belanja my fiance cos 3rd Oct is his bday :) the dinner ruined my diet somehow, but im happy that fiance loved the place so much (and the food too!). our fave is their crunchy crabstick & tom kah seafood. again, happy 25th to beloved fiance :)


finally yesterday, after 8 months, i berjaya jugak jejakkan kaki balik to gym (ppl, i gained 12 kilos after my engagement). to be honest, i never like workout - esp the tiring cardiiiiooooooo. and i only semangat to kurus whenever there's occasion that need me to bergambar - vacation, engagement and now wedding. otherwise, i'm eating like so nobody's business :P my colleague faeizah menjadi saksi during my turun-naik since 2007 hehe. i start to feel the tense during raya, one of aunty joking "kau buffet tetiap hari ke bulan puasa ni?" and abah was so serious too warning about getting kurus - but he's more to health reason.

good news, since i've been loyal member to FF since 2007, (baya memanjang tapi pegi can kira with jari je) they upgrade me to First Club member yesterday, and one of benefit, i can bring guest f.o.c. during weekend - so fiance got no reason to excuse yes yes yes!! pergi berdua barula semangat sikit kan hehe! the not so good news, parking is no longer free for FF member :(

btw friends, i need to shed off 10kilos by dec, wish me luck :)

p/s : now i had another ticker to chase, means another daily routine on treadmill & stepper..yes ppl, daily :( yg baca pun penat kan?