Jun 28, 2011

Not wordless wednesday

Suppose i review our stay last week at Cyberview but im putting that on hold as there are many pictures to be resized before i can upload here :)

Anyways, we went to Pavillion last weekend. Saw my dream GG Twins on net now with massive sale, so this Pavillion visit just to check out the right size. Hubby wants me to get bigger handbag, he cannot tahan already seeing me sumbat everything from camera, external drive, sanitizer etc in my current small handbag..sampai kembong bag tu. Hehe.

Unfortunately, medium GG Twins is too small for my need and their large hobo to me not so nice. It's okay..im still buying my medium except not now :)

Long story cut short, we went to other shop and brought this baby home instead..

to tell the truth, this actually my dream hantaran bag last time.. :)

Jun 21, 2011


we'll be leaving to this paradise in few hours. we here not as in hubby and me. but me and colleagues, buat kerja...hehe.

see you next week office! :)

Jun 18, 2011


We had dinner at Ibunda restaurant last night, apparently it's last day to redeem our buffet voucher there. This Ibunda located opposite Prince Court and called themselves fine dining for authentic Malay cuisine.

We were there only at 9-ish whilst the buffet starts 7pm...so most food dah habis. Apparently they replenish ALL (main dishes la), nice kan considering lagi sejam je they going close :)

We were given table next to window with view to their pool. And these are some pictures taken..


outdoor stall serving ikan bakar, ikan kukus, ABC etc

one of buffet line

chicken ..very tender but portion too big for buffet style

lamb..tak bau so thumbs up!

the only reason to come back seriously!

fresh, and nicely presented too!:)

personal serving ikan kukus, unlike those at hotels ;)

ikan bakar

not many place serve with bihun kuning..

sedap! :)

classic choice...only durian and jagung :)

Our verdict...

Service was good, staffs very attentive. Choices not that many but reasonable knowing Malay dishes are generally heavy. Taste wise, alot to improve i think as being local we know originally how Malay food should taste like :) Place also very stuffy...made the experience hmm not so fine dining.

I initially craving for masakan nogori (big fan actually)..masak lemak cili api kind...or rendang...but none there, in fact all food there tak pedas. So if you have any place to recommend for masakan nogori, please, please do so. we dont mind driving to negeri sembilan if require so :)

ipad 2

I have no GPS, no Blackberry, no iPhone. I never had them in my wishlist pun to tell the truth. Probably cos i dont really follow what's in when comes to gadget.

Except this one. And we were talking about getting one the other day. The earlier the better. Hehe.

Until this morning i checked fb Machines, their status was something distributing queue cards etc...huh? batch 7 is selling today???!! How come they dont appear in my fb!!

We rushed to midvalley hoping for white 64GB wifi-3G model still available (read : 10am). Hubby siap confident model tu ada since it's the most expensive that people may not interested.

And when we got there...as expected, there was long queue. When I asked the staff, you know..

highest spec was first to sold out!! :(

moral of the story :
1. before tido must check fb Machines (esp Friday night!)
2. Never underestimate orang Malaysia! kaya okay depa ni...(sambil jeling my husband!)

Jun 17, 2011


Received my transfer letter yesterday. I'll be reporting to new boss next month, but current workload only allow me to leave no earlier than October as mutually agreed between bosses.

I was told the task not much different from what i've been doing currently except scope now broaden outside Malaysia waters. and i'll be seeing more operation jargons there..hope i'll catch up quick! :) InsyaAllah