Nov 20, 2012


Sorry that lately my page was overloaded with sale items. Promise that i'll update other stuffs soooon.

Meanwhile, some stuffs purchased from our trip now up for sale and of course wayy cheaper than retail in KL boutiques.. ;)

Gucci Sukey Medium Diamante (gorgeous piece!)
RM2,500 (Retail RM3630)
 Longchamp Medium Long Handle (Red)

Longchamp Medium Long Handle (Soft Green)

All are brand new and authentic (or money back guarantee). Interested please email me

Oct 22, 2012

European Handbags Pre-Order (closing 21/10)

European handbags open for pre-order..Chanel, LV, Gucci, Longchamp etc. Email handbag details (or better, website link) at for best quotation - guaranteed cheaper than Malaysia retail! Order and payment closed by 21st Oct or as soon our luggage full.

Any price increase by boutique after closing date, customers will be given option to topup the difference or fully refund. Items will arrive mid-Nov, self pickup only.

Happy shopping folks! ;)

Sep 11, 2012


Brand new blouses up for sale!

Interested? Kindly email me at with blouse code & delivery method (self pickup at klcc area or add RM5 for postage). Please click on pic for better view, happy shopping!

Chiffon polka dot (beige), size M
Code : B1

 Silk blouse size M
Code : B2

 Chiffon peacock blouse, size M
Code : B3

 Chiffon polka dot (white), size M
Code : B4

 Chiffon flowery, size L
Code : B5

 Chiffon polka dot blossom arm (dark blue), size M
Code : B6

 Silky satin blouse (bright orange), size M
Code : B7
RM 50

 Chiffon flowery (dark blue), size M
Code : B8

 Chiffon stripes, size M & L
Code : B9

Chiffon polka dot (black), size M
Code : B10

And sneak peak next coming up for sale......

Beaded chiffon for jubah

(kain only, lining not provided - ready made attached only for sample)
Many colors to choose from, suitable for all events eg. aqiqah, bridesmaids etc ;) Stay tune!

Jul 30, 2012


We finally had a place to call one :)

Flashing back, we started hunting for landed property last year. We owned a condo earlier which purely for investment and decided when time comes for landed, we'll sell the condo to afford downpayment for new house, if need so. True enough after years, with escalating house price, we had no choice but to let go the condo. It was sold at more than double of my purchase price  and Alhamdulillah since it's already more than 5 yrs we're exempted from RPGT (property tax), so left us extra cash to spend for legal stuffs and some furniture.

Long story short, we signed S&P early this year. The soon will be in new township of Shah Alam but not in city..if i could exactly describe, it's closer to Subang area. An intermediate double storey and it's subsale, but owner never occupied since its completion in still a new house feeling :) It was the greenery that got us hooked...have lake, clubhouse facilities and with our limited budget, this house can still fulfilled most of our checklist including guarded neighbourhood, 24x80 built up, finishing (alarm ready, 3-phase wiring, laminated flooring, shower screen etc - our house among the earliest phases in that township, hence the many incentives by developer) and all 5 rooms had attached bathroom including maid's ;) It's not fully gated however, cos there's few stairs in between for residents of current 3 phases to access our surau.

Location wise, undeniably quite far to my office but i'm used to driving 30 mins with 2 tolls from current place, additional of half to an hour with traffic still tolerable for having to stay at own home than rented place. Was told that new highway will be built soon connecting to damansara as another alternative to city center, but we dont put much hope cos this kind project usually dragged to god knows yearsss... ;p

Being new township, it's expected most facilities like school, commercial areas might take a while to be ready. At least for us there's already surau, police station, gym, multipurpose hall within the township..oklahh for now :) Besides, the newly mall just 15mins drive from our soon place if we need any shopping, dining or even adhoc movie date hehe :)
If everything goes well, insyaAllah we can move in by year end. We're not doing major reno except those standard kitchen cabinet & plaster ceiling. Both mothers suggest to hack back wall so we can have bigger kitchen. Usually women would after big kitchen, strangely, i prefer to retain that little space at least can do bbq hehe..or tempat santai petang2 cos backyard of our house row is facing playground, not neighbours house...we'll make do with our small kitchen so we agreed, no hacking for now :)
Alhamdulillah, I can say our house appliances and basic furniture almost sorted. Most of them scored at home expos that we frequented past few months, some from shops recommended at online forum, yang bought on impulse pun ade..guess that's part of excitement of owning first home hehe. The rest, we'll wait until key handover before we could finalize :)
Among earliest stuffs bought (and so apparently our favorite)..

lightings at massive discount :)

decorative frame

shoe cabinet, loving those individual cubicles = more space for shoes :)

No housewarming foreseen this year cos we're soo soo broke at the moment with house stuffs plus we got to save for our coming trips hehe..We'll get baca doa done first at least..makan2 can have it later next year after everything settled down insyaAllah :)

Oct 3, 2011

Welcome my baby nephew, Adam Haris :)

Still thinking what to get for my first nephew...

Aug 18, 2011

Transparent Canopy Promo - rm500 (with fairy lights)

Check out their fb (YSA Wedding & Events) for further info.

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Jul 30, 2011

Khareyana Spa

Last i treat myself a good spa was during our Bali trip two months back. After weeks juggling with works and stayback series, cousin's engagement last week and delayed flight stress yesterday, i think i deserve another spa session to recharge myself, especially before Ramadhan started :)

Since this was adhoc, i prefer having them close to my place and first being shortlisted was non other, Khareyana Spa. Apart from convenience, i was earlier blown by pictures in their fb and good reviews had on this spa.

The spa located in PJ, best landmark would be Assunta Hospital. It's a private bungalow surrounded with water garden..very homey. Massage rooms all located outside, so you need to walk through stepping stones to reach there!

I opted for 2hrs Royal Javanese Body Ritual. They have 2 other treatments in Balinese Sensual range, the difference here only the lulur (scrub). The process starts with massage, scrub, body mask, shower and finally application of moisturizing cream; all took place at this fabulous massage room..

Loved the fact it has attached shower room and tub, so i dont have to walk around half naked to get myself clean :) Disposables given too are of high quality, unlike Hammam's easily koyak. Here, you hardly hear any noise despite being close to road as there were music and running waters filling the room. I would appreciate they go for other soothing music, cos I always feel Balinese music hmm, abit creepy..esp time senja lol!

Massage was real good and more detail in the sense..they rub you, then they stop and start pressing some pressure points, then rub back at same place (and next of course i dozed off). Lulur this time was great too cos no yucky coconut smell and the lady ensured celah jari kaki pun semua scrub!! :) The session finished off with serving of watermelon and ginger tea.

Overall, i had a great time today in Khareyana. Considering the ambience and service, their rate to me is reasonable knowing spas of same league usually charge higher for similar duration :)