May 31, 2009

wedding checklist

i was teruja reading Melania Knauss planning her $80 million wedding without any wedding planner this morning. sounds so motivating for me at first place who's wedding not even reaching hundred thousand ringgits pun heheh today, i decided to pin up my checklist by sidebar & update accordingly. i should prepare in timeline basis too, easier to refer on what to do/buy in coming month - will keep in excel sheet je :P

1. nikah, sanding & bertandang date
- confirmed

2. kursus kahwin & legal docs
- kursus completed 13/6

- hiv test done 26/11
- borang done & diluluskan =) 10/12

3. venue
- nikah & sanding : home
- bertandang : booked. deposit paid.

4. catering & canopy
- penang : booked. to reconfirm menu & package items. tuka cake with pulut kuning
- bertandang : booked. to reconfirm menu, glass, chair cover, table layout & exchange of maintable deco with VIP table deco. food testing & setting by end Jan.

5. pelamin & decor
- penang : autocad received :)
- bertandang : autocad received :)

6. photographer
- nikah & reception : accom & flight tix booked (to remind credit card & photo copy)

- bertandang : must-shoot checklist half way...

- pre/post-wedding : to reconfirm senior photographer & date. venue tentative. props if required

7. videographer
- nikah & sanding : discuss shot & timing
- bertandang : to reconfirm senior videographer. song for bertandang video dah pilih, to be shared before event

8. wedding outfit
- nikah : final fitting 4/2

- sanding : groom done. bride last fitting 6/2. rent tiffany sampin set from abg man
- bertandang : bride's first fitting 4/1. groom's next fitting 10/2

9. makeup

- nikah & sanding : to reconfirm timing with eddy & assistant
- bertandang : timing confirmed 5pm
- inai : pakai sendiri. to buy maharani henna.

10. favors
- nikah : done
- sanding :

all guest : done
rombongan family : done
maintable : done

- bertandang :

all guest : done
vips : printing
maintable : done

11. bunga pahar
- sanding : done

- bertandang : 16pcs, tempahan ongoing

12. hantaran
- for him : 7/9 completed (sirih junjung & fruits left!). new dulang
- for her : 5/7 completed (tepak sireh & choc left!) . new alas
- decorator : him confirmed. mine included in decorator package

13. rings
- his : done.

- hers : to resize 2/2

14. invitation card

- distributing & rsvp

15. cake
- sanding : cake design shortlisted
- bertandang : done. to remind timing & pisau cake 17/2

16. tok kadi
- booked 10am slot, to remind timing & venue 29/1

- reconfirm cash maskahwin? and lafaz akad

17. handbouquet
- nikah : FOC from hantaran maker. to reconfirm design 10/1

- sanding : FOC from pelamin maker. to reconfirm design
- bertandang : FOC from dressmaker

18. guest list
- done, seating layout ongoing

19. ceremony, entertainment & kompang
- penang : only kompang. caterer ada pakej!
- bertandang : entertainment sponsorred, syawal will reconfirm small platform. to list songs
- cd of favourite songs : tentative list dah ada. to rearrange the sequence

- kompang & selawat : ongoing
- slideshow for bertandang : concept dah ada. not started, hana will help =)

20. pengapit
- sanding : maslydhia & adam. kain sent to tailor
- bertandang : suzana & adam. kain sent to tailor

- bff dresses for bertandang : some with tailor.

21. dresses for family
- penang : done
- bertandang : done

22. wedding heels
- nikah & sanding & bertandang : dah tempah. ready made as backup

23. event itinerary
- dah siap
- bertandang rehearsal : (to check with hall admin & timing)

- bertandang coordinator : 2nd meet up 2/2

24. wedding props
- bungga manggar sewa from decorator @ aunty mu

25. spa treatment
- package found..

26. honeymoon plan
- ticket booked
- hotel booked at MATTA fair with airport transfer, dinner, island hopping trip =)
- to reconfirm arrival, room details
- to check additional excursion & tentative itinerary

the list shall be improvised when necessary, but for now, that's all.

afterall, Melania Knauss just not comparable for firstly, she's not working 8-5 as most of us do. and next, becoming mrs Trump, you know she can definitely afford any best vendors in town - hiring super talented Preston Bailey would really relieve alot of her headache, right. unlike us, we need to endlessly lookout for vendor who meet our budget frame & silently agreed to certain degree of her/his reliability ;) hehe.


sweet cravings said...

wlt; great entry! bagus2... I pun nak buat cam ni la so,my mum can see all the progress... :D hehhe, thanks for sharing another great & brilliant idea! hehe

anil said...

sunggoh berdedikasi dan tersusun...

wish u all d best

[ Hanie ] said...

erk, mcm ade je yg mine punya lobang2 huuu.

Reena said...

good...i yg lagi sebulan lebih pun tak buat mcm nie lagi..hehhehe..makin lama makin malas

dialicious said...

wah..bertandang pun u kene plan jgk ker?if the guy's side xkesah xperla..nway,u can start buying the hantaran now..sikit2 tak rasa sgt..hehehe

hidden.wing said...

mira : goodla your mum IT savvy hehe!

anil : 1st list tertinggal makeup :P

hanie : i belum attend kursus kahwin, biggest lobang tu hahaha

reena : enjoy your final month k :)

diah : his sisters studying no choice, kene buat sume singlehanded hehe

princessdHani said...

will borrow your list later :P

uyaa said...

hi kak. sy suke gile ur wedding cek list. great idea :)

hidden.wing said...

princess : silelah :) yang kurang, silalah advise hehe

uyaa : waiting for yours to come hikhik!

PrintableChecklist said...

Using a checklist is a wise decision when planning a wedding. Great ideas!

xjukie said...

nice blog sis, sangat berguna bila saya nk khwin yg tarikh dan pengantin pmpn pn x jmpe lg mueheheheh
Jgn lupa visit my blog too

~ms tepung~ said...

inai xmasuk dlm list ke?

benda2 kecik mcm penunjuk jln/bunting (yg ader budget), corsage, bunga manggar ~ unless dh masuk group etc or maybe u nk buat kelainan...

hmm maybe blh juga masukkan spa treatment since dh sibuk esp towards d day..tendency untk terlupa untk spa tu ade

hidden.wing said...

xjukie : thx for dropping by :)

mstepung : thanks alot! betul, tendency nak termiss-out those little things mmg besar :D

Quiyah said...


bole pinjam utk rujukan tak? i rasa i pon nak wat cam nila..

Sha Pattinson said...

hi WLT i dah pinjam u punya wedding checklist ..sangat tersusun ..keep it up!!!

littlephia said...

helo wlt... i copy ur checlist. so organised, i like. :))

@mira said...

hi..can i copy ur checklist???sgt bagus...terima kasih!

memerang6260 said...

good planning..wish the best to u.ade wat event caklempong x?nak tau la contact.can share with my email

Vispera said...

my dear..betandang u kena plan jugak and pastikan everything settle.. jgn jadi like my wedding.. pagi2 hari i pergi beli crown n veil kat jalan tar and makeup kat mid valley..

Vispera said...

owh ya..girlz out there if u looking for gorgeous selendang/veil/tudung for engagemnt or wedding u can tempah with me..

u can get beutiful selendang like artis with very good price..

the design and price we can talk later..

email me if u r interested

currently my blog not enough photo to show my design but u can see some of the design..

palla said...

wah..bagus betol list nih. fara copy cat ye?? boleh?? thanks in advance.. ekceli fara takot sangat. sbb we just decided to get married on 27th March. phew..banyak betol fara tak buat lagik. hopefully fara bole catch up!OMG. pls guide me..

Sabby said...

hey dear, you have an amazing checklist here and how u have linked it at the side of your blogpage..I've copied the link style and i put there credits to you..hope you dont mind..please inform if you do..i can always change it..but yours seem to be to most practical way...

hazlynda kushairi said...

weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee <3
i love ur checklist.
sangat-sangat detail
thanks for sharing this.
would like to guide this thru my wedding - insyaAllah.
sangat tekun. i love it.
all the best dear (=

Flowerie said... nk share ur excel sheet ke? i mean the blank one pon should be OK

zFi said...

waahhh bestnye ur checklist! very detailed :D

nak pinjam :)

thank u in advance.

Allen said...

nice job on the chair! they are always using the staple gun on shows like "design on a dime." looks great!


kisah aku said...

nk jugak.......... :P tq credit u


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