Nov 30, 2008

gerbera-daisy wedding

If you'd love gerberas & dying so for your wedding,
check below for your gerbera-daisy wedding theme ideas :)
DIY for your room, a lil' ribbon would help - less is more, peeps!

let's change it to Save-the-Date card!

flower girls' lucky charm!

plain chair with brighful gerbera!

for your very own main / VIP table!

table setting with your signature color theme

with crystal-jelly as the centrepiece !

cute guestbook

favors for your beloved guests

sooo freshy, perhaps something for your dressing table?

cake cutting ceremony

hot pink for lovely bridesmaid

personalized your own stamp now..

bouquet for the stunning bride

card with a more personalised touch!

ooh, adorable lil cuppies..

cake for your hantaran, perhaps?

but pls pls, dont ever think of this for your groom ok?

some might say these are too Western,but the ideas can always be customized to whatever culture that you want, right?

One word to play with - CREATIVITY!

Enjoice, and happy hunting for your BIG day!!

(apologize for not quoting the sources - they're just toooo many!)

who should be there?

Are you another bride-to-be who has hard time in listing down your guest for your intimate wedding reception?
Guess no more, check out below from Martha's :
"Invite only the people you think you will know and be friends with in 5 years"

After all, no one should be judging, right ;)

Nov 27, 2008

goldie cufflinks

It's Friday woohoo long break means more time for (window) shopping. It's toward the year end, and SALE is about everywhere in KL, including ISETAN @ KLCC.

After our usual gossip lunch, we headed to ISETAN as ezi was looking for bargain on golf shoes. Me got nothing to shop around as tomorrow i already promised my couz to FJ Benjamin sale in Parkroyal.

But wait, my dulang to dotty still got 1 empty (and very last!) slot..hmm..hmm..itchy itchy feet to look out @ men's dept, who knows i might get something nice for him at gooood price? the list would be tie/belt. i prefer giftset, but mostly they came with wallet which dotty didnt need one now *sigh*

i came across set of beautiful cufflinks, came in various design, size and price! my eyes drool to a pair of rectangular shaped goldie cufflink, the size is jusssst nice! with 60% discount, i knew saying NO is not a good decision, haih. "okay, i take it!!"

yeay, the hantaran hunting is over!! since the cufflinks relatively too small to dulang, it would be nice to linger it with potpourris, kan?

hoping dotty will like it, as much as i do :)

Uncle Shah

dotty & myself had our late supper after his kenduri doa selamat for his uncle & aunty who'll be leaving for Hajj tomorrow. dotty met Dato K during the kenduri, but hardly recognized Siti Nurhaliza due to her 'difference' in appearance.. apela my dotty, she's a datin now, of cos la dressing no longer the same as her young, innocent artist dulu hahaha..

while sipping my coffee, dotty said the "wakil" to discuss with my side during the engagement has been appointed! and to my surprise, the guy is not even his relative - just given by the name of Uncle Shah. and that was his father's choice, err but why? dotty replied "he's good at pantun-memantun, kan u nak main balas2 pantun nanti, u nak 20 kerat pun bley tauu hihihi" cisss.

peek-a-boo heels for big day

bridal pumps from stuart weitzman

having peep toe on your big day is........stunningly HOT!
just make sure you dont end up with thick and heavy peep toe; you dont want to be confused with street hooker, do you?

rules to play with : sleek, white, satin, bow, glitter, closed-back

pick one & flaunt!

3 things yesterday

3 things happened in a day

1) my parents leaving for their Hajj
- sad one, i know i shouldnt but i just cant hide it esp when seeing my lil sis
- what i should be doing right now is praying for Haji Mabrur to my parents & Allah permudahkan each and every way for them to complete their ibadah, insyaAllah

2) my newly bought Vios ready to be picked up
- dotty & myself went to sbg jaya showroom, passing my trade-in old kancil for this new Vios. camwhoring with new car, tapi sikit2 je cos still not in the mood huhu

3) sugarbuds has confirmed they cant bake my cuppies doorgift
- hmm, takde rezeki nk taste Kak Wan's cuppies. tepakselah save some space in my car to bring cuppies all the wayyyy from kl. tak best kan?
- to confirm with Azura from Hey Cupcakes for additional order. waa mesti dier bising sbb nanti she'll be busy with Valentine's cuppies ayayaya..nak jugak hehe!


Nov 23, 2008

my few min with Kimie Kajang

after dropping my sis @ komuter Kajang, dotty & myself straight away went to Kimie Kajang but errr, it was closed! we made a u-turn, and to our surprise, somebody just got off from a car and opened the shop. What a luck!!

me entered the shop while dotty stayed in the car since we just parked by the road...when i got in, the guy was like very busy looking around for baju melayu & here we go ....

me : erm bang, kedai ni today bukak ke tak ye?
KK : dik, kitorg tutup arini sbb ade wedding
me: oo yeke. actually i drop by nk tnye..abg kimi accept tak if i nak u jahitkn my baju, tapi..measurement amik bln january nnt?? Nak pakainye bulan feb..(sambil tersengih2 muke kasihan..)
KK : nak buat baju ape yek? kalau fancy2 sgt mcm x sempat
me : baju kurung moden je....(tersengih lagi..)
KK : haa mulekan program diet dulu ke ni??
me : angan2 nye camtu lah :P
KK : ok xpe2, nnt dtg awal jan pun boleh. wat appoinment dulu tauuu...
me : no prob bang. price cane ye?
KK : biasenye rm1xx, if lining rm1xx... (bia betul?)
me : eh yeke. jap abg kimi tgk dlu ye kain ni then quot your price ye.
KK : orait.

few mins later...

KK : aaa...chiffon beaded ke? kalau camni rm3xx lah dik psl byk beads & susah nak jahit, better jgn anta lambat sgt yeee..(dier lak sengih2)
me : (muke mempercayai kelogikan harga). okes!!
KK : tapi kalo 4 metre, tangan nye x dpt le dik dier nye beads tu.
me : 5 meter bang, sbb dh last piece akak Jakel kasi free je hihi.
KK : haa elokla tu..cun2 je semua tempat nanti ade beading
me : (yeay!) baju melayu cane ye bang?
KK : rmXX je, if ade sulam rm1xx
me : wah yeke.oklah buat skali la ye.
KK : haa, abg nk ckp ni. kalau nk cpt kurus, pantang no 1 jgn minum air batu tau!
me : hehe, roger!!

he's friendly & for me, that's a very good first impression of him. ok Kimie Kajang, see ya in january ya! (hopefully with a new shape of me haha..kalau tak mesti dier gelak kan? haih)

for all bride-to-be, mari ber-cardiooo.
oops, jgn lupe today's news yoga is already banned by Majlis Fatwa... *sigh*

Nov 22, 2008

cuppy box

we supposed to meet Kimie Kajang today, but dotty's uncle passed away this morning so we had to cancel the whole thing. i'm not really in the mood as it's my first day period & last night was a stressful session with my trainer and every part of my body is damn painful :(

late in the evening, my couz zana & myself went to subang jaya, to view sample of my doorgift & cuppies box. nice, and they're handmade too. i've confirmed my order, and hope everything will fit in nicely. i just found out that each cuppy box need around 1 metre ribbon, whattt??? ni dah case ribbon lagi mahal dr kotak..cemane tu..hmm, will figure out soon...

need to come back on theme color for my boxes. doorgift is confirmed to be peach-pink. for hantaran cuppy box, i'm still cluelesssss.

Nov 19, 2008

wedding budget

i dont know how far can we apply this wedding budget guideline when it comes to Malay wedding hee. But, no harm to share right? Nanti kite tailor2 lah balik kan...

Btw, the guideline is taken from Martha Stewart Wedding - Summer 2008 edition.
  • reception (F&B, rentals, site) - 40% to 50%
  • flowers -10%
  • photo/videography - 10%
  • bride's & groom's attire - 5% to 10%
  • music - 5% to 10%
  • planner or coordinator - 10% to 15%
  • misc (invitation, fees, favors, transportation etc) - 10%
  • contingency - 5% to 15%
as for mine, i will definitely slash that 10% for music & me oso quite kedekut la to put aside 10% solely for flowers hehehe...

the rest tu ok lah, but i dont think im gonna hire a wedding planner :P i'm planner by myself cos you know what? each part of wedding planning really excitesss me !

Nov 17, 2008

the rainbow math

Just passed by a friend of mine YM's mode :

"It takes both rain and sunshine to make a rainbow.."

Very true - and you know what?
Reality in LOVE is LOVELY,
too much to be loved (and hated) about.

And the best part, for whatever that happened,
you still believe he's the man you want to live with, and also the one you cant live without :)
Cheers & Love!

sweet blooming dais

Simple, yet very very sweeeeet for engagement mini pelamin.

Full bloom flowers + tall white vases, less is more here!!

Congrats to The Wedding Fairies for another sweet wedding arts.....

Check out their blog for more inspiring fairytale theme :)

cupcakes for darling buds

cupcake box for hantaran

cupcake box for doorgift

with pink/peach + green

pink/peach + whitey

cuppies are HOT now!
and for that reason, i've ordered some cuppies for engagement hantaran & doorgift !
the hantaran cuppies to be made by Hey Cupcakes as i really love Azura's detailing in coming up with cute & adorable lil cuppies. for doorgift i decided to order from sugarbuds as it's in my hometown, so can save some space in my car haha.

i'm about to finalize the cuppies design, too many cute design from Hey Cupcakes sampai dah rambang mata nak yang mane hihihi. my theme would be peach, with a mix of soft pink. for cuppies, i think i should divert sikit color tu cos both peach & pink are soft color, nanti nampak pale sgt pulak :P

design atas tu ok x, the green would make it livelier i think..yes, it's from Hey Cupcakes too!

packaging pun alhamdulillah dah jumpe, nice handmade boxes both for hantaran & doorgift. just nak confirm kan size cuppies betul2..

bridezilla cardio

i need to lose 10kgs (at least) before I could comfortably send my engagement dress to the tailor.
here i am - back to gym after 6 months of lazy-ing at home and no more TV3's Akasia series haha.

pushing myself for 400 - 500kcals p/day. already 2 weeks, and i'm about to start feeling the looosing (perasan..!). betul, seluar dh rase cm longgar2 sikit jeng jeng jeng..malas nak timbang cos i knew the early week is muscle gaining period, so by right my weight shudnt show any reduction.
ok, here's the math :
  • treadmill - 20mins, 160kcal
  • stepper - 10mins, 160kcal
  • crosstraining - 24mins, 180kcal

i'm left and a half month..? gulp.

Nov 16, 2008

DIY your lil bouquet!

Simple tulip bouquet and it's DIY, too?
8 stalks & a little help of ribbon & scissor would do for engagement, yeay.
Hmm, cost saving idea of perhaps RM70?

tiffany dreaming

What is your wedding hue?

You are undoubtedly
Cool Blues
Your eyes are drawn to icy shades of blue.
For a variation, you may also want to consider violets or cool greens.

hey, did i say tiffany for mine? hehe.

countdown to little "E"

just added my new & cute little ticker from, a so called countdown to my engagement hee..humble definition given by a simple startoff ceremony between his family & mine, and to only be attended by close relatives & my besties..
date? officially 14th February 2009 insyaAllah..

Yes, it's Valentine's. But to us, most importantly it's our 7th anniversary :)
It's lovey dovey date, but the not soo good thing is expensiveee flowers !! :(

I still love fresh flower for hantarans, and in fact i already got the quotation from some.
Price wise ok, as they said they usually order the flowers much much earlier. Solved, a bit lah kut.

As the rest, i'll lookout for artificials and more...DIY?
DIY i could think of right now is the room - new (on sale) bedsheet + tulips/gerberas mix in white vase with ribbons + plain sheer curtain + peachy-pink petals on bed. simple and a total saving of rm300 ok.hihi.
pic from

Nov 12, 2008

Nine West or Hush Puppies?

another tips for hantaran gift-hunting : WAREHOUSE SALE.

dotty & myself went to Metrojaya Warehouse Sale in Midvalley - mainly to look out for great bargain on dotty's perfume set (since i have another 2 free dulang slots haha). for men, the choice not that overwhelming, so we decided to go for bathset as cheaper option :P i just managed to get 75ml Esprit for rm96..quite cheap for that "ml" i guess?

ok this was actually the headline..........Nine West, Hush Puppies now going 70% !!
How can get you get out without buying one?? But hey, i got both hihiii.....all came with glittery diamonds..Believe it or not, the total not exceeding rm150 *big grin*

So i'm asking - are you tempted now??

Black or ginger strappies. Yang mana satu akan dinobatkan sebagai ratu dulang hantaran haha..

Btw, dotty still got nothing for hantaran kuang3.

moral of the story : sales, shopping & women are undefined relationship. if the girl said they're checkin out some bargain for her boyfie, expect to see her ends up with HER stuffs more than yours.

sounds familiar, readers? you judge ;)

Nov 10, 2008

engagement checklist

Checklist for our engagement hantaran, 3 months away..

his side :

1) ring - checked.
2) telekung - checked.
3) kain pasang - checked.
4) fruits / chocs - too early
5) tepak sirih - too early

my side :

1) ring - checked.
2) kemeja batik - checked.
3) cupcakes - in progress
4) bathset / perfume set - survey mode!
5) chocs - identified, too early
6) fruits - too early
7) sirih junjung - too early

talking about hantaran, sape yang nak gubah ni...??we've shortlisted some, but yang penang nye x jumpe lagi..something for sure, taknak yang skirting2 tu....

Nov 8, 2008

photographer booked!

i've booked photographer for my engagement.
sharp piccies, good lighting, nice angle & moderate editing. that's what it takes for him to be my fave one, esp for northern based. and not to forget good price too :P
ah, maybe too early to hope.
(pic above is one of his artwork, peace!)

Nov 6, 2008

pink affair

"shafaf & the whole pink affair"

my faraway bestie, shafaf has kirim for wedding lacey during my last trip to jakarta. since it was a very very short trip, i couldnt spend much time to look for beatiful lace (sorry dear!) as i was busy searching kebaya for business. but i damn admit, those laces in jakarta were so damn cheappp..but most of the time not to my liking?!

shafaf's earlier request was -- it must be purple, and lace. and nak manik2 jugak kalau boleh huhu.tanak mahal2 cos it just for engagement...ok ok, i'll work with your budget dear :)

i have my rule of thumb in choosing kain, especially when it comes to your very very own special event in life.

i dont really like lace, except for wedding reception.i'm more on heavy beaded chiffon for engagement. so let me list my humble rule .....

1st rule : beautiful lace is never easy to spot, especially if they're in gulung2 need to open it, match as many possible with your satin linings before you could finally say YES. sometimes, if you're not choosy enough, you might end up with "hooker" lace (design & material a bit rough)

2nd rule : play extra careful in choosing your purple. purple can easily look cheapo, except royal purple. it's best to go for pink-purple, to bring up the sweet & romantic idea hihi

next day, me & maa went to Maya Silk in Semua House & spotted this lovely lace which i thot would suit my shafaf. she still insist on purple rather than pink. i took the purple lace, but still maintain the pink satin to ensure the purple flower bold enuff..i took few pix of 3 combinations, just in case she changed her mind hehe..

as expected, she admit the pink lace with pink satin is the best & decided for change..yeay!!

so to shafaf, i've tried my best to work with your budget & hope you like this pinkish lacey as much as we doo.....wishing you the best for your engagement and..........lets get bz for your big day!!

Nov 3, 2008

dotty's new ring

Guess what, that Habib ring was finally his! We both went to klcc, purposely for his engagement-ring-hunting & he was sooo into that Habib's. So funny to find out that dotty wears diff size for right & left fingers...size 15 and that's huge gap haha..nyaris2 kene tempah bcos we cant find 15.5 or 16...last2 he ended up with size 15 as his left finger is much2 smaller hee...

dotty sangatlah happy & singing all the way back from klcc ok?

we went to Maya Silk to exchange shafaf's lacey to pink..kan dah ckp pink nye lagi schweeett..
next we serbu Jakel, to look for kain pasang as hantaran since we dont want to give any kain akad nikah for each other..

my eyes stumble on this italian chiffon silk..very soft, & the color+design was soo datin.grab it for hantaran, color kuning yg very meriah itu - which dotty liked it so much!

dotty also got his kemeja batik for hantaran here...color orange, mencapap betul hahaha...whatever lah, jangan tak pakai sudahlah...