Sep 25, 2008

Butik Kirana

another lovely entry for solemnization dress by Butik Kirana KLCC. those pink flowers are soooo sweeet, arent they?

Sep 12, 2008

lily bag

what a cuteee lil doorgift, wonder what's the price like.....specially made from 4weddingku

Sep 11, 2008

a bad day

Last few days were slow & leaving a horrible feeling towards my dotty. we had another big fight, and again over a small thing - he planned to have buka puasa with his friends instead of me...until now, we never had our own buka puasa yet (kat umah my aunt aritu doesnt count ok).

i always have the feeling of i'm not that so important to him, or am i just being tooo sensitive? he said i'm too greed, always expecting for more and more from him. deep down in my heart, as a girlfriend, is it wrong to be given special attention and priority?

this is not the first time he made me feel this way, and surely not the last time. sometimes i just keep thinking should our relationship still go on while we already knew that we dont really have much in common? i'm kinda introvert, and therefore i always looking forward to spend my time with him, ONLY. but he's the other way round - he loves to be surrounded by people, especially his friends (rather than me?)

after our 6yrs relationship, i might need to seriously think back. *tears*

Sep 5, 2008

KL-Jakarta-Bandung April 2009

hooray we finally booked our ticket to Bandung!!! 5D4N, with one night in Jakarta.
somehow i dont really tempted to the shopping part, the whole thing started with the idea of pre-wedding survey. heard so much stuffs can be bought cheap over there.

by that time, i'm already a fiancee to dotty, insyaAllah. if everything is ok then i'll start buying those wedding stuffs in bandung & jakarta, otherwise it will be left just another surrrveyyy :P

things im looking forward? cheap & nice stuffs like wedding card, wedding dress, doorgifts, telekung, hantaran if possible?!

really cant wait for our first girlsss-only trip to Jakarta-Bandung! *checking out MATTA fair for best deal on Bandung groud package...sightseeing pun nak la jugak hehe...

Sep 2, 2008

Maya Karin's Wedding

i really love what Maya had for her recent solemnization in Como Lake, Italy - simple white dress from Saiful Bahrin. Very sopan, as what it should be. She looked a bit tired on the day, but for me she's still gorgeous as always :) i still recall her words in EH! mag when she spoke about her dream wedding where she mentioned the dream dress to be made by famous designers Saiful Bahrin & Radzuan Razwill. Her wishes came true, how lucky!

Seen few pics from internet on her garden wedding @ FRIM - again as what she wished. Something unique about her ceremony was the doorgift is..err mentol? the idea was also related to her role as "duta alam sekitar" or something like that bla bla..sounds practical for her, but not for me (even i'm not the guest ihik). the theme was black-white, simple but very very much elegant. hmm, she didnt even wear her tiara ok - but still looking like a princess, so sweet!

congratulations to beautiful Maya & hubby.