Sep 2, 2010

MATTA FAIR is back!

dining place in the middle ;)

we're planning for short trip to this local island coming November. all we need is total relaxation after year round of hardwork...since we have no snorkeling or any beach activity in mind, we better travel during monsoon & enjoy the low season bargain :) my kaki-travel-pantang-AA-ade-promotion cousin had bad experience with their boat service (3 jam muntah hijau) so she advised to opt for flight which i agreed since sea transfer not that reliable during monsoon..

last MATTA fair, the return air package + hotel was tempting..only RM5++ for 3D2N including snorkeling trip, unfortunately they dont offer hotel we wanted & they have confirmed they'll still not offering this particular boutique resort for today's MATTA fair. i think very rugi to go with their associate hotel, cos there's surcharge for school holiday but not for our boutique resort :p we're willing to pay similar amount for nice room rather than that extra surcharge..apart from great review by TA honeymooners, this boutique resort has no mobile network no office distraction yahoooooo!! :D

and i hope to check out Bali ground package too, we've booked our tix for nx yr :) my friend recommend lembongan island, sempat ke pegi 4D3N je kot??