Dec 31, 2009

Al-Quran for sale

as promised, attached pics Al-Quran from Mekah for sale :)

size comparison purpose. only the small one on sale.
for big Al-Quran can pre-order, my aunty insyaAllah going again next feb (tbc).

cara to display the Al-Quran on hantaran

kaabah miniature, material from baldu. black only
smallest box size : 13cm x 13cm (base) x 14cm (tinggi)
big box : 17cm x 17cm (base) x 19cm (tinggi)

baldu cover, black only. fit your palm.
smallest size : 7cm (lebar) x 9cm (tinggi) x 2.5cm (tebal)
big size : 9cm x 12.5cm x 2.5cm

Al-Quran page & wording

price and details :
- small (rm50)
- big (rm100)

- self pickup klcc/menara axis pj (weekdays) or bangsar (weekend)
- only one stock in-hand, first come first serve
- pls leave your email in comment box, i'll get back to u asap k :)


Dec 26, 2009

bertandang hall

semalam after fira's wedding, i saja check out my hall again since our dewan just above fira's hall (dewan seri melati). the staffs were preparing for night reception...hopefully they didnt mind i took some pics & shared it here for benefit of those previously asking me on this hall..esp uyaa hehe...we were shortlisting MBSA banquet hall & perbadanan pjaya hall previously, but finally settled with pjaya due to its close proximity to in-laws house :)

some info to share, the name is Dewan Seri Siantan. with capacity of 1000 pax seating, this how the interior look like :

since we'll be having only 500 guests..we took Dewan Siantan 1...a partitioned version of Dewan Seri Siantan...very small kan

reception & gift table area...if you're taking the big Siantan, the middle pintu will be your grand entrance

the lounge area opposite the reception area...with comfy sofa. boleh camwhoring di sini before the majlis start hee :)

the other side lounge...last time i went, ppl suka smoking remember to close unnecessary doors during the function...washroom at the end side of this lane

Bilik Bunga Raya, the holding room to Seri Melati room is located inside..

cant remember where i got this pic, but this the best pic of real event in smaller Siantan i have...mostly the rest found yang guna bigger Siantan...look at the lampu...i guess they still pretty even no nice chandeliers like the one i love in MBSA banquet hall hehe..

rate : rm2.55k (siantan 1 @ 2), rm4.8k (seri siantan)
location : presint 3, kompleks perbadanan putrajaya (nearby landmark : Palace of Justice)
tempahan dewan form, click here

the good :
- simple & modern interior
- high ceiling hall, fully carpet & aircond
- rate inclusive PA system, pelamin platform, projector & whitescreen for slideshow
- can survey & check out bebila you surat menyurat required :)
- nice & clean washroom
- rate for full day usage, no hourly charges for prep & rehearsal
- pelamin & setup can start a night before if you wish :) f.o.c.
- can hire outside caterer, but make sure your caterer can provide exact size of chair cover to fit their banquet chair..the kepala quite big..
- panel caterer can absorb kerusi & meja no need to pay. panel including siti catering
- free basement worry if hujan etc
- musolla available at tingkat bawah
- deposit murah je...10%

the bad :
- rate not inclusive meja & kerusi
- no outside table & chair. their rental rm3 (meja) & rm1.50 (banquet chair) - still cheap for banquet rate
- no grand chandelier
- no grand pelamin stage...only foldable platform
- holding room foc, vip room chargeable at rm500
- partitioned hall quite small actually..meja will be cramp for 500pax
- located at 2nd pengantin kena naik escalator or lift
- too many pintu....advisable to close fews to avoid ppl simply going in-out for smoking & lepak at lounge during majlis etc..
- for siang event, possibility of clashes with other weddings becos pjaya mgmt will open both seri melati hall & siantan for function
- for siang event, Bilik Bunga Raya (holding room) not guaranteed...priority for seri melati booking

my personal opinion on perbadanan putrajaya hall, for banquet setting of 500pax is ok...just abit crowded. so save your bux not to all out for deco cos they'll make the small hall look rather messy..i myself abit pening since his aunty insist to sponsor entertainment while the hall no longer have space to accomodate..and i personally dont think we should cut the guest # just for this :( aunty boleh tak sponsor benda lain? :)

for buffet setting, i prefer seri melati hall...becos they're located downstairs, easier to access becos buffet guests ramai and they'll be in-out within short period..for 1k pax seating u may consider the bigger Siantan..but somehow for same rate i think Seri Endon is nicer..except you have to pay more if u nak bring outside caterer/decorator hehe...

and for info, mostly gov halls only allow 2010 booking & deposit payment by sept onwards..if earlier, they mostly kasi u letak nama je (which, if ada kroni they can easily cut your queue since no deposit to secure us) once u put your them every month, just to check when can they accept the deposit sampai they jemu hehe..becos chances of they calling us is pretty much less...the frequent call up nampak pathetic kan..but we better be safe than sorry..happy hall hunting to newbies =)

fira's wedding

congratulations fira & ashraf :)
the cleopatra headpiece was indeed a hit....

Dec 25, 2009

MU Photography

friends, i know i still hutang some of u email reply....the qs like mcm2, dont worry cos honestly i love attending your qs :) bcos u remind of what i've gone through last time..the ride is never easy, but worthwhile!

all in all i could conclude fave query from the b2b-ies is rate for udey, ikram & syomir. it would be alot easier if i could publish the rate here but im just not going to. reason being, vendor tu sendiri pun tak publish his rate in his web...i had to respect their policy as well :)

for those previously asking on udey's..some info to share, udey's no longer with CS. he & moqh now setting up their own photography services and i personally suggest you to re-check out the NEW them!

pre-wedding of one bride blogger :)
selamat pengantin baru to her!

keyword : BIGGER ALBUM! CHEAPER PRICE ;) tempted? call them now to find out more (or immediately place your booking hee!)

p/s : no, i dont get any commission or any sort of discount promoting them...(in fact im still paying the same, old price sobs!)...i'm just excited good photographers are now more affordable for future pengantins :)

Dec 23, 2009

thank you...

the Yaasin finally delivered to my office tengahari tadi, the stamping for cover ada silap sikit but they'll reprint new copies in next few days. i'm satisfied with the content; the wording very neat, every single line of ayat Yaasin came with tafsir...and they also include some daily doa :) thank you so much to vendor.

my auntie called, informing the quran hantaran now dah safely with her. thanks to her for sponsoring :) the dulang slot actually dah full...and i've got no plan to add up anymore dulang. so let's just share the slot with kain sembahyang & get Nasz to work the magic hee!

btw, i just received shocking news from one of my vendor tadi. i'll call the co. tomorrow to cancel my booking & make necessary arrangement for this new offer. btw, it's great to still having you for our wedding! thanks again for letting us know... :)

p/s : my aunty still have extra for Quran. bought from Mekah & came in kaabah miniature box. i'll upload pics once i pickup from aunty this weekend, in case anyone interested to buy... =)

Dec 15, 2009

bunga pahar/perenjis

The in-laws finally scrap the idea of having telur pindang to all guests, after many feedbacks from relatives that it’s not a hit as in johor & most probably it would be a waste since not many guests can accept the exotic taste of telur pindang. My fiancé being an obsessed johorian down sikit.....but his fiancee always know how to bring his smile back...”awak, we still got slot for merenjis gift...boleh la kasi telur pindang..” ;) Since they’ll be less than 20pcs, fiancé said if ada yg buang pun he not ralat…I’m glad fiancé got the buy in for his fave tradition gift finally, even not for all.

As for the telur deco, we decided to maintain the traditional form of bunga pahar/perenjis. I ain’t a collector of bunga pahar & never was a fan, but I love the fact it’s a tradition found in our Malay wedding & these differences that actually made up the beauty of one culture from another…hopefully im not bias, tho capricornians are naturally a traditionalist, I only realized my interest for tradition stuffs developed (rapidly) after so much attached with wedding preparations.

gambar hiasan (by Nuwoo8);
nothing to do with our bunga pahar design...

So we ordered few pieces of bunga perenjis for majlis bertandang. Since mostly the perenjis is couple, we as much wanted to avoid giving the same gift to husband & wife. Result from our discussion with decorator last weekend, we will maintain the tradition of bunga pahar giving to perenjis…except, we’ll make different bunga for ladies & gentlemen. I’m pleased with one of the samples; came in sweet combo of silver & pink ... :)

p/s : it's 2 months away friends! ;)

last weekend, we....

last weekend :

- went to sec14 for custom made balloon. they dont have what i want..if again tak jumpa, i'll scrap off the idea...
- went to uncle Tony for his suit in pj. fiance salah dgr the quotation & the price turned out beyond the budget...we're doing some reconsideration, but i know fiance really want uncle tony to tailor his suit..hmm
- teman fiance for first fitting in shah alam, nothing major for alteration..except fiance looked really kurus. he really bengang i asyik ejek he got nice pinggang, like girls! :P
- singgah choffles damansara, ordering sugarbox
- met up decorator in batu caves. requoted some items & lepak until 2 freaking a.m.
- pagi supposed appoinment with 2 cake makers in pj, cancel last minit..
- the whole sunday spent in jln TAR. sadly, none of the kedai i went ada the stuff to diy my bunga pahar hantaran :( last resort : order online
- jumpa hantaran decorator in setapak after visit wesz yg baru dpt baby (congrats!). by the time, i dah sgt letih & sort of unprepared. concept almost finalized & the tray pun mcm sesuai je :)
- both days started with gym session in the morning & had to rush sbb byk wedding tasks to do..

p/s : sila kira # of places we went in two days..dah mcm road-tour :P

Dec 13, 2009

baju for pengiring

love the pink modern version of saloma's short kebaya ;) wonder if the bridesmaids would agree to make similar design for their dress.....

btw we still hunting for lining kain..some suggesting for satin, but tailor said it should be chiffon jugak...speaking of place to buy lining kain, i like nagoya the & the choice is extensive even for pelik2 colors like fuschia :)

Dec 10, 2009

hairstyle inspiration

i only need this simple stewardess-hairdo for home reception. no veil or tiara that day...just thick-er bun & hairpin/flower. inspiration mainly from zahnita in prev pengantin mag, the one she in cosry's hehe..

the dream bertandang hairstyle =) i wonder why susah gile to get this pic, i think the style is very common but mostly googled from internet the bun very tinggi or the fringe turning too fancy...finally i jumpa this in indon bridal mag, very i didnt wait to snap hehe...

caterer & borang

Well, after months of planning…now comes the drama part ;)

We finally met the caterer, and the meet up wasn’t a good one. Speaking of his portfolio, I have to admit this caterer has good reputation in my hometown; they’ve been favorite caterer to most official events in ibu’s office. Abah’s friend also hired same caterer for the son’s wedding recently & to my parents who attended the kenduri, the caterer met their expectation both for food & on-site services. The price pun very cheap…for less than rm7/head you can afford the kenduri food, complete with Arabian canopies and chair cover with ribbons..

But, it was the other way round for me…I don’t intend to elaborate how arrogant the owner was, and how he made joke on my preference of canopy setup. Let him be, it wasn’t my first time jumpa this complacent type of vendor…the only thing I did was rang up my decorator & insyaAllah, she’ll try her best to source for stuffs that my caterer had refused to…and if only she couldn’t deliver to my expectation, I shall at least be thankful for her patience listening to every word of mine all this while, esp the downside of my wedding prep…

On a lighter note, my permohonan berkahwin telah diluluskan…alhamdulillah. ustaz did the interview through phone like few minutes before I wrote this hehe..i only had to istighfar, recite Al-Faatihah & answer some steps if the rumahtangga having problem… since our wedding will fall on public holiday, we had the tok kadi booked for 10am slot…apparently it’s the same ustaz, and seeing from his sempoi-ness in settling my borang, I have this great feeling that my future hubby wont kena banyak soalan during nikah nanti hehe… =)

finally...pretty card from pretty blogger bride...thanks! :D

Dec 4, 2009

choc fountain


locally available for hire :

some FAQs to read on & for the brides,
please stay away (for a while!) from this fountain before they stain your dress ;)

Dec 3, 2009

borang & prosedur

fiance's form dah settle, abah currently chasing for signatures required for my borang. the steps for penang pengantin is available here for reference :) to senangkan keje, get your ayah to research awal2 pegawai masjid/ajk qaryah in your place - pej agama daerah purposely being secretive so that pengantin/family will put effort to know the qaryah. senang nak fix appoinment later..

and do note, interview is wajib for all penang pengantin. the soalan wajib lulus (they really tulis this in the form hehe) spt di bawah :

1) istighfar
2) mengucap syahadah & maksudnya
3) baca al-faatihah
4) baca tahiyat
5) niat mandi wajib & syarat

the rest, they may not ask all... :

1) doa qunut
2) rukun iman
3) rukun islam
4) rukun solat
5) fardhu wudhuk
6) rukun nikah
7) perkara membatalkan wudhuk
8) tanggungjawab isteri
9) tanggungjawab suami
10) haid
11) haid - tempoh min & max
12) pantang larang haid
13) nifas - tempoh min & max
14) perkara diharamkan ketika berhadas kecil
15) perkara diharamkan ketika berhadas besar
16) talaq
17) eddah
18 ) sekiranya berlaku masalah keluarga, apakah tindakan anda?

lembab je google ni... alangkah indahnye kalau buku PAFA darjah 6 tu ade sekarang ;P

Dec 2, 2009

jln tar today

200pcs bunga pahar on the way.....

ibu & myself were in Jln TAR this morning, hunting for budget-friendly bunga pahar from the shop i surveyed earlier. ready stocks tak cukup, so we ordered the remaining. we settled off with 2 types of bunga pahar, to satisfy citarasa berbeza ibu & anak. down sikit, ibu rejected my idea to change the ribbon to
tiffany polkadots. to her, polkadots design too childish :( fine.

the stuffs insyaAllah will ready by mid jan. loose pack for DIY bunga pahar as hantaran not found tadi. the SAs cakap they never sell the stuff, hey takkanlah...i know kat nilai 3 ada, but i dont want to travel all the way just to get only 25pcs of it? hmm..i should check out klim craft/sayang you next visit...

btw, we saw cinderella carriage on sale tadi. ibu as usual, excited. i had to remind her many times tadi we dont need one :( they aint cheap & plus, i was never a fan of dulang yg cover brg hantaran e.g. birdcage, pumpkin carriage... kan dh hire decorator, let her work the hantaran out...

finally...we bought tafsir quran for hantaran too. the wording very neat. and the best part, they came in matching tiffany box & tasbih too :)

p/s : im leaving to hometown next hr for little bro's engagement this saturday...

wedding bunting

a classy wed bunting!

found here.
(they do favors & wedding stationary design)