Jul 3, 2009

DIY centerpiece

since we're going buffet style for penang reception, guest table sudah pastinya kosong tanpa sebarang deco kan, so im thinking of having one for max 40 tables. simple or very mini je pun ok.

so brides, this my first attempt to DIY guest table centerpiece. it was done few months back, tapi kurang keyakinan to blog them, hehe. btw, i worked from this
inspiration ;)

Items bought @ SSF

mini glass - rm1.00

hydrangea - rm7.90 @ rm 10.90..lupe!
(can cut to 4-5 mini bunches)

tiffany polka dot ribbon - rm0.80/m
(can use for 2 centrepieces/m)

sponge - rm2
(can cut to 8-10 mini sponges)

the outcome; one with slim glass and right pic with gemok glass.
comot gile, bunga pun tak balance hehe!!

p/s : lecehnya to drive them home from kl, wasting carspace je hu hu..haruskah outsource? hihihi


AmyMizzunderstood said...

r u sure mini glass tu rm1??wah2..kat ssf eh?gud idea la u..anyway gud luck too!!beshnya dah ada idea untuk centerpiece!

Mrs. Q said...

eii comel lah bunga dalam gelas kurus tuh. keep up your good work,darl!

sweet cravings said...

dear, i pun br buat satu! hahha. using recyclable tin. nnt i post mine. :P

erk, i rasa.. buat je la sendiri.. see, now you've already got two centerpieces done.. heheh.. i'm sure, sekejapan je if you buat betul2.. :P and take it home to penang hujung thn ni. ahahah.

you go girl!! :) (i think, lps majlis... centerpieces akan menjadi rebutan ramai saudara mara sebab comel!) heheh

hanim said...

Soo cute, comel n jimat!! so rajin la u!! thinking off DIY mine gaks.. :) cuba utk lembut all jemari ku ini.. :P

* Nat Azmi * said...

dear, i rasa buat sendiri aje la...and bawak balik skit2 to penang...xyah outsource...i pun nak wat sendiri for the guy's side sbb diorg buffet...mine's dome style, xyah decorate sgt...hihi

p/s; penang katne? my kg halaman tue~!!

sitijamilahazmi said...

baaaaaaaaaabe!cantek ok.it looks soothing and sweet!and hey, hydrangeas mahal tapi kalau dpt potong jadik mini mmg brilliantly amazing tau!gud luck hun! ;p

me myself and i said...

so cute n so nice...make sure buy a glass can re-use back... or can give to ur relative as gift after reception.. i done it once... need use long lasting flower.. n do it early... like one day b4 on noon, put in tray of water in air-con room for one nite.. then, early morning put it in glass... it from my experience..
jgn ltk dlm glass tu n cucuk trs dgn sponge.. pgi majlis tu bru cucuk dlm glas yg ade sponge...
buy it from flower supplier, more cheaper. i heard there hve one in penang..
gud luck...

Fathiyah said...

nice work!

awak,kte pilih the 1 with mini glass.simple but yet canteq+comel.em,kalo u blh bw balik sume brg tuh in raw,then ada sapa2 kat penang yg boleh tlg u make it like what u have done,i think it shud be ok.kalo nak bw blk yg dah siap,mmg makan space kete.

awak,buat sendiri la.em,byk ke nak buat? kalo i dok sblh umah u,blh i tlg buat.hehehe :)

NahWaL said...


wheres ssf?hehe

Anonymous said...

cute cute giler...

Boleh gak as wedding favors kan? Tapi jenuh gak nak buat.

hidden.wing said...

amy : mini glass ade discount time tu :)idea je, ntah buat ke tak hehehe!

puteri : thanks put, am reading your after bride ;) love those sephias!

mira : recyclable tin? lagi jimat ni...ok, cepat post ye :D

hanim : yup, lets! hehehe

nat : semangat sikit bile ade gang nak DIY hehehe! mine in kepala batas, u dear..? haa ni wajib dtg kenduri i ni hihi *wink*

sitijamilahazmi : i've seen one made from colorful paper..comel jugak, and jimat too :D

mmi : eh dear, ni artificial je..but thx for the tips too :)

fathiyah : whoaa now i wish u're my neighbour hihihi..thx fathiyah, so sweet of u ;D

nahwal : i selalu pegi Jln TAR punye

aurinh : wedding favors? for BFF ok jugak kan, add tag kasi special sikit hehehe!

esca said...

wahhh kreatif la u..cantik..
congrat about yr very good ideas..

[ Hanie ] said...

hee comel & creative! i pun ada mini glass tu letak kat bilik pengantin dulu...sayu je tgk glass tu bila majlis dah selesai huuu

Zara~AB said...

that's super duper cute k! was thinking to do one as well. what an idea. btw, better buat skit2 kot and bring back to penang later on. which catering yg u pergi kat kraf tue? ari2 i kat sana since im having my lunch there everyday. so jalan2 tgk all the booth. my project near to kompleks kraf tue jek.

Sha Pattinson said...

really RM1 ..yeke?? wahh this is good idea ..love those flower, polkadot ribbons the cute glass ..brilliant ..!!! good idea ..!!!

Anonymous said...

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