Mar 5, 2009

mini centerpiece

Hi again, I’m bored. Damn bored.

To bring down this boredom, I decided to flip again my wedding folder, not those girly one with fancy ribbon (Read: computer folder) and start picking up some idea to blog about.

CENTERPIECE FOR GUEST TABLE. Not a-must, really. And often in my place, we’re not used to such deco for under-canopy weddings.

I’d love to have it, I don’t mind it’s not as big or tall or bold as this – my wedding will just be in a small town of Kepala Batas, remember?

I just wanted something tiny, and very personal. Not blocking the sight too; tak syioklah nak bergossip :P

I just need this. The artificial just as good as fresh one, believe me.



And here’s the not-so-magic, mini glass with bunch of hydrangeas..! My favorite blue hydrangea with misty white glass or the other way around is just okkkayy.

Ceremony is o-ver, so what’s next with those leftovers? Can consider for free (or force-kind!) giveaway to besties/girlfriends. Nazlin Shakir tidak terkecuali (Leen, I know you’re reading this since you sooo love to google your name on net muahaha). Bride’s handmade, jgn buang!

Anyway, don’t worry, Mom will veto her “NO” straight away. And be prepared for her mak-mak excuse..”MEMBAZIR!!” Kuikuikui.


anil lutaze said...

wa..we have a same idea lah..ihik...but meja banyak..takot x ckop budget...hihi... but hopefully kedai rm2 ada jual that kiut glass..

xeea said...

err.. bukan tauke canopy boleh provide sekali ye? sebab masa majlis bertandang i hari tu, sume provide by them. hee

tp, majlis sebelah i tade pun. like u said, 'mak-mak' reason. :p

[ Hanie ] said...

hehehe...btul2. So nice kan? Mak-mak punye reason gitu sebab nanti lepas kawen...nak letak kat mane bende2 tu kan? kalau ade good reason, maybe still consider :D Kene sediakan alasan kukuh ;)

dialicious said...

oh..i love hydrangea..i've planned to slip some blue hydrangeas on top of white roses..but that will cost RM25 for 1 bunch..aiyak..mahal kan..mcm x sanggup plak..hehehe

`BaHa` said...

my apology, there s a delay replying. there are 2 types of hall at perbadanan; a)at G floor, capacity 450pax b)bigger hall but I rented for half of the hall capacity 500pax unless you want to have more space they'll be able to open it for u

hidden.wing said...

anil : my side hopefully tak exceed 30 tables :P ya, me too nak cari kat kedai rm2. SSF & IKEA pun ade, around 2ringgit but very very tiny lah!

xeaa : talking about tauke canopy sume dier ley provide, bilang aja ongkos nya - tu yg malas haha. centerpiece yg diorg ade tu tooo much lah & beyond budget :)

hidden.wing said...

Hanie : tule, if tanak kasi alasan kukuh, kene kasi duit kan? boringnye...!

Diah : normally i tgk big bunch tu can be again divided to few small bunches. if not, i pun cancel lah haha.

Baha : thx for sharing! was told rental x include table & chairs?

4weddingku.mya said...

i love hydrangeas too!!! but agreed. A bit expansive lor!!!