Mar 14, 2009

She has dropped her to-be.

The bride-to-be has now dropped its to-be.
Big congratulations to my fellow wedding blogger, K. Reen!

Her ceremony was my first attending an outdoor garden wedding concept. The chosen theme was pretty pink. sweeeeet! And i must say, Lynda Rahim has done a good job to this beautiful couple. 5 panels pelamin with stunning chandeliers & pink-beige damask backdrop - very breathtaking!

K.Reen turned out gorgeous with her pink dress & natural makeover by Tiar Zainal. K. Reen tinggi ok, dah persis model gitu ehehehe.

To recall how we met, K.Reen & my fiance were from Uniten. so whenever i turun kl nak dating, i akan tumpang rumah Paie (Faizah), whose also housemate to K.Reen. Tak sangke, after few years we then bumped to each other again in this blogging world. wedding blogging plak tu hehehe.

ni mmg i cant resist, i soooo heart your flowerstands K.Reen! Told ya, LyndaRahim did a good job - ni baru flowerstand. yg lain2, let K.Reen post @ her blog k, tanak la nnt dh tak surprise ehehe!

K.Reen, again Selamat Pengantin Baru! Thanks for inviting us to share this wonderful moment :)


bitsANDpieces said...

oh so, u r a friend of paie's? n ur fiancee from uniten? heh..what a small world...enjoy the wedding prep, girl~~

hidden.wing said...

paie was our schoolmate too :) and yeah, he's from uniten hehe..

all the best & happy preparing to you too!

Anonymous said...

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