Mar 19, 2009

update from MATTA fair

almost forgotten, i didnt update anything on my visit to MATTA fair last week.

the fair was as usual, crowded with people despite the kempen berjimat during this economic downturn ehehe. we didnt book anything as the given travel period mostly by Sept 09 (before next MATTA fair), and hell yeah our wedding is still a longgg way to shout about.

i've posted earlier about Krabi and to our surprise there were 2 big booths of Krabi tourism, bukan booth Thailand...tapi Krabi sahajeee haha. yelah all this while, the island always being outshined by the sister islands of Phuket or Koh Samui...sian dier hihi.

3hrs of walkthrough, kutip brochures and borak2 with travel agents. and finally, we found Krabi package we're looking for.

total rm500 nett for 3 nights stay at 4-stars
Pavilion Queen's Bay Krabi! Without promo, rm300-500++ per night for superior room, bley?? if u need extra night, just add rm180 p/nite. and good news for honeymooners, for same price they'll give you complimentary upgrade to Suite. honeymooners sahaja. babymoon tak bley hihi.

and if you manage (talking about IF) to get AirAsia's zero ringgit tix, total with tax etc just about rm263 for return flight p/pax.

so, rm500 + (rm263x2) = kire sendiri.

for additional excursion,

- phi phi island trip rm180 (i sound dier dulu i pegi rm100 je, last2 dier kate ok haha)
- 4 islands ( tup + poda + chicken island + phranang cave) rm100
- hong island rm120
- krabi rainforest rm120
- kayaking rm90
- elephant trekking 2 hrs rm90
- James Bond island discovery rm180

rate above are published rate & still NEGOTIABLE, if only you book with hotel itu la.

brochures can be deceiving! as i'm home, i google the hotel & review at some rate it ok while some had bad experience, well lumrah lah. the thumbs down about this hotel (from review) - expensive food & ongoing renovation nearby. not by beachside, but still walking distance to Ao Nang beach. malas sgt, naik lah tuk-tuk. tepuk dada, tanya selera & tanya poket juga kalau nak sume yang first class, kan.

p/s : agak2 thn depan construction tu dah setel ke..? haha. spoil la honeymoon ni ade bising2 kan?


anil lutaze said...

dear...semua tu valid utk matta fair je er?? uhuk...

*** skrg suda jam 2.15...hehe

aMAZy EVE said...

hi there...last year i pergi trip...the hotel is not bad la...cuma breakfast buffet jer yg not so variety..yang lain menepati citarasa i la...n yes boleh jalan kaki sajer ker ao nang beach (tepi jalan tu ada byk kedai2 souvernir & bju2)...kesimpulannya krabi is awesome...i igt nk pergi situ jugak for honeymoon...but tak decide betul2 lagi...eheheh

fizz said...

wohooo. murahnyaaaa!!!

Fifi Amkhaiz said...

wah menariksnya... and it's budget friendly.

*shanel, kite nyaris2 ke sane last yr! ahaksss ;p

7's baby said...

urgghhhhh... honeymoon... we dont have plan pun.. aiseh.. since need to get back to work asap.. the honeymoon have to wait... sedih tak.. but been thinking of a weekend getaway.. gi jumaat pas friday prayer(hopefully with no meetings and such) then balik hari ahad...

but kemana yerrrrr.....

soo for me to say it.. gi lah ke KRABI..and its a good package you have there.. NOT PHUKET (if it does cross your mind heheh)

hidden.wing said...

anil : yup, matta fair je. promo ni pun available thru hotel web, but not this cheap anil...

a.eve : thx for sharing, nnt bley la tnye u je :)

fizz : mmg murah, unfortunately wedding ku lambat lagi hihihi..

7b : phuket & krabi rasenye not much diff dear. just best to avoid hustle bustle of Patong for honeymooners. rest of phuket beaches are ok :)