Mar 27, 2009

flower box

(i missed the link again!)

bridezilla's biggest problem :

desire for something personalized, while stingy at the same time.
that sounds just soooo me, hehe.

being a cute-box-freak, the one above is something to my liking.
and it seems personalized too.

cost? no idea!
but i saw once a bunga pahar made from paper. the papers came by the name of "kertas jagung"

don't you think the top flowers on those boxes can be paper made, too...?
rather than expensive fresh flower,the other side of me being a stingy bride saying, oh, what a saving!

soalnye sekarang, pandai sgt ke nak buat kotak & flowers tu? *spoil betol la...*

p/s : WLT done with packing..yippie..esok terbang ke jakarta..


niki said...

i like!! :)
im looking for boxes as well.. bukan stingy.. tapi practical! flowers tu macam susah je nak buat.. huhuhuhuhu

anil lutaze said...

aik...kmu brd di mana ni??

comel2...wrna lilac x de? carikan saya satu, dua, tiga..byk2..
ihik...bercanda jerk...

hidden.wing said...

niki, saya mmg stingy :P

anil : ni entry sambil2 packing...hihi

amy said...

have fun!!
well selain dari paper kan..tissue paper pun boleh dijadikan bunga...i dah try..cumanya takut cepat kena berhati2 kalau nk simpan... :)
tapi sgt jimat!

[ Hanie ] said...

heh..comel! lain dari yg lain kan idea2 mcm ni :D

Anonymous said...

aii..cant wait 4 ur entry bout jkrta,bandung trip..
now, tis blog is my fuvret, top 1 in my personal chart..
do tk cr..

Fifi Amkhaiz said...

save trip, dear =)