Jun 28, 2009

ring settings

princess cut in the middle, gambar hiasan

of all diamond shapes, princess cut is always my all-time fave. usually for similar specs, princess cut is cheaper due to less brilliance produced compared to ever timeless round brilliant diamond. and due to that too, fiance had insisted for round cut than wasting for my angan-angan itu. timeless ok timeless, he said (siap ade sedikit nada mengejek bila bercakap tu, cis). ok, fine.

since i'm not going to get my fave princess, i'll veto anything on my ring settings hehe. and here we go :

a) i'll go for my fave modern 4-prongs, i always thought it could give illusion of princess cut in the end hihihi...
b) prongs nya haruslah tinggi sikit, otherwise my tiny diamond will tenggelam
c) right size of band, not too thick
d) white gold ok too :)

you may try 6-prongs to emphasize round brilliant shape :)

Jun 27, 2009

hearts & arrows

he got his ring finally, and within budget.

for platinum band with diamond, i'd say the price quite reasonable :)

Jun 24, 2009

nikah theme

we finally picked white as our nikah theme. reason being, our nikah & reception will be on same sunday, we dont want our nikah to be way off from tiffany reception theme, so, white will be our best playsafe for now :)

to slash some cost, we'll utilize same white pelamin for nikah & reception. except, i'll put a simple white bench for reception pelamin.

the only stuff i'm not 'going white' is hantaran. i'd always love them in pastels and below are breathtaking samples by
Nasz. roses, eustoma and sweet william is my fave combo for hantaran. again, it's subject to availability of these fresh flowers in my hometown...

colorful pastels for her customer, Lina

pastel for her tiffany client

i've found my fave alas dulang too, from mag jela, comes in white but seems like nowhere to be found apart from MK and Lynda Rahim. obviously im not going to rent from them hehe...masih bertanya-tanya few hantaran makers if they happen to have one....

Jun 22, 2009

wedding @ Tasik Titiwangsa

congrats to geologist-turning-DIY-bride ;)

*updated* : for nicer pics, pls click on Sher's

Jun 21, 2009

one down, eight to go


he got the chrono, i got the blings.
so yesterday, we officially done with one dulang each for hantaran - watches :)

prior to Put's wedding yesterday, we went to The Garden and pay our frequent look-look-see-see visit to Selberan. their SA told they'll no longer carry Lazare diamond in future, therefore those remaining Lazares are now on clearance at 40% off. the left ones were smaller in carat, but being me, the first C that i'm concerned with is CUT. as long it's right, ideal cut, im fine with even that tiny 0.2c hehe. i wont be able to explain the significance, you'll finally know as more walk-ins you do to jewellery shops :)

p/s : selamat pengantin baru to Put, Hanie & Anil...to Hanie, maaf tidak dapat memenuhi jemputan - ade emergency sikit pasal our bibik. no rezeki to makan free hari ni hehe.

Jun 19, 2009

hot pink & walkway

and no black, yeay...


click here for more info

Jun 18, 2009

mini bouquet

i've blogged about her last time.

she's one of talented lady in cuppy making.
check out her latest inspiring creation,
perhaps another new idea for hantaran, brides :)

cuppies made into lovely bouquet miniatures.
*heart the butterfly too hee*

for more designs, click here.

canopy pelamin

blue theme, white white white flowers ;)

by NGI

Jun 17, 2009

fuschia - sweet and light

the day we decided fuschia to be our bertandang theme, i've gotten few recommendations to combine the theme with black. honestly, i'm not really into black, esp for wedding, as the color tend to dominate the theme.

the traditionalist inside me telling the combination is speaking gothic combo (read: MAC Hello Kitty) than the sweet-look that i'm seeking for.

still, it's not easy to convince how those bright fuschia could live up our desired sweet theme. but i believe playing with shades of pink and soft purple would do some wonders. i've seen one in Indon bridal mag earlier, but they added up pink lighting to support the theme. our local, Wishing Tree did once for a chinese wedding, impressive one but i bet it's costly too, sigh, sigh.

i googled high and low for fuschia and pink shades pelamin deco and above pic is the closest i could find. it's not even gothic, the combo just as sweet as i wanted.

we're not looking for excessive deco since our hall is small. and regarding decorator, i've been YM-ing this lady for months and her quotation seems to fit our small budget for fresh flowers decor. there are few too offering cheaper package, but this lady has the plus point for her experience handling bright colors wedding decor (and it's not easy to get a vendor who semangat to layan your silly questions for months too hehe.....). afterall, they're still on paper, not much i could say until the big day itself, kan.

just a tip friends - dont get easily excited with quotation for fresh flower wedding deco. some are cheaper due to daun lebih banyak dari bunga, so do check...sample of their previous work would be your best guru to benchmark :)

but brides, always remember, things dont always come as per our plan. the best thing is to keep surveying while you have time and finally, pray for the best. cheers ;)

Jun 16, 2009

theme inspiration site

thanks to ayuni as i found this link while bloghopping to hers :

The Perfect Palette

mat saleh's wedding theme inspiration site. i love the fact it's regularly updated. the only one missing is pelamin idea heh :P

a feather affair by TPP

Jun 15, 2009

turning 8

8th anniversary special edition

p/s : dont forget your receipt ;)

Jun 14, 2009

piano version

we finally completed our pre-marital course. more of a refresher session, but some info are quite new to us too. overall, we enjoyed the session as ustaz-ustaznya sporting & kelakar hehe. on top of free parking, food was also nice and they have my fave teh tarik too :)

i dont have much to update really, but i found this on youtube:

a piano version of My Memory

i kinda love it, esp if being played during the bride & groom leaving their pelamin to meja santapan. song should be shorten beforehand if you think 4.5mins too long for the couple :)

Jun 12, 2009

if it's not edible ..

often in my place, we're used to bunga pahar (yeap, the one with lidi itu) as doorgift for VIPs (for my case just close relatives), additional to usual egg-giving. i am hoping to break off this tradition as pretty bunga pahar doesnt come cheap nowadays. for such cost, i'm expecting something useful to be kept by special guests rather than just a deco at the end of the day.

one of them i found during the trip to Jakarta - a hardcovered doa selawat with couple name printing, and they packaged in a nice box too. a little pricey tapi sangat2 bermanfaat, kan. i've seen similar idea locally, they give a plain Yaasin. nothing fancy tapi berguna esp di malam Jumaat :)

tasbih is my favourite of all non-edible doorgift. apart from being handy, again it's something useful. easier to keep too - gantung je :) but do consider cost of packaging too and please note both gifts only sesuai for Muslim guests.

somehow i know getting ibu's buy-in is nooot that easy. not that she doesn't like the stuffs. she's just not used to go against tradition, that's all.

Jun 11, 2009

in person

by photographer pojaan

it was nearly 9pm when we reached the studio; i was accompanying Shafaf last Wed to meet up potential photographers for her coming wedding. and for the first time too, i met him in person, *berdebar sikit, as i didnt't expect he was still around at that hour hehehe..macam-macam rahsia terbongkar and i'd rather let the walls to safely keep them ;)

i was there to get the booking date changed too and just glad that it will again be on our anniversary. thanks to CNY as i can save some of annual leave due to that. on the negative note, getting married on long weekend of public holiday means alot of "early bookings" required hehe.

i'm about to close my nikah theme indecisive-ness after being convinced by mr photographer. while salha & shafaf; the bubblies met & berborak like nobody's business..tetibe i heard oxidizing, cis dah agak mesti lari topik ni...from photography package to makeup to interior design hehehe..and finally, we left about 10.30pm.

to Salha & photographer pojaan, sorry for keeping u both that late. shafaf kalut je start kete dier to avoid harrassment from keling yg korg cakap tu hahaha. harap suatu hari nanti dapat lah merasa nasik lemak yang digembar-gemburkan tu ;D

as i was about to click "publish post" button (it's 6am anyway), i glance again his blog. and word of the day "OMG". aku segan udey...sungguh ni. thanks alot to u & team, kita jumpa di kepala bataih nanti ok ;D (speaking utara ngan ko membuatkan aku rindu kampung halamanku....) selamat membuat persiapan utk Salha *wink.

Ehem, hapip bace blog kahwin? jengjengjeng.

Jun 7, 2009

main table inspiration

speaking of tiffany decor, i am frequently being mistaken to wanting fresh blue flower as main decor. while the truth is, im more of looking forward for white flowers ;)

i've seen few pics of main table decor on net & interested with white orchid / hydrangea. this is one of them :

(pic from mat saleh's site)

above pic is a beach-themed engagement, there's still a room to tune it more to homey style. overall, the key is to get the flowers in white / greenish white & the tiffany will come in form of either ribbon, colored water, candle, artificial petals, lantern etc

since the wedding will be on Valentine's weekend, both northern decorators i've been YM-ing with over a month suggest for artificial flowers instead. i only request for hantaran & handbouquet to be fresh ones, so the rest can definitely go artificial :)

in meantime, abah has started drafting my wedding map. and ibu too, sudah confirmkan arabian canopy with butterfly scallop itu available in my hometown. boleh la check out for price & package later hehe...

top for bridesmaids

i heart the top to be BFFs' dresses for our bertandang.
not necessarily kebaya,
but the richness of those pink that made me fell in love.

the one available @ EM yesterday was more to fluorescent
(kejam pulak if to have it on them :P)

Jun 4, 2009

room decor

fathiyah's (thanks to her)

both are inspiration for my bed decor, less fancy.
*contemplating* - deep or soft tiffany hehe.


BFFs, you're going to wear this.
(Ezi dah menjerit hahaha)

Google pic*

Jun 3, 2009

heels are made for walking

i saw a nice pair of wedding shoes last Friday, it came in plain off-white with a line of diamante, typical liking of capri brides. price wise, not so bad considering i have rm120 voucher to be redeemed. but, i didn't bring any voucher during the time. next time, perhaps.

and yesterday, i went there again, alone. but, the pair was no longer there.

ok, not my rezeki then.

my earlier plan was to wait until dress siap.
the risk of buying now, the heels may not match my dress - color, dress theme.
while risk of buying later; my bertandang dressmaker is sooo known to be working until final day of pick up date. so it might be too late to check out any pretty heels left.

they have few other outlets in town just in case.
should i wait, or should i buy now. custom-made doesn't count ;)

wedding shoes pun can be an issue kan? perhaps, the
article was just right - capri brides are too caught up with details, and sometimes, they forget to have fun while doing their wedding preparation. hehe. rasenye ni penyakit anyone working 8-5 as planner haha.

Jun 1, 2009

tiffany flowerball

taken from mat saleh's wedding site.

flowerball with tiffany ribbon :)

i'm considering this, but not for walkway lah cos i dont have any. hehe.

arch decor

urm, this is a no for me.
too bushy, more of jungle than garden feeling, sorry.

of all wedding things, i'd always prefer room & arch decor to be kept to minimal. and below is my all time favorite :)

piece of white chiffon & tiny bunch of flowers

i missed the link but i believe it's either Kapas or Razak Flora