Jun 16, 2009

theme inspiration site

thanks to ayuni as i found this link while bloghopping to hers :

The Perfect Palette

mat saleh's wedding theme inspiration site. i love the fact it's regularly updated. the only one missing is pelamin idea heh :P

a feather affair by TPP


yunayuni said...

hoho yep this one sgt best ok.cuma masalah dgn mat saleh site is that they dont have inspirations for malaysian weddings.

but i think the colour ideas is perfect!especially to those brides yang suka experimenting with colours :)

♥♥relyza♥♥ said...

sis choose this kaler ekk...
so chantek!!!

Jasmin Hassan said...

peacock theme is pretty!

AmyMizzunderstood said...

my fwen hubby keja kat india..bulu peacock sgt murah..dan cantik..yang paling menarik diorang buat sebagai kipas tangan!

hidden.wing said...

ayuni : *how i wish mat saleh pun bersanding...so we can steal lots of their pelamin ideas hahaha

relyza : eh tak. tu gambar hiasan je hihi

jasmin : agreeeed :D

amy : jom jom kita buat kipas pengantin pulak!