Jun 28, 2009

ring settings

princess cut in the middle, gambar hiasan

of all diamond shapes, princess cut is always my all-time fave. usually for similar specs, princess cut is cheaper due to less brilliance produced compared to ever timeless round brilliant diamond. and due to that too, fiance had insisted for round cut than wasting for my angan-angan itu. timeless ok timeless, he said (siap ade sedikit nada mengejek bila bercakap tu, cis). ok, fine.

since i'm not going to get my fave princess, i'll veto anything on my ring settings hehe. and here we go :

a) i'll go for my fave modern 4-prongs, i always thought it could give illusion of princess cut in the end hihihi...
b) prongs nya haruslah tinggi sikit, otherwise my tiny diamond will tenggelam
c) right size of band, not too thick
d) white gold ok too :)

you may try 6-prongs to emphasize round brilliant shape :)


sitijamilahazmi said...

4 prongs is the prettiest!oh princess cut juge cantek lahhh!tiffany and co punya 4prongs ring yang gorjes.cuma price dia boleh buat downpayment kete kan.sheesh! ;p ;p

littlephia said...

hi wlt, am linking ur blog. :)

myself loves the 4-prongs. i find its the best to show the rock. ngee

btw its up to us lah kan. :)

AmyMizzunderstood said...

saya sudah jatuh cinta dengan princess cut!seyes!

Reena said...

princess cut WOW!!!

The Spasmodic Scribbler said...

Sorry dear,

I have to agree with your fiance on this one!! My all time favourite is a round cut diamond with a simple 6 prongs =)

Hey,have you asked Estrella whether they can customize a platinum band?

Do share once you've gotten yourself a ring ok? I want to have a rough idea how much he needs to spend for my dream ring.Hihihi!

PS: I haven't been anywhere. Just busy =)

sweet cravings said...

dear, like you said- the 4- prongs can give you the illusion of the emerald cut- :) so, you can be happy while keeping your fiance happy too! hehe.

hidden.wing said...

sitijamilahazmi : my goodness, tiffany novo kah? *wink*

littlephia : this one SA suggests 3-prongs for bigger illusion hihi!

amy : cepat pujuk your atim ;D

reena : wow too! hehe

TSS : good news, D&P can customize them :)

mira : a win-win, boleh la kan ;)