Mar 26, 2010


Jom2 meriahkan the first ever gathering for bloggers & b2b! ;D

WLT will be there as vendor, with little booth showcasing some of her wedding stuffs (dresses, doorgifts, card etc) - chance to see & feel yourself the good and bad of those ;)

Stuffs now up for rental :
- both nikah & bertandang veils (the longgg one hehe!)
- choc fountain machine

For sale :
- wedding accessories (tiara, necklace set)
- beaded alas nikah
- 3 wedding dresses from friend's collection

and for the first time too (malu sikit nak ckp but the interest actually dah long way developed), WLT is partnering with her bestie to offer wedding coordinator service :) read : wedding planner is different! tomorrow is the introductory price, and we promise you it's the cheapestttt in town!

registration dah tutup, but fret not...boleh walk in dgn hanya rm3!

so b2b/bloggers/readers : SEE YOU THERE!!! ;D

Mar 23, 2010

dulang hantaran

for those asking contact for this dulang hantaran :

kak haidar rahman

013-234 4139

Mar 21, 2010

majlis nikah

after a month finally :P

days before nikah

banyak last minute work to do. becos my MUA screwed up earlier, i had to last minute cari replacement & sadly yg ok in penang all fully booked that date :( no choice but to fly Lova to my place. few times jumpa pakcik catering to reconfirm package cos my cute parents tak faham sgt the items; underlayers, scallops, dome etc hehe - no choice. caterer last minute cant provide platform for my pelamin which took me dayss to get one later sbb time CNY ramai gile kawin :( only by jumaat baru dpt vendor & they pasang on saturday. we had some doa selamat on friday night & did the berinai prepared by my makciks. time berinai, one of his adik called me up - telling my hubby is a good brother to them, they love him so much & asked me to take a good care of their brother. honestly, i feel like crying...but everyone was keliling me so had to tahan my tears. only on saturday this bride managed to escape for 4hrs spa..yang lain duduk di rumah masukkan all telur favors dalam paper bag hehehe...

traffic during that long weekend made everything worst. my decorator, kak aida stucked dkt highway 7hrs. they only sampai by maghrib & baru nak start everything. not to mention some fresh flowers layu too sbb exposed too long dlm kereta :( nasib majorly my deco guna artificials..only my hantaran badly affected. that night, we had dinner prepared for his family & supposed the session is to berkenalan with his big families prior to majlis nikah. siap blackout lagi (teringat anil!) & the place pun messy sikit cos at same time kak aida & her team tgh prepare the deco...

btw, few days before got call from diah - so i let all my wed problems heard. thanks diah, it was truly comforting! :) on that very last night, the bride slept at 3 am! konon plan nak touch up my inai yang comot tu, argh dah penat..who cares if inai comot kan...

nikah day 14feb

alhamdulillah all vendors came early that morning, thanks to all of you! 8+am start makeup. wearing tudung with rambut tinggi was a bad decision afterall - dlm gambar very obvious the style didnt suit me. less than hr dh siap makeup. mostly commented my makeup not doing better for my complexion, still nampak all my jerawat & my face turned out gelap than my hand. but if u dont hv skin problem like me, lova is undoubtedly recommended - i suka lova shape my brow actually ;) and she in person very nice too :D

attire by syahrir nurdin, white chiffon kurung. to ensure the dress cost is kept to 3-digits, i asked syahrir to do lace patching & stone tu tampal2 je instead of expensive heavy beadwork. it turned out my personal fave for workmanship, compared to the rest my wed dresses. this weekend im bringing my veil to gath for renting, sebab tak boleh pakai dah kan :)

nikah event - everything went so quick...abah yang nikahkan us. honestly, i tak sempat nak feeling sebak right after akad cos i was waiting ustaz there to confirm my acceptance as a wife. apparently, in penang no such thing! ustaz didnt ask any to the fact i had nothing to sign on our nikah reg borang pun...weird.

btw i would suggest u check how's the maskahwin practice in your place. cos earlier we plan for 2 bankers checque for maskahwin & hantaran since they're equal amount & not so safe to travel all the way with cash. ustaz in my place insisted for cash no matter how big the amount - otherwise u have to lafaz "hutang...." in your akad and no-negotiable. takut ada yang sentap bila playback video nikah nanti kan hehehe...lucky we found this out earlier..

my aunty was coordinator bidan terjun that day...i brief her night before, of all things, just tlg ensure kan at least these 3 stuffs for my nikah :

- space utk bride nak lalu
- sejadah utk groom solat
- family kena berkumpul for photo session! - sebab time kenduri semua sibuk

alhamdulillah, she managed. right after sarung cincin, the cousins start distributing nikah gift (tasbih) to guests before they went for refreshment. me & hubby then continue with photo session until 12pm before sanding preparation..

basically below our flow & timing :

8am - makeup
9.30am - arrival groom & rombongan, susun hantaran
9.45am - arrival ustaz (pendaftar nikah)
10am - akad, groom solat, sarung cincin, family photo, gifts & refreshment
until 12pm - pengantin photo

and credit to vendors involved :

- attire : syahrir nurdin & kimie kjg
- deco & hantaran : haidar-rahman
- groom hantaran (blue) : sher design
- photo : saifulnang & hapip of CS
- video : nazzmedia
- kasut & bouquet : man kjg
- makeup : lova weddingku
- gift : poetry of flowers & tasbih (mydin)

cheap butang baju melayu beli from sabah..10 ringgit je :)

pengapits for both events

guess whose dulang this inspired from?

plain diy tag on top

Mar 16, 2010

bertandang slideshow

my first time doing this - so sorry for grainy vid! :)

click my fb link for larger view...

source : unedited pics from Ikram Ismail

btw, if you're planning for tiffany wedding theme, im letting go tiffany petals during this gath for FREE since not much left.

alternatively, you may order from kak shaja ;)

Mar 10, 2010


thank you SN for preparing nikah & reception montage to be played during our majlis bertandang :)

(i finally got fb!)

krabi honeymoon

Since post mortem of weddings may take ages to write, let’s give way to our honeymoon entry dulu ;) Among the shortlisted were Boracay Island & Koh Samui, but connecting flights was my biggest turn off for Boracay while Koh Samui...tiket firefly like mahal gile :( so off we to Krabi!

We managed to catch AA promo return tix for rm116 & booked ground package during last MATTA fair. Since we went during high season the price quoted for us was RM1350 nett, including :

-4N accom with breakfast
-Return airport transfer
-Thai massage
-Phi Phi Island @ 4 Islands trip

If you’re travelling during low season, you can get all above just rm700++ for kan? We only pay rm50 as deposit at MATTA fair, the rest was upon if u cancel the trip, u only loose small amount of money...but the bad is, u have to pay in baht later..def u'll lose some for exchange rate!

the place was Pavilion Queensbay...TA review was helpful, at least we knew things we could compromise with the budget we had :) knowing we're coming for honeymoon, Rabeeya the sales manager had earlier upgraded our room to Suite...and with seaview :)

some overview

the bed.
hubby kutip the petals and made nice walkway from the shower that night *winks*

with 2 separate living halls...
more space to "explorerace" at night ooops :P

with seaview too..we had our bath by sunset on the very first day :)
privacy is assured!
spacious...shower on left, toilet on your right

big buaian at balcony.
nice spot to laze with your hubby sambil melihat bintang2 di langit huhu..

3-tiers pool

meja we usually had our breakfast

hotel was abit secluded, but no worry as they have free shuttle to Ao Nang. except, coming from Ao Nang is sendirian berhad hehe..u can still walk, but berpeluh jugakla..better naik tuktuk, they're almost everywhere for only rm2/pax per ride. but we prefer amik scoot je, rental only rm18/day & we can merempit whenever we want heheh :P all they need is driving license & passport je! and fuel u have to isi balik...

our tiffany scoot :P satu lagi taktau sape punya.

our daily activity during honeymoon was massage, sebab they so cheapppp in thailand :) oil massage around rm30/hr and they were like everywhere in krabi...but mostly those in busy Ao Nang are less privacy cos u have to share the room with other tourists & some not that "clean".

the first day we had our free Thai massage in our hotel, Montra Spa. nice one…but personally I don’t fancy any Thai massage sebab tak guna any oil, kesat when rubbing =(

The 2nd day, we were recommended by locals for Boosabakorn Spa..famous spa among tourists. my goodness...i almost keluar balik from spa sbb terkejut seeing the price, mengalahkan KL :( but hubby pujuk bila lagi to we took their honeymoon spa package with jacuzzi. yeap the ambience & service was super nice...but the massage dekat bahu sakit sikit.

ginger tea = we're done!

the 3rd night we had oil massage at Feel Good Massage nearby our hotel...the best i had in krabi, sampai tertido... price pun cheap & most importantly, we had room. sorry no pics taken but recommended for those seeking for privacy :)
the 4th night, we booked for Aloe Vera treatment & massage (rm40/hr) at Ao Nang Princeville, recommended by masseuse for after sunburn. very cooling....we liked it, esp after 2 days berjemuran di pantai..but i was dissapointed with the room, too "ordinary" for a spa in exclusive boutique resort & i think ppl outside can see us changing baju sbb their transparent tingkap :(


I know this every Muslim’s most worried kan. myself too didnt manage getting a “confirmed” HALAL restaurant…but at least we found few restaurants that didnt serve pork at all (but ada beer etc) be safe, we just stick to seafood based.

For breakfast, we had our daily in hotel. Choice quite good for us the muslim who cant enjoy their least they have range of waffles, pancakes, shrimp dimsum, sushi, cereals, bread & salads to choose from...siap their thousand island tu campur cili...very the Thai!! hehe

but our fave is their porridge, harus dimakan bersama chilli flakes ya

LaCasa was one of muslim-owned restaurant & they didnt serve pork at all. according to their malay-speaking staff, they can jamin ayam & daging are all sembelih...except the processed food like burger, nugget etc...they dont advise us to order cos they not sure the source. we tried their seafood but their 2 specialty pizza mmg sedap! but the food alot pricey here.

the next day we tried Wang Sai Seafood, recommended by Rabeeya and again no pork served. u can pick your fish, lobster etc & get them freshly cook for u...and the service pun sangat cepat :) i'll list u the dishes we ordered & the price....

- BBQ lobster in garlic & butter (rm26/100gm)
- Fried soft crab in curry powder rm15…serving size for 3 pax..
- Tomyam seafood rm18..serving size 3 pax
- Steam fish in lemon sauce…rm24..seriously terbaikkkk!
- 4 Oysters with vege..rm12
- Plain rice rm2/plate

we didnt get the chance to try Ao Nang Seafood...we reached 10pm & they already packing up to close :( sedih sikit sbb it was one of recommended try-outs by seaside & i saw most shops there not serving any pork in their menu book too..

next to Ao Nang Seafood was Ban Lay Aeshah Halal Restaurant-the only halal place we found and at the very last day...tak sempat singgah pun

Thai pancake…nice one..we tried aurinh’s recommendation for banana & choc…sedappp!
Rugi pulak beli satu je hehe..

We didn’t go to Phi Phi, since we’ve been there in 2008. The locals recommend us Similan Island..from the brochure, looks perfect for divers…not yet for us kot =)

we picked James Bond Island trip...the name tells it all, one of JB film had their shooting here. 1.5hr van ride from krabi to boat pier in Phang Nga.

the first stop was Panyee Village for lunch..rugi we order for vegetarian meal cos we baru tahu that's muslim village so the food served all halal =(

main reason i picked this trip is KAYAK cos i nak paddling through their nice caves..sekali je the staffs yg do the paddling tsk tsk...but the view was nice :) siap ada org jual air kelapa mcm floating market tu hehe!

james bond island

after the island trip, they brought us to Island Safari in Phang Nga...elephant trekking was one of activity. no camera allowed, they'll snap for us & to buy is optional..we paid rm30 for 4pix & below is one of them...

our gajah..if u said "TU!!" then cepat je the belalai naik to your tangan requesting for banana hehe..the problem is, all gajahs there understand "TU" for bile u sebut...the nearby gajahs pun angkat their belalai to u....scary pulak :P

the next day we pick 4 Islands trip included in our hotel package... the trip with speedboat going to 4 places :

- Phra Nang Bay...nice cave view, i just knew the place was the other side of Railay Beach…so we cancelled our trip to Railay that evening..hubby accidentally dropped our hps gone all numbers!
- Chicken island...hubby accidentally stepped on sea urchins. the locals cakap let the duri reput sendiri cos tak beracun pun.
- Tup Island...we did the snorkelling here but it was jellyfish season so the view not so great...small jellyfish bersepah2 but they not harm
- Poda u can see matsaleh granny topless...

personally, i think krabi would have been better if the staffs esp those working at tourist spots can understand & speak English...but overall, we loved the trip & Thai hospitality..we surely comeback if there's any rezeki :)

Mar 8, 2010


i'm sorry the comeback entry had nothing to do with wedding. yours truly & hubby just involved in accident...alhamdulillah we didnt suffer any major injury except some neck pain & kepala benjol sikit terhantuk tingkap after our car spinned twice before we hit the divider on the way to klia last thursday. i'm still on 7-days mc before next ortho checkup this friday...for time being, doctor suruh pakai soft collar as mild support to my neck which i so failed to obey sebab rasa mcm robocop :(

on a lighter note, we've received unedited pics from OPs :) i'll start doing my wedding post mortem soon!...but krabi honeymoon entry will potong queue dulu hehe

one of unedited from Ikram