Jan 26, 2010

pre pre-wedding

i'm meeting up our photographer this evening. fiance not joining cos he's extremely tied up with works, his boss gile kejam :( we'll discuss our pre-wedding photo this weekend & sadly, i'm not up to any ideas pun :( :( the offer was pretty last minute & now my brain pun dah tepu dgn segala pending wedding prep haih!

all i could think of; casual white tees & jeans. balloons. cotton candy. ice cream. borrrrrrinnnnggg kan?

btw, one of pre-wedding montage we both love - click here. it's old, i know! :)

Jan 23, 2010

last Ratu Sehari

notice the theme? ;)

Jan 22, 2010

almost there :)

we finally went for baju nikah fitting...
he'll finish up lace patching & embellishment by next week, pray me lots of luck :)

p/s : hips dont lie..!

Jan 20, 2010

trend pelamin

within this 2 years survey, i've seen the pelamin rangka has evolved to so many types. from the wrought iron kerawang then to blok kayu....then some invented pokok2 like sueanne's pelamin, then came the bantal with button type..and now presenting you...transparent block...hehe...

both pics by
love the phalaenopsis on top..but the artificial pun mahal...*sigh*

p/s : this evening is first fitting of my baju nikah...

Jan 15, 2010

my bunga pahar

we're done with bunga pahar :) the bunga is off rack, bought from Semua House. i only request them to change the ribbon to my theme. last sunday should be the pickup, but the ribbon color turned out sooo sooo wrong. earlier, they arrogantly refused my request to do one sample before they proceed with my whole order. i had to agree, but i paste the ribbon sample at both his & my receipt. so when thing went wrong, the bridezilla in me didnt take long to ask them to re-do all the ribbons in 3 days...and alhamdulillah they managed :)

a little info..the bunga pahar cost less than rm2.50. we cant lavish for this bunga since ibu wants for 200pcs. ibu asik gelakkan my bunga pahar..she said,gileeee kuncup! hehehe...dah budget pun kuncup kan :P

semalam bertungkus lumus with my sis adding up the tag. tag all by myself, terpaksa stayback kat ofis sebab nak pinjam cutter ofis yang menjimatkan masa dan tenaga itu LOL. for tempat cucuk pahar, we'll rent from this aunty in PJ since she got them in white..final week baru boleh pickup :)

Jan 13, 2010

ada apa dengan tarikh?

one of my early post was the day we went for first photographer hunting in mid-2008. it was our 1st visit to photographer, which turned out to be the one we picked for our big day ;)

...and the first q that popped from sapex (now ex-cs) was, "bile majlis korang ni?" with 2 years down the road, answering this was never easy :) becos the date was proposed long before the parents met or even before we got engaged! all we know, we want to get married on our anniversary - Feb 14th.

i tell you, the whole idea of our wedding date started off a very simple way during our 6th anniversary dinner in 2008, finally : i'm tired of having to wait the next day to celebrate our anniversary each year becos the large rose bouquet, fancy dinner or lovey-dovey packaging of choc bars are hell expensive on v-day & being kedekut girlfriend that time - seems the spending not so worth it for just AN occasion :) now u get the idea why i lumped all our special occasions on this very special date...as starting next year onwards - every Feb 14th, the large bouquet to us is meant for anniversary celebration of our relationship, bertunang & married hehe :D

with the date fixed to 14th & 20th Feb, yours truly now proudly to say..."SAVE THE DATE EVERYONE!". Counting to one month....and another great things about these dates are 14th is bday of my dearest ibu & 20th is my abah's =) hopefully their bakal menantu will be one of their special 'gift' in life, insyaAllah.....

credit to weddingpaperdivas.com

p/s : cards & favors dah sampai :)

Jan 8, 2010

guest note

i've saved this pic since ages, the point where fiance & myself finally decided not to have any guestbook. the butterfly below is actually a placecard, found usually in mat saleh's weddings. we're opting similar idea, but change to guest note instead :) the idea still tentative, subject to syawal's cos the idea is only nice when it's placed on goblet, not a highball glass (one of our hardest-to-get during negotiation) and point to note, this idea is only practical for formal seating event, sebab glasses dah siap kat meja..

in case u wondering & questioning how distracting to drink with butterfly...they're actually detachable! they're not glued to glasses, i've seen sample pic where they make small cut at butterfly body and sangkut je dekat gelas tu :) so the guests can write on their wishes while boring-ly waiting for pengantin to come. just make sure to prepare basic stuff like pen & box at each table...and not to forget, arrange someone to collect the notes when majlis end before the caterer trash them ;)

again, it's tentative & we too didnt hope much...

btw, yours truly is 26 today :) to fellow capricorn babies, happy birthday & may 2010 bring us more rezeki & happiness insyaAllah.

thank you wording

i'm currently shortlisting thank you wording for our choc bar favor. vendor dah suruh cepat, she wants to send for printing....so friends, i need your vote :)

1) "thank you for sharing our beginning of forever"

2) "with our heartfelt thanks!"

3) "you've added to our happiness in a very special way, thank you"

4) "hugs & kisses from the new Mr. & Mrs."

5) "thank you for your presence & all the joy you've shared"

6) "thank you for making our wedding day a little brighter!"

7) "the sweetest way to end this sweetest day"

8) "heartfelt wishes from the new Mr. & Mrs."

or if you have any other beautiful wording of saying thank you, please do share too! just remember to keep it short & sweet............. thanks =)

p/s : love all the wording with "mr & mrs" or "bride & groom" or "newlyweds"...cute & they're sooo wedding :) somehow mcm selfish pun ada, sbb usually in our custom the thank you tu from the whole family, kan ;P

Jan 5, 2010


one of the prop we're considering for outdoor photoshoot :)

dress & inspiration

with 1mth+ left, i know this really sounds crazy to most of you...yesterday i just finished marathon sending ALL my kain to dressmakers for measurement :P

they still keep all sketches, so each session didnt take long. i brought some prints for their better reference and this is one of them...my fave cosry-wannabe buttons for the back details..love the pic so much sebab the neckline was something im looking for too...the boatneck..offshoulder...scoop etc whatever you may call..

in case you're wondering, the sexyback above is nora danish...taken from Ikram's

Jan 3, 2010

nikah favor

accidentally found this gift after meeting up the tailor. the shop is doing clearance, and they're letting go this mint tint for less than rm1 :) apart from cheap price, the size too just nice to fit the tasbih...so i bought 50pcs of it for nikah, with different color & design to fit the theme..thanks to mas & ezi for helping me out picking the clean ones :) nanti bolehla temankan cari tasbih & ribbon pulak oops! heheh

Jan 2, 2010

weekend updates

friday & saturday updates :

bridesmaid kain sent to kak kam, the tailor :)

shafaf busy explaining her dream (datin) dress LOL

the biggest problem dah solved, they got me new ones to capture my events. and they compensated with free pre-wedding too..doubt fiance will have time for this, still, i'm shortlisting few places just in case :)

attended wedding of fellow blogger in Equatorial..congrats Sue! love almost everything about your wed esp the pelamin & deco...and very pleased to meet Qis & Diah in person too! and this silent blogger wearing red hijab that night....very friendly (and pretty!)...if u're reading this please invite us to your link k :) p/s : how come i lupa tanya your name? tsk tsk :(

the rest pix, let's wait for Sue's update :D

fiance advised to re-try my ring since i've lost some weight..i may need to resize. so the noon was spent at jeweller..yeap, the ring now abit longgar..since im planning to lose few kgs more, our SA suggest for resizing to be done only by end Jan & he promised the process nothing longer than 2 days...baiklah! :) p/s : their Lazare now on 30% sale...bencinyeeee...

fiance's nehru now sent to his father's fave Antonz..they berborak like nobody's business sampai i tertido while waiting for them! coming 23rd is the fitting..praying hard the result as good as the bill...

semalam we met the baker. this aunty very very nice & full of ideas...but i prefer to keep the cake design just as the pic in mag...simple :) we only change the topping part, which this aunty very keen of doing hydrangeas hehe...and she even made us few samples...so as of now, bye bye peony!

then headed to klcc..catching some sale, mostly tinggal the leftovers...fiance got his white shoes for bertandang, happy :)

p/s : with 1mth+ left, i tell you...setiap weekend dah macam amazing race hehe...