Sep 15, 2009

dress & buttons

i have posted this pic a year ago, when i was freakingly hunting for right turqoise dress for my wed. im still clueless, until now i cant really decide how my reception dress should look like. the more survey i did, the more i cant decide..options out there are too pretty to be missed. and finding a good designer/tailor to do a dream dress, particularly within my budget is really challenging!

one thing that i'm sure of, i wanted something with button yang banyak2 tu (i called them cosry-wannabes dress hehe). and nothing overboard, since it's for reception taking place at my home sweet home. the theme should be homey as possible :)

and below seems my favourite, humble one by Syomir Izwa. design of 2007.

i already had the lace. all i need is plain white chiffon for kain part. and i need the A-line too, to balance my wide hips :) without veil pun ok.

i love kebaya pendek. but i dont mind to get them labuh if my designer think it's the best to hide my hips. but not too labuh like cosry's - i know my bonzai body wont look good in it hehe.

i'll alter the design abit. neckline shouldnt be too exposed, for bertandang oklah kat kl kan :) and lengan part, should be panjang, not 3-suku - and add some buttons please. see, told you i love the cosry's buttons...hehe.

for finishing, i already bought Swarovski crystal in jakarta. tak banyak lah, nak suruh add sikit2 je. if no embellishment langsung, nanti nampak mcm baju pengapit je kan hehe :P

again, im not putting too much hope...all i know now, some fats need to be shed off before my measurement this coming dec, haih...!

p/s : new Pengantin mag sudah berada di pasaran, Intan Ladyana on cover :P


BuTtErFlyInFraMe said...


i love button as well! baju yg i cancel utk tempahan tu ada button banyak2 but at the back lah..tapi i cancel sbb dia mcm degil tanak dgr apa i cakap..cos i tak bekenan their neckline..;p

hopefully, ur recep drees turn superb!!

AmyMizzunderstood said...

i pun suka syomir nya design..simple yet kemas.. :)pernah survey kat boutique dia..anyway..gud luck..and hope baju yang diidami terhasil dgn sempurna..

violett said...

heart this button! had did done for my engagement. my butt very wide so i make it kurung moden.. tak konfiden pakai kebaya pendek..hehe

[ Hanie ] said...

saya pon soka design2 ade button ut. Tp mase kawen arit, tak dpt pakai sebab kat butik tu takde design tgk org punye ajelah :D

Anonymous said...

magazine RS aritu beli pon tk abes bace...
WLT bes tk magazine pegantin br tu?mostly derang cover psl ape pula?

littlephia said...

heart many buttons! sweet kan?

i myself also opt something like in the pic but labuh. hehe.

cant wait to see ur dress (i tau lama lagi) :D

marryme said...
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marryme said...

yeay thanks for featuring DigitalSyndicate photos in yr blog :D btw i punya baju pun syomir buat banyak button.. suka sgt! :D

you can view my pics here:

for more pics pls view here:

PinkBrolly said...

Thanks for introducing me to Syomir Izwa!! I love his designs, cantik gila!! Do you know how/where can I contact him? Been googling for his boutique tapi tak jumpa jumpa. Thanks!!

weDa said...

hope ur dress turns out well, insyaallah :)

i heart butang-butang too but i guess mine will be without them la since i opted for a different design hehe.

btw swarovsky kat jakarta boleh dapat murah ke?

dell @ Marryme said...

syomir's number: 0173707503

hidden.wing said...

alena, i nk request button belakang for bertandang dress hehe. taktaula my designer nak entertain ke tak..dah la nak hantar lambat kan :P

yup amy, my friend's dress pun stunning gile...the dress mcm nabila huda's with button kat belakang :)

marina, ur YM pic too small, nak tgk ur baju hehe..but for engagement, kurung moden lagi sweet lah :)

hanie, ur recep dress pun cantik, susah k nk dpt color tu :)..takpe for raya ni melaramlah satu with baju byk button ni hehe.....

anonymous, latest mag ni ok lah :) at least now dah tahu estimate hw many canopies required for my guest nanti hehe...latest EH! mag pun wedding edition, umie aida on cover :)

haha yelah phia, lambat lagi. teringin with cheongsam collar tu, but i dont hv killer neck pulak :P cant wait for yours too, from readzul kan :)

eh, ni dell digitalsyndicate ke? u lah photographer my bestfriend next month yer hehe..anyway dell, your pic dgn veil ditiup angin itu gojesss :D thanks for sharing the contact..laju betul hihi

pinkbrolly, yeay to u. can go go checkout syomir now :)

weDa, your arma pun superb..sure a gorgeous one even without those buttons :D my friend said there's small kedai in taipan selling swarovski about the same as jakarta..i pun belum checkout lg..

Marleena Baizura said...

ahah. omg..that's my bro in the pic!