Sep 26, 2009

wedding tag

1. how old are you?

2. are you single?
single & engaged :)

3. at what age do u think u'll get married?
my next birthday

4. do u think u'll be marrying person u're with now?

5. if not, who do you want to marry?
whoever the jodoh by Him..

6. who will your bridesmaid?
maslydhia. kan mas? ;P hehe.

7. do you want garden/beach wedding or traditional wedding?
im not wearing any songket, so nothing such too traditional :(
i prefer mix of traditional & contemporary e.g. like having tiffany lantern for your wed deco & then give miniature of tekat tepak sireh for your guests......

8. where do u plan to go for honeymoon?
we enjoy good massage & beach activities, and nice seafood at cheaapp prices.
so we pick one of asian destination offering all these :)

9. how many guest do u think u'll invite?
we both are first child & grandkid to get married in family. so, let the excited parents do the headcount hehe :)

10. will that include your exes?
i dont see why they should be an exception. the more the merrier okay hehe.

11. how many layers of cake do u want?
3 is maximum. for my home reception, cake stand dah membantu, so we probably need just one layer :)

12. when do u want to get married? morning or evening?
i love evening events. and guess what? we have all - nikah pagi, sanding noon and bertandang malam hehe!

13. name the song/tune u would like to play at your wedding.
i have few in mind, but Bagaikan Sakti is a must for my penang reception hehe..

14. do u prefer fine dining or just normal fork/spoon/knife?
honestly formal dining, lebih terurus but slightly expensive. for penang reception, we have buffet je. cheaper for large crowd and the neigbourhood pun dah used to it :)

15. champange or red wine?
cordial orange je (walaupun wedding tema biru hehe)

16. honeymoon after the wedding or days after?
two days after. sbb his parents tentatively want to have maulud after majlis bertandang. if not dah dapat seminggu honeymoon tau hehe!

17. money or household items?
both. wedding scrapbook pun boleh :P

18. how many kids would u like to have?
fiance ambitiously nak extra from what his parents had. hello, siblings dia 7 okay... and my company limit free bersalin 5 org je ye haha..

19. will u record your honeymoon in DVD or CD?
oh, takde kot. simpan dlm laptop je. boring2 can sambung to tv like we did for engagement. my tangan obviously shaking time fMIL nak sarung cincin, fiance gelak tak ingat. dammit.


sweet cravings said...

dear, its good to have something to laugh about in later days~ hehhe :)

anil lutaze said...

besnye tag ni..hehe...byk jugk info tersembunyi...

hidden.wing said...

but mira, nothing beat story "lari pecut" of u & fiance. sangat sweet! :D

aiseh anil. skang dah tak tersembunyi lah hehehe..