Sep 24, 2009

hometown SSF

i'm still on raya leave, and yesterday me & my sis had the chance to drop by SSF in my hometown...besar okayyy hehe.

remember my post on
white cake stand? SSF web still advertising rm58 price tag, but yesterday i only got them rm35. murah kan :) they can be nice dulang hantaran if u're looking for one too. tapi yang sesuai as dulang yang with plain design tu je kot hehe..

then we found cute blue container for table centerpiece/deco. quite besar and with stripes, selling for rm3 je, cheap lah compared to buying clear glass yang berat berpuluh2 ringgit tu. ade few colors to choose from, seriously the pink comel sangat! have to choose properly cos ade yang dah comot..

of all artificial tulip sold at most shops, this from SSF is my fave. material sangat berkualiti - so they look sooo real. i'm looking for white tulip tapi out of stock. purple & peach je yang ada. yeap, another inspiration of Ashraf & BCL bashinlove hehe..btw, they can be nice handbouquet too..rm27 je for bunch of 24 stalks. later after wed, u can do for home deco :)

p/s : marina told me white frame kat ikea dah habis. wah, cepatnye hehe..


sweet cravings said...

seriously ke cake stand tu selling @ that price? hehe. kat penang's outlet only or the whole malaysia's outlets'? sgt excited mendengar price tag itu :P

btw, selamat hari raya dear :)

dialicious said...

wah..bridezilla tak beraya ke?hehe..selamat hari raya n sorry if i had ever said sumthing i shudnt.hope u had a good one!

anil lutaze said...

dear...selamat hari raya...maaf zahir batin...sgt sronok wed hunting kt ssf..dat day pg ssf for deco huh..mcm ikea jgk..rembt yg murah2..but end up...ratos2 cit...hehehe

raya mane thn ni?

hidden.wing said...

sorry mira, lupe nak tanya psl sale tu..but i guess all lah, post-raya sale for clearance kot hehe

diah, bridezilla ade 2 psg je bj raya thn ni..raya ke-3 je dah takde baju so tunggu org jela dtg beraya to my house :P

anil,after 25yrs, ni first time dapat raya in penang hehe..before ni beraya @ late grandpa's house in perlis..