Sep 30, 2009

tiffany engagement

i cant wait to blog this the moment i received from bestie this morning.

a tiffany engagement!

i loveeeeeeeeeee the side flowers by her pelamin. so gorgeous with dangling crystals...remind me of this! and the pics just gave me idea where to hang the DIY butterfly (which if u malas, u can get crystal butterfly from SSF)! pretty!

love the detailing at her veil too..i guess i'm bias, cos i love chiffon heeee.

no, im eyeing hantaran at the back one! white pinkish cymbi one of my fave orchid (apart from white phalaenopsis) :) tapi berangan je lah, cos they're soooo expensive. fiance kata tanam sendiri kalau nak jimat, hehe :P perli la tu.

Sep 29, 2009

tiffany petals!

anyone know where to get these blue artificial petals?
SSF got red & white je, floristika got few colors but no blue...

pls share...thanks!

Sep 28, 2009

cinta ada

singers : sheila majid, karen kong, jaclyn victor

Andai aku buta kan mata
Dapatkah kau mendengarkan jujurnya
Andai engkau tutup telinga
Dapatkah kau melihat keikhlasannya

Aku cinta bukan dibayang mata
Jauh dari bahasa
Dekatkan ertinya
Aku cinta bukannya disengaja
Jauh dari wasangka
Dekatkan hatinya
Memang cinta ada dalam jiwa kita

Andainya cinta itu buta
Dapatkah kau mengubah pesonanya
Andai mengalir air mata
Dapatkah kau membezakan jelingnya

Oh mengapa ada saksi yang tak memahami
Oh mengapa ada saksi yang disalah erti
Oh aku cinta
Oh jauh dari bahasa

Memang cinta ada dalam jiwa kita...

listen here :)

Sep 26, 2009

makeup (penang event)

one of checklist i wish to accomplish during this raya leave is - makeup for my penang event.

yesterday after our trip to SSF, my sis temankan to 2 bridal boutique as per recommendation. one thing yg i always frust dgn MUA luar kl ni (not all), if u notice, sometimes makeup dah ok, but part rambut tu, hurm...balik2 fesyen fringe penyek dan melekat kat forehead. and bile u sweating, rambut yang melekat tadi tu start berserak and nampak berminyak sgt...hehe.

since im going to make do with options here, i should forget those rambut penyek thing. i need to move forward..

gambar hiasan

we booked the 1st boutique, im pretty comfortable seeing result of some their dark skinned clients. rate pun murah. the cons, bos butik tu cant promise to makeup at my house if too many pengantin on that day. what the..? it will be the most kalut day for any bride, takkan la i have to drive jauh gile just to get the makeup done? and the funniest thing, my photographer will capture my makeup moment dekat butik tu kah? hehe. so far, im the only one booking for that date - supposedly i should be given priority lah kan :( luckily, this one baik hati staff gave me the MUA no. and ask me to deal with him personally. he said, if the MUA is ok to come to my house then bos butik tu cant say anything...will see how..

2nd boutique in SP, mahal sikit from 1st boutique but no transport charge to my house :) very friendly. the rate solely for makeup, but he not berkira when i ask for f.o.c accessories. better hairstyling, can see some volume rather than penyek kat dahi tu hehe...but personally, i think his makeup is too light for a wedding...if engagement, then ok.

wedding tag

1. how old are you?

2. are you single?
single & engaged :)

3. at what age do u think u'll get married?
my next birthday

4. do u think u'll be marrying person u're with now?

5. if not, who do you want to marry?
whoever the jodoh by Him..

6. who will your bridesmaid?
maslydhia. kan mas? ;P hehe.

7. do you want garden/beach wedding or traditional wedding?
im not wearing any songket, so nothing such too traditional :(
i prefer mix of traditional & contemporary e.g. like having tiffany lantern for your wed deco & then give miniature of tekat tepak sireh for your guests......

8. where do u plan to go for honeymoon?
we enjoy good massage & beach activities, and nice seafood at cheaapp prices.
so we pick one of asian destination offering all these :)

9. how many guest do u think u'll invite?
we both are first child & grandkid to get married in family. so, let the excited parents do the headcount hehe :)

10. will that include your exes?
i dont see why they should be an exception. the more the merrier okay hehe.

11. how many layers of cake do u want?
3 is maximum. for my home reception, cake stand dah membantu, so we probably need just one layer :)

12. when do u want to get married? morning or evening?
i love evening events. and guess what? we have all - nikah pagi, sanding noon and bertandang malam hehe!

13. name the song/tune u would like to play at your wedding.
i have few in mind, but Bagaikan Sakti is a must for my penang reception hehe..

14. do u prefer fine dining or just normal fork/spoon/knife?
honestly formal dining, lebih terurus but slightly expensive. for penang reception, we have buffet je. cheaper for large crowd and the neigbourhood pun dah used to it :)

15. champange or red wine?
cordial orange je (walaupun wedding tema biru hehe)

16. honeymoon after the wedding or days after?
two days after. sbb his parents tentatively want to have maulud after majlis bertandang. if not dah dapat seminggu honeymoon tau hehe!

17. money or household items?
both. wedding scrapbook pun boleh :P

18. how many kids would u like to have?
fiance ambitiously nak extra from what his parents had. hello, siblings dia 7 okay... and my company limit free bersalin 5 org je ye haha..

19. will u record your honeymoon in DVD or CD?
oh, takde kot. simpan dlm laptop je. boring2 can sambung to tv like we did for engagement. my tangan obviously shaking time fMIL nak sarung cincin, fiance gelak tak ingat. dammit.

Sep 25, 2009

best wishes to good friends

on this keramat day, 2 of my good friends now moving to next step in their life.

selamat bertunang to fira & selamat pengantin baru to my bestie lion :) wishing you a blissful life with your partner & semoga Tuhan panjangkan jodoh kalian.

p/s : im driving back to kl next hour, pray for my safe journey :)

Sep 24, 2009

hometown SSF

i'm still on raya leave, and yesterday me & my sis had the chance to drop by SSF in my hometown...besar okayyy hehe.

remember my post on
white cake stand? SSF web still advertising rm58 price tag, but yesterday i only got them rm35. murah kan :) they can be nice dulang hantaran if u're looking for one too. tapi yang sesuai as dulang yang with plain design tu je kot hehe..

then we found cute blue container for table centerpiece/deco. quite besar and with stripes, selling for rm3 je, cheap lah compared to buying clear glass yang berat berpuluh2 ringgit tu. ade few colors to choose from, seriously the pink comel sangat! have to choose properly cos ade yang dah comot..

of all artificial tulip sold at most shops, this from SSF is my fave. material sangat berkualiti - so they look sooo real. i'm looking for white tulip tapi out of stock. purple & peach je yang ada. yeap, another inspiration of Ashraf & BCL bashinlove hehe..btw, they can be nice handbouquet too..rm27 je for bunch of 24 stalks. later after wed, u can do for home deco :)

p/s : marina told me white frame kat ikea dah habis. wah, cepatnye hehe..

Sep 22, 2009

nikah hairdo

for nikah, i prefer side hairdos than bun.
sweet :)

malam bulan dipagar bintang

yes, i have soft spot for old songs esp by our late P. Ramlee :)

and this among my fave, i definitely choose this as main song if my nikah/reception taking place under canopy at night......unfortunately, mine will be during the day yang panas terik :P otherwise, the veteran guests must be the happiest, mengimbau nostalgia gitu..hehe...

Malam bulan dipagar bintang
Makin indah jika dipandang
Bagai gadis beri senyuman
Pada bujang idaman

Duhai kasih ingin dimanja
Dengan cumbuan mesra
Untuk pelipur lara
Penawar dik asmara

Mmm.. mmm...
Mmm.. mmm...

Malam bulan dipagar bintang
Tambah seri cuaca malam
Murni sungguh ciptaan Tuhan
Bulan bintang lampu alam

Andai kata bintang menyepi
Bulan tidak berseri
Malam menjadi sunyi
Tidak berseri lagi

vendors & info

i purposely made this entry backdated.

nikah & reception : bride's home (penang)
bertandang : perbadanan putrajaya

nikah : white & pastels
reception : tiffany blue & white
bertandang : fuschia, shades of pink & grey

nikah : syahrir nurdin (bride) + kimie kajang (groom)
reception : syomir izwa (bride) + salikin sidek (groom)
bertandang : man kajang (bride) + antonz remo (groom)

remark : we bought all kain at cheap price in jakarta & do the saving by considering tampal crystal than heavy beading, except for bertandang dress hehehe

nikah + reception : eddy JK
bertandang : sue cantik

nikah + reception : candidsyndrome
bertandang : ikram ismail

nikah + reception : nazzmedia
bertandang : cst production

nikah + reception : pantas catering
bertandang : siti catering

hantaran deco
bride's : haidar rahman
groom's : sher design

wedding deco
nikah + reception : haidar rahman
bertandang : haidar rahman

wedding cake
reception : ibu's friend (tentative)
bertandang : Norrizan Bakers

bunga pahar
reception : ready made from Jln TAR
bertandang : haidar rahman

wedding card
raihand card, jakarta

nikah - the poetry of flowers & ole ole manis
reception - raihand card, jakarta
reception vip table - choffles
reception main table - ilikecard
bertandang - raihand card, jakarta
bertandang vip table - marryme
bertandang main table - warna inspirasi
bridesmaids gift - ole ole manis
paperbag - ilikecard

comment has been disabled to avoid unnecessary gossip, but honestly, you're welcomed to ask any q (contact no. etc) - just leave me your email @ my chatbox. i'm very much happy to share :)

Sep 17, 2009


i'm a little pissed off.

i supposed to get all bridal mags that she borrowed months ago today. and today, none of my Ratu Sehari is returned!

i always had the feeling when things borrowed to someone else for too long, it's either u wont get them back or u're getting them not as what u wish..

my biggest dissapointment was, she didnt let me know earlier the mags tak cukup while on the way to my house :( pls understand, im really sensitive when comes to my wedding mags. i lend you my mags to help u out with your preparation (tho i didnt like the idea of letting your Indon designer to keep my mag for reference), so i hope u'll make way for my preparation too :(

i dont want your money, pls pls i just want my mags back :((((

i know it's bad to feel this way, especially when Aidilfitri is coming in next few days. suppose we bermaaf-maafan, but now im no longer in the mood of doing so :(

Sep 16, 2009


wish i had close up of the 1st pic, i heart any hantaran with hydrangeas.
the blooming of big hydrangeas making the hantaran really special on its own.

but i dont think im getting one.
macam susah je nak dapat kat penang hehe...

to get hydrangeas hantaran from fiance, hmm nampak too feminine pulak nanti kan :P

pic taken from

Sep 15, 2009

dress & buttons

i have posted this pic a year ago, when i was freakingly hunting for right turqoise dress for my wed. im still clueless, until now i cant really decide how my reception dress should look like. the more survey i did, the more i cant decide..options out there are too pretty to be missed. and finding a good designer/tailor to do a dream dress, particularly within my budget is really challenging!

one thing that i'm sure of, i wanted something with button yang banyak2 tu (i called them cosry-wannabes dress hehe). and nothing overboard, since it's for reception taking place at my home sweet home. the theme should be homey as possible :)

and below seems my favourite, humble one by Syomir Izwa. design of 2007.

i already had the lace. all i need is plain white chiffon for kain part. and i need the A-line too, to balance my wide hips :) without veil pun ok.

i love kebaya pendek. but i dont mind to get them labuh if my designer think it's the best to hide my hips. but not too labuh like cosry's - i know my bonzai body wont look good in it hehe.

i'll alter the design abit. neckline shouldnt be too exposed, for bertandang oklah kat kl kan :) and lengan part, should be panjang, not 3-suku - and add some buttons please. see, told you i love the cosry's buttons...hehe.

for finishing, i already bought Swarovski crystal in jakarta. tak banyak lah, nak suruh add sikit2 je. if no embellishment langsung, nanti nampak mcm baju pengapit je kan hehe :P

again, im not putting too much hope...all i know now, some fats need to be shed off before my measurement this coming dec, haih...!

p/s : new Pengantin mag sudah berada di pasaran, Intan Ladyana on cover :P

Sep 14, 2009

shoes for bride

love this pretty heel. minus the strappy ;)

i'm going to recycle my nikah shoes for penang reception.
i've seen simple one from C&K, no blings and price pun affordable.

for bertandang, shoes will be part of package.
i prefer peep toes mcm atas tu, designer ckp can make it.
he's quite oldschool (sorry mr designer!), i doubt he'll make pretty peep toes :P
ada possibility pakai his kasut bertutup tu je hehe..
(this one design at Charmain boleh dijadikan contoh)

kasut hantaran? fiance didnt like my choice :(
hence another hunting...penat.

pic from

exactly 5mths...

mcm tahu2 je we're looking for one :P


Lenka - The Show

i got hooked up with catchy song eversince i met CST...

I'm just a little bit caught in the middle
Life is a maze and love is a riddle
I don't know where to go I can't do it alone I've tried
And I don't know why

Slow it down
Make it stop
Or else my heart is going to pop
'Cause it's too much
Yeah, it's a lot
To be something I'm not

I'm a fool
Out of love
'Cause I just can't get enough

I'm just a little bit caught in the middle
Life is a maze and love is a riddle
I don't know where to go I can't do it alone
I've tried
And I don't know why

I'm just a little girl lost in the moment
I'm so scared but I don't show it
I can't figure it out
It's bringing me down
I knowI've got to let it go
And just enjoy the show

The sun is hot
In the sky
Just like a giant spotlight
The people follow the sign
And synchronize in time
It's a joke
Nobody knows
They've got a ticket to that show

(Lenka - The Show)

p/s : great for pre-wed or childhood montage :)

Sep 12, 2009

his outfit

we've settled payment for both rings. for safety, we're keeping those rings with jewellers, until coming february :)

we then head to few boutiques, hunting tailor for our reception dress. walking to different buildings agak mencabar during ramadan hehe!

first boutique, SA like clueless why we're looking for them to tailor reception dress?
second boutique, nice dress & affordable rate but SA busy layan ppl looking for bj raya. what la.
third boutique, workmanship cost already beyond our budget..
fourth boutique closed!
fifth boutique. a designer, and amazingly cheapest of them all! include veil lagi (my earlier plan not to wear any for my penang reception, in case i change my mind..)

since last boutique is darn cheap, fiance will get his bj melayu tailored there too. while fiance's baju nikah will send to same tailor during engagement sebab 90 ringgit je, kemas & sangat sedap dipakai. the one left is his nehru suit for bertandang. cheapest quoted by this one designer is rm400(workmanship only). any other recommendation? :)

Sep 11, 2009


i was teruja reading this ad in yesterday's The Star. and today, we off to Ikea to do the catch :

not-that-shaggy carpet for home sweet home rm199. jakel also promo rm175, but we malas to have parking hassle in Jln TAR during ramadhan.

we bought 2 pieces of white pot for our wedding deco later. for hujung main table deco? hmm

white frames bought 10pcs & will put our sephia piccies, inspiration from BCL & Ashraf's bashin love ;)

our biggest catch. 2 big glasses (48cm tall) for our flower, tentatively for bed deco. n/p is rm55, now only rm29 :) our decorator will look out for long stem artificial flower. hopefully they wont cost bomb. or we can go for this.

p/s : ibu the happiest at the mo knowing i'll let go these deco items to her later :P except carpet lah huhu.. but fiance now fighting to have them back for our home deco, how?

Ampang Park boutique

for those seeking for contact of boutique i mentioned in Ampang Park earlier...

rm800++ L size :) can tempah new one

pretty. belakang also with beadwork...

De Couture
264, Ampang Park - 1st Floor
(take escalator & turn left)

talk to uncle Raja..

Sep 9, 2009

nikah outfit

i've met tailor for my baju nikah last sunday. im pretty scared cos no testimonial from friend or anyone. saw her lace patching & beadwork from old bridal mag and happened her rate within my budget. maka, gamble je. december baru nak measure, gamble lagi huhu!

also requested her contact no. for makeup artist in penang, suggested by abg Man earlier. hmm, esok-esoklah contact. tak semangat sgt, cos his result biasa je. hopefully price biasa-biasa too.

for nikah accessories, i'd always prefer pearl. Maya Karin also having one during her reception. tunggu dress nikah siap dulu, only then can decide. veil not included, this shop in ampang park selling pretty veil, and the color varies too...last resort if i cant find nice & cheaper one.

Sep 7, 2009

ring hunting

i'm sharing some info based on our ring hunting experience months ago :)

more options for 916 gold and selalu ade diskaun 5 ringgit! for perfect cut diamond, HOF of similar spec is cheaper than Lazare. HOF mostly disc 10%, u can get up to 15% in Bangsar branch, talk to Syahrunizam. their SA? hmm, double standard :( Habib Semua House mahal and they put HOF in torn box! this one SA told me for below 0.5c, better go for HOF since price not much diff from certified diamond. my friend had bad experience with their workmanship, but this may not apply to all i believe :) no custom made for platinum band. 75% diamond value for upgrade.

dont get overwhelmed with their xx% + xx% sale! the price in the end just similar to other jewellers :( wide selection, but i dont quite satisfied with their band - ringan sangat for their price heee! their signature collection is Le Lumiere, available at The Garden.

best customer service so far, be it any branch. have price control policy, thus max discount is 15% while members can get extra 5%. membership rm10 je, janganlah kedekut hehe. high end collection is Estrella, reasonable price for well cut diamond. good thing, this collection come in platinum settings :)

they dont have 916 gold. but trust me, their 750 gold is far better. expensive workmanship cost. limited collection, separate price for diamond & band. white gold band starts from rm1k+, and platinum will cost u double :( they claimed their white gold is pure, not the typical in market came in chrome and just celup with white gold - reason to why theirs are expensive..hmm, not sure!

the only brand carrying Lazare in Msia now. HQ in bangsar, but Pavilion's offer better customer service. expensive workmanship cost. they have yearly sale for certified diamond (up to 50%), last time was in July 09. psst, heard they're having sale again this Nov/Dec, not sure if it includes Lazare.

my next fave to Lazare, but too expensive! famous among Singaporeans, as Habib J to Malaysian ;P worth only if u buy their 66-facets brilliant rose signature, collection satu lagi tu standard certified diamond biasa je..showroom @ Bangsar Village.
tiffany novo is gorgeous, so as the price! rather than expensive platinum, u can find titanium with nicely crafted T&CO for your man here, less than rm2k :) both platinum & titanium are hypoallergenic, tapi problem nak resize if u gemuk after kahwin....

FAQs & My 2-Cents

1) should i go for cert diamond?
- recommended but not necessary. if u need one, consider only GIA / AGS. cert available only for 0.3c above

2) well cut diamond with reasonable price?
- malaysian brand, D&P's Estrella or Tomei's Le Lumiere are reasonably priced. u can ask other local jewellers too, request for 3EX (triple excellent). Lazare & HOF are internationally recognized, hence more expensive.

3) 4C priority? - my opinion..
(cash hehe!)> cut > color > carat > clarity
if u pick well cut diamond, u can compromise on color. this wiseman said perfect-cut H is better looking than normal diamond with F color (agreed by all jewellery shop that i went..)

4) min 4C to be considered? - my opinion hehe..
cut - VG (very good)
clarity - SI. VVS above only if u're going for investment.
color - near colorless, nothing further than J.
carat - depends. similar carat might look differently to slim and fat fingers. if u're torn between 0.49c and 0.5c, pick 0.49c since there'll be huge price diff once they jump to 0.5c and above, whilst physically the size almost similar to our naked eyes :)

5) should i custom made?
if u u're buying loose diamond or u they dont have nice band setting as u wish. risk includes outcome may not as expected, they dont have simulation maa...

6) my last 2 cents ...

- dont get overwhelmed with their investment strategy e.g. "for cert diamond, we accept 100% of your diamond value for any upgrade within 2 yrs etc" i know it's tempting, but somehow upgrading ring which has shared ur laughters & tears as husband & wife is not that right to me, sentimental tau! get your hubby to buy a new one instead of upgrading your wed ring. if he cant afford now, tunggu jelah his next bonus hehe...

- dress up for ring hunting! not to extend carrying your latest designer hbag, but at least be presentable. first impression lasts, remember? :)

- appear knowledgeable. some 'blings' conversation include :

"which size u're looking for..?" . this is referring to carat, not your finger size ;)

"sorry miss, we only have one with 32-pointer". SA usually used pointer instead of carat, 32 pt = 0.32c hehe..

"may i know what's roughly your budget?" dont immediately stop as "my budget is rm6k". sambunglah dgn your min req e.g. "my budget rm6k, perfect cut, min 0.3c and color not beyond J. ade?" SA yang bijak will check in system with other branches to maximize your option ;)

- wear your ring! (merisik/engagement). this gives impression u're not first timer :)

- and finally, bring your banker hehehe....!

panjang pulak entry ni :P

p/s : baru notice comment2 previous entry belum dibalas...mlm nnt je lah, dah 7am ni should mandi and go to work huhu!

Sep 5, 2009

white songket

i'm not confident to go with any songket due to my plumpy bod.
but i heart those having them for their big day,
especially when the songket came in white & added with silver beading :)

MATTA fair 4-6 Sept 09

fiance & myself rushed to MATTA fair this morning, we didnt spend long since we already target this one tourism booth. booked this 4-star hotel for our honeymoon, normal price for superior room is rm550/night. but this fair is offering package rm275/pax for 3D2N including return airport transfer, choice of dinner/massage and choice of one excursion :) and we only top up rm100 for each extra night, cool kan?

those honeymooning until Oct ni mmg best lah since it's low season...imagine rm750 nett for 4 nights package for 2 pax! since Feb is the peak season (in fact it's the best month to visit this place for their nice weather) so we had to pay extra surcharge skit, but still cheap compared to guaranteed-lowest-rate found on net.

cheaper hotel pun ade, but they mostly came with modern interior while us, prefer room with some touch of their culture and heritage. and this is best we could afford :)

since they couldnt discount any further, they agreed to upgade us to Suite (98sqm) with seaview, double the size of superior room (50sqm) f.o.c. =) tried some free massage too, tak sedap langsung dan sakit ;P

we then went for furniture hunting. our house is scheduled to complete coming december, but we decided not to move in walaupun closer to my office. im pretty comfortable renting at current place for convenience of free reading at MPH midvalley, LOL ;P so we'll furnish my rental place and today we looked out for affordable living room set. below is my fave catch among all..murah je hehe..

bantal-bantal kecil tu pun percuma hehe!

kemudian bergegas ke TR sunway for berbuka session with my samurian besties, Lion & Wesz :) it was great to catch up with each other again and yeah, i won the rib marathon again Wesz, enjoy your daddy-to-be life!

p/s : Shafaf, we wish you were there ;)