Apr 29, 2009

leaving on a jet plane

i'm leaving for 2nd trip to jakarta & bandung this evening, with parents & auntiesss :P

i don't think i'll do wedding shopping spree since auntiess are all excited about cheap telekung over those cheap laces :P plus there's a kid joining the trip, so, expect more sightseeing this time .. cucuk my mum just now 5D4N is shortttt trip ye ibu, maka sila buat pilihan yang tepat..sightseeing ke shopping lalalala...

or else, i'll get our pak supir to drop me to shopping places and let them proceed with their sightseeing! jgn lupa ambik saya balik sudah :P

p/s : banyak betul list to-buy kau ye, fira :P

Apr 28, 2009


i finally concluded 2008 income tax, and this year marked as my first being eligible tax payer ..

part of my dissapoinment : if gov really promoting healthy lifestyle, why cant they allow tax deduction for gym membership as what they waive for sport equipment purchase..? *sigh*

met photographer during lunchtime, sort of completing my survey between these 2 photographers for majlis bertandang. meeting with first photographer was done earlier on sunday, making the comparison whole lot easier today ..

i'm pretty satisfied with today's quotation. seems to me 2nd photographer had more to offer than the first one, tho their prices are almost similar! ok, a diff of 50 bux :P

i'm sharing you the summary for both ..

1st photographer
- senior photographer with assistant
- well known co.
- better album finishing
- 4hrs coverage, based on friends' experience usually more than stated hours ..
- 1 storybook album 10x12
- promotion of that extra hour still ongoing

2nd photographer
- cheaper by 50 bux :P
- CC member
- principal photographer with assistant
- 7hrs coverage
- 1 storybook album 10x24
- 1 pocket album with briefcase, with 200pcs coloured + sephia pix

we're quite firm with our choice, am a little confused when the 2nd photographer still refuse my booking deposit and wanted me to continue survey before hiring him. pelik tetapi benar. he currently blockbooking the date for us & let me confirm NOTHING earlier than these 2 weeks, hihihi ....

anyway, i found local malay wedding with fuschia theme. not much of fuschia actually, the flowers used for deco still the pastel pink roses but at least, i can be sure the theme isn't that weird and it can be worked out in our local wedding, hehehe ....

Apr 27, 2009

plain & ordinary

i cant help myself when it comes to little white ...

...and the good news is; it nicely fits the egg!

ok, here the bad news : you need extra cents for deco, sob.
simple tag dah cukup ;)

p/s : meeting up photographer tomorrow.
sah, bukan photographer pojaan itu.

credit to KasihAbadi.com

Apr 26, 2009


this entry is dedicated to bride-to-be whom i met virtually. she'll be tying the knot this coming june & currently busy assembling her DIY ideas for dream pelamin :) and one of item she's hunting now : candlestand!

dear, i'm not sure how helpful is this. in case you interested, check out
Floristika Bangsar.

sold at rm179.90 each. ain't cheap, i know :(

Apr 24, 2009

black & white

beautifully decorated pelamin for black & white wedding in Bora Ombak.

visit here for more.

*credit to azizulkefle for pic

Apr 22, 2009

sirih junjung & a little update

perfect combination of color, flower and dulang itself.
tho sirihnya sedikit, the result is still catchy, kan :)
for wedding, i'm thinking of having juntaian bunga melur for sirih junjung. juntaian, bukan taburan bunga melur hehehe..

i've seen something similar and yet very minimalist by LyndaRahim. step-by-step using bunga melur available in at least 3 bridal mags that i bought lately, interesting, but i don't think i'm good at turning them to masterpiece. huru hara nanti haha ..

a little update; i've booked my makeup slot for majlis bertandang. lambat betul assistant dia nak confirm for payment hehe ..

critical stuff yang tinggal for bertandang is photographer, the rest boleh hold dulu. all this while, i never did any survey, other than this well-known co. cos the artwork by one of them sangat cantik pada pandangan mata saya. in fact, last May i met him at their studio but again, siapa nak bukak for 2010 booking lg kan? lagipun, we didn't fix any wedding date pun time tu ..lame lagi daa :D

tetapi, mr dressmaker berfikiran sebaliknya. he said my fave is his second choice! he suggested this photographer instead, and to be honest, i never heard about him. i browsed his portfolio, and to my surprise, memang lebih cantik dari my photographer pojaan itu. inilah akibat tidak mahu survey, dang! i rang him last weekend, and the price? agak murah utk click couture member! he wasn't a pushy type, siap suruh survey & compare yg lain dulu rather than rushingly hiring him. eheh, reverse psychology, tapi bagi saya itu lebih professional rather than hearing something like these :

"baik awak book saya cepat, kita dah ada booking even sampai May next year tau.."


"baik awak book saya sekarang, nanti date tu dh tak available tak dapatla nak tolong.."


Apr 21, 2009


engagement mini pelamin for Emelda & Adlin

by Maya Puri Creation

spot the similarity?

the square shape for backdrop deco is available @ SSF :)

p/s : utk bilik pengantin pun cantik, rather than hiasan scallop, kan?

Apr 20, 2009


his masterpiece

*heart empire waist dresses*

credit to Ikram Ismail for pic.

Apr 19, 2009

butterfly deco

those butterflies are DIY-able!

lavender wedding

our local lavender wedding.

p/s : crystals & chiffon seems a perfect classy combo, kan?

click here for more pics

Apr 18, 2009


we completed the "marathon" that we both planned for this weekend - 3 halls & meet up the dressmaker. to us, the halls are all fine for reception tho trade off betwen the halls abit significant (e.g. lampu putih, ceiling rendah, stage rendah etc).

fiance was laughing all the way knowing that i brought my own "checklist" for the hunting. and at one point, "awak, pintu ni nak cek ade pintu ke tak eh?"

comel je.

"tak, checkla pintu tu kayu ke, kaca ke. pintu tinggi ke, rendah ke.." hehehe.

met mr dressmaker in evening, all about baju bertandang. slight change to the design to accomodate my "renek"ness hehe, and he insisted to look out for lining himself to match my white lace. he thot the lace was the one from EM with rm250/meter tag, while the truth you readers know it was not and way cheaper ;P

we then off to midvalley for late dinner at TR, and remember that Bandung vendor who quoted me rm1 for plain white paper pouch to fit my egg? (and that tag without shipping cost!)

so, my today's finding :

this goodie bag @ Living Cabin cost about rm1.90 - made from high quality paper & bigger, nak letak small pack of kerepek pun boleh hehe.

now i recall a local selling this
online, rm1.80/pcs for min purchase 0f 100pcs.

p/s : wish they come in size that nicely fit the egg ;)

Apr 17, 2009

local fuschia

i'm looking for local wedding having this theme.
any local pic/link to share?

mostly found pics were mat salleh's wedding,
where their deco is extravagant & exaggerated,
fret it might drag me to dream way too much, gulp.

p/s : i cant really differentiate fuschia & magenta *LOL*

Apr 15, 2009

mini for akad

with lots of white & bunga sundal malam.

reception hall

as promised.

Dewan Kampo, IYC Cheras
Rental RM1k for 4hrs. deposit rm500.
500 pax seating.
Catering rm14/pax buffet. No outside caterer allowed.
Undergoing renovation, booking can only be made by July
03-9171 9204

Pusat Komuniti Bukit Damansara
new, high ceiling hall
up to 700 pax
rm800 for 8hrs, without table+chair
019 - 388 2079
(credit to Sher)

Dewan Melati Putrajaya
RM2400 exclusive table+chair
table (rm3), banquet chair (rm1.50)
375pax, deposit 10%
2010 booking can be made by August.

Booking form.

*for bigger capacity, Dewan Seri Siantan (rm4800 for 1k pax)
or partitioned to Dewan Siantan 1&2 (rm2550 for 500pax)

Dewan Wawasan PGRM, Cheras
1500 pax.
wedding package rm59.80/pax.
hall only, RM8280 and rm8/pax chargeable for outside catering
03-9282 6398

Dewan Sivik MBPJ
hotel interior, for more pics
900 pax seating
rental RM5k, deposit RM2k
03-7956 3544

still, i dont plan to give up that Shah Alam hall.
will follow up as agreed, if takde rezeki, i redha je as i've done my part kan ehhe. in meantime, i've booked one of above hall as back up :)

i dont intend to share the cons of any hall as it might be sensitive to some. if you need one, just drop your email add. will try my best to give fair judgement, esp for hall which myself/friends have been to. nothing is perfect kan? even SA hall yang i nak tu pun interior dier sangat old style okeh?hihi.

for the benefits of future brides, do share your thought / comment anything that i missed out here. any other hall to recommend is also welcomed :)

Apr 14, 2009

remain unchecked :(

our initial plan for this weekend is to do some survey & book the reception hall.

after months of net surfing, we've narrowed down the list to 6 for phone call, with some we know almost about everything while some we totally have no ideas on rental, capacity or whatnots.

we already had in mind the preferred hall - in the heart of Shah Alam. i've spoken to them somewhere last Dec, however the in-charge said it was too early for 2010 booking. ok, fine. perhaps, the sudden hormone change excites me more than usual.

and today, i called again knowing the fact we're left just about 10months. and to my frustration, the 2010 booking can only be made from Aug onwards, wtf. just so for you to know, the hall is fully booked until Dec 2009!

and here i am sitting, trying my very best to understand what makes they think Aug is still early for those wedding taking place by early 2010??? esp when they really know upfront the hall is well demanded all year round?!

*and what if the "cronies" bypass the dates offline???*

we called the remaining halls. only 2 we could afford for backup, unfortunately one is fully booked while the other is only open for booking after raya *grr*

will share some findings on halls in my next entry.


1) Apakah nama blog anda sekarang dan kenapa anda memilih nama itu?
"tale of a bride, and all her white lace dreaming"
impian memakai lace putih di hari perkahwinan, sangatlah cliche bunyi nye hehe.

2)Apakah link blog anda sekarang dan bagaimana boleh timbul idea untuk menamakannya seperti itu?
white lace adalah impian itu. tale hanyalah suatu perjalanan cerita ;)

3)Apakah 'method' penulisan dalam blog anda?
weddings, all plannings & cancellings along the way.
conflict between desire, practicality & financially-impossible pun ade.

4)Pernah terasa nak hapuskan blog anda?
belum. private kan lepas kahwin je as by that time, tips & ideas di sini rasenye sudah lapuk to be shared with future brideys...

5)Apakah pendapat anda mengenai blog kepada pemilik blog yang tag anda ni?
Hanie & Amy. both blogs adalah bride to bes writings & both ade business related to wedding. Hanie extra sikit, ade Nini & Momo - eh ade lagi tak....yang aritu hilang tu yg mane aa? lupe....hihi

tag seterusnya?

Anil, sebab dia tgh sibuk buat kad kahwin. kacau dier hikhik!

Apr 13, 2009

a bite for each

less is definitely more ;)

Apr 11, 2009

the bright side

damage done by pg131.

pic from Martha's wedding site.

Apr 10, 2009

long & sleek

i just found this.

something that i used to imagine,
it's white lace. it's one piece dress. it's sheath.

but err, that "belt" never crossed my mind.
i dont wan't it either hehe.

this design is so his signature, you know who.

*pic from Avicenna Studio

the white kebaya

went to The Weld yesterday, returning the blings outfit for Arabian Night theme used for forum dinner few days ago. as i passed by Cindai Sutera, my feet paused. i was stunned to see the white lace kebaya worn on the mannequin. serene and very textured. the lace used was something like mom bought from Mecca last time, which i hesitated at the first place as nikah outfit.

when they say mom knows best for her daughter, they're just right :)
tho i won't use as my nikah outfit, i promised to have it on me during the wedding, with exception to nikah & reception as i already bought them in Jakarta. let's keep it first to myself as it's too early to say.

enough of melalut, i should pack my stuffs now as i'll be leaving to my little hometown in couple hours ehhe.

ok peeps, have a great weekend!

Apr 8, 2009

simple layout

i'm back from attending our co. annual forum, and glad to see my (unmarried) aunt again whom i hardly-meet tho our office belong to same address haha. congrats for her coming posting to Mauritania, she's jokingly "bragging" about her USD2xx allowance per day. baru allowance, basic salary? god knows! since the place still lack of infrastructure, their big meeting can only take place in Paris, how could?!! hate to say i envy her - but i really really am now. she's always the super ambitious, and i admire her for being a woman who never believe in living by man's money.

my aunt : you baru junior exec...berbakti kat malaysia dulu...kasi can to seniors hehe. cehs :P

ok, let's get back on wedding stuffs :) helping out to promo a friend to Ezi's uncle who make cards & other printings.

if you're looking for simple card like below, you may contact Shamudin (017-3754306) or by

rm1.20, together 3pcs inner : bride+map, groom+map, doa @surah.

rm2.00 hardcovered card

can custom made to your own layout/color theme, as much possible to no extra cost :)

Apr 6, 2009



to tell you the whole truth, i plan for both receptions and so far, single handed. and very unfortunately, both receptions take place at different loc - penang & kl.

i talked alot on tiffany wedding of my side, while ironically,
the white lace dreaming is actually something to do with his reception hehe.

regardless of any color theme chosen for his side, one thing for sure is i'll be wearing WHITE.

we both love red +white & gotta admit the choice was so much influenced by Nas' superb signature of red wedding theme ehhe. and all this while, thought we're quite certain about taking red as final for his reception.

but not after my recent purchase of Ratu Sehari 8th edition.
pg 131 somehow twisted everything..........
i just wanted to steal the color. yang pasti, temanya bukan segemilang itu :)

plenty of time to think about. let's hope this works!

Apr 5, 2009

selamat pengantin baru

went to Qimie's wedding @ Dewan Dr Siti Hasmah last saturday.

get Mas to tag along as my fiance couldn't make it at the very very last minute, grr.

Qimie looked stunning in her gold dress, so as the mr.hubby. Makeup pun natural, most of her wedding parts done by Kimie Kajang if not mistaken..

thing that i would remember most about her wedding is ANGKLUNG play.

not the ordinary live band or romantic song play that most weddings used to have, so this angklung giving something unique & so serene...

to Qim & hubby, wishing you a happy & blissful marriage.

Apr 4, 2009

wedding stuffs - Jakarta & Bandung

I’m back and just finished unpacking my stuffs before I could write this :P

Overall it was a great trip, especially having gile2 buddies as travel companion & good supir as Pak Rahmat. We took 5D4N package JKT-BDO including airport transfer + hotel + meal + transport with supir. Since we had supir, we didn’t mind staying somewhere downtown like Alia Cikini. It’s a 2-star hotel, so we requested the bucks to be spent more on good food! *Conversion 1juta rupiah = rm318 @ rm1 = 3180 rupiah*

For bridal laces, I prefer Pasar Mayestik (JKT) over Pasar Baru Bandung. Place was something like Jln TAR with plenty of textile shops around. We went nuts, and we sooo didn’t realize that overall we spent were just at 2 shops – Silk Route & Mega, haha! Pak Rahmat pun panic as we didn’t ring him for lunch, ya ampunnn....excited shopping la pak :P

French lace available @ ground floor of Silk Route, other laces (Japanese, Korean, brokat etc) at upper level. No such thing French lace could be bought below rm100/meter over there, but still the price cheaper than Malaysia. Unlike our Euro Moda/Jakel, they had mostly only one plain tone & you can only buy in “potong”(1 potong = 2.5m) Difficult to bargain with SA as already “harga pas”, but try with the boss (Mr. Gobin) finally at counter…he discounted overall for mine about 300k rupiah hehehe.

Silk Route - notice the single tone?

Bought 5m white French lace for KL reception @ rm800, and best part, it was last piece and extra 1m left, so I got 6 meters overall for the price :D And the most yippppieee part, I saw the same at Euro Moda (EM) KLCC selling at rm258 p/meter, except EM’s is Solstiss while mine tadak brand haha, but I can ensure material & jumbai2 by the border tu pun same….EM also had cheaper French lace (rm138 & rm198/m) but the material a bit kasar, and this type mostly you can find in Pasar Baru, but I personally don’t recommend this as it is as good as you buy other cheaper lace.

Tips about buying wedding kain is try to think how good it is when it turns into baju rather than simply choose because you like the design. Even better if you could bring sample dress pic so they could roughly advise which kain type look best for such design, lining color & how many meters required etc. For nikah outfit, I managed to grab 1 “potong” of Japanese lace as patchwork for total about rm86 (EM's price rm98/m). White based, with dusty pink flower line and bits of silver. Lace for my bridesmaid about rm44 (2m lace + 4m satin).

At Mega (beside Silk Route), I bought 5m silver lace (not French lace) to match with tiffany lining for rm78/mjust cheaper by few ringgit from Jakel. Considering I might not find the exact lace & color again, I agreed to pay – after the unsuccessful bargain attempt hish! Friends bought some kain here too but all of us agreed not to recommend the shop as the taukey is sooo pushy :P

Since we’ve slashed Tanah Abang from itinerary, all telekung & corset were bought at Pasar Baru instead. For Pasar Baru, just head to Toko Laris (Level 1 A1 7273) and just mention “kawan Kak Lina” for special price hehe. Based on my last year’s visit to T.Abg, I could say both were about same prices but a lot cheaper than Jln TAR. For telekung sulam penuh (cotton Paris), I just paid rm60++ while Jln TAR selling at rm250 for exact design. Bought both black & white Thai Silk corsets (Suci Jaya, Ground F) for rm30 each, which my friend said in KL cheapest selling at rm80 :P

For wedding cards, Pasar Tebet is the place. Go downstairs and you’ll find many shops next to each other. Dusty and quite panas, but I didn’t mind hehe. Most shops selling same design & price, what matter is your bargaining skill & luck. I prefer dealing with shops yang takde2 aircond, tak sombong. Bear in mind NOT all shops can be contacted through email for “proof-reading” and also some don’t provide courier to Malaysia. Earliest they could complete is within a week.

4000rp/pc. Modern type *can change to tiffany flower hehe*
Aneka Grafika, P.Tebet (Dewi : 021-94854374) – proofread only at premise

Bandung is a big NO for wedding card – more expensive & design are so outdated (i.e. Etnik Card, Pasar Baru). Roughly the comparison for min 1000 pcs hardcover is somewhat below :

- Pasar Tebet : cheapest 4000 rp for all-in with envelope
- Bandung : cheapest 5000 rp all in. for 4000 rupiah mostly blank material (polos)

4000rp/pc, but this design is so 'typical' hardcover, kan..? ehhe.
TIARA Printing, Pasar Tebet (021) 83701124 or email

Mind their shipping cost too, no idea as they had hard time to quot me the courier :P But if you still want the hardcover, I have contact in KL selling at rm2..no extra charge for custom design (will share in later entry..). I didn’t book any as it's toooo early.

Doorgift in Indonesia is nothing prettier than custom made (e.g. box). Ready made mostly same as available in Malaysia e.g. kipas tgn, mini candle etc which you can find in Mangga Dua. Err, sorry I didn’t ask for quotation as I’m not interested plus the place was so packed with people on weekend. I was just scouting for cheap mini box & paper pouch to fit the eggs but the one I found in Bandung was way higher than my anticipated Indon-price haha.

white box : 3000 rp – I can get less than this in Msia huh!
tiffany wooden box : 12000 rp.

Found something like kugeeku.com's tetris glass @ Mangga Dua Ground floor…size of balang kuih raya pun ade haha, selling at about 7000rp each.

Aneka Grafika, Pasar Tebet

However, I kinda like this for VIP doorgift at Pasar Tebet– doa selawat in hardcovered box, with couple name printed on it. 25000 rp each for min 100pcs. Quite pricey eh. To cut the cost, perhaps we can minus the hardcovered box – just tie with ribbons for the guests hehehe.

270,000 rp @ Sweet Girl, Mangga Dua

My friend grabbed gown for her flower girls for rm40 each (headband & other accessories sold separately)..but we didn’t recommend the shop as the owner is hell sombong & price was soooo difficult to bargain :P

Elegantz Spa & Body Countour Bandung, closed by 8pm

We didn’t do much shopping in Bandung, more on self pampering instead. We had our hair treatment & creambath at Evergreen salon for about rm15, murah gile. And we had our spa on final night at Elegantz Spa (cheaper than famous Spa Rogers) with Balinese interior for about rm50 (massage + lulur + milkbath) for 1.5hrs. But the massage wasn’t as good as my last time in phuket.

Anyway in Bandung, we stayed at Wisma Dago (2-star hotel twin sharing), accessible to popular FOs of Jln Dago. Bring your own travel iron as these 2-star hotels type in Indon only provide pressing service (e.g. blouse 3000rp) – chargeable & only available at certain time only. For staying in Jakarta, no such hotel that close to T.Abg, Mayestik, Pasar Tebet & Mangga Dua as they situated at diff part of Jakarta – Pusat, Utara, Selatan. Just choose one of this part & you’ll win some & loose some, ok? I would recommend Ibis Arcadia for Jakarta Pusat – affordable (online booking about rm130++ w/out bfast) and easily accessible to T.Abg, food stalls, Gambir train station etc. If you choose to stay close to Mangga Dua , Ibis Mangga Dua is walking distance but the rate a little expensive than Arcadia. Personally, you can slash the supir esp in Jakarta which quite costly (rm220++, while Bandung rm140++/day) as you can opt for cab & the rate is cheaper than what we used to pay in KL for such distance. Consider only Bluebird taxi as they use meter.

For bridal tailoring, a friend of mine tempah both her nikah & reception dress in bandung. reception dress turn out sucks & Lynda Rahim altered hers for rm1k, gosh. but her nikah outfit pulak gorgeous gile. reason being, nikah outfit tu mmg buat pattern Indon..so it turned out nice. so her tips, you can go ahead with their tailoring if only you're looking for Indon-bridal design (read Cosry/Anne Avante). If nak custom to Malaysian dress (ala Man Kajang whatnots), tempah sini je to avoid any risk.

In the end, I could conclude that Jakarta is more preferable for wedding stuffs – cheaper, more choices and up-to-date design, be it bridal laces or card.
Hopefully coming May trip, mom could settle kain for family and i planned to get some beads too...aritu tak sempat hihi!