Apr 10, 2009

the white kebaya

went to The Weld yesterday, returning the blings outfit for Arabian Night theme used for forum dinner few days ago. as i passed by Cindai Sutera, my feet paused. i was stunned to see the white lace kebaya worn on the mannequin. serene and very textured. the lace used was something like mom bought from Mecca last time, which i hesitated at the first place as nikah outfit.

when they say mom knows best for her daughter, they're just right :)
tho i won't use as my nikah outfit, i promised to have it on me during the wedding, with exception to nikah & reception as i already bought them in Jakarta. let's keep it first to myself as it's too early to say.

enough of melalut, i should pack my stuffs now as i'll be leaving to my little hometown in couple hours ehhe.

ok peeps, have a great weekend!


dialicious said...

u going bck penang ke?bestnye!!nak penang char kuey teow &nasi kandar 1 pls...hehehe..yummyyy!:p

hidden.wing said...

my mom masak tandoori semalam..meh mkn ramai2 hihihi