Apr 6, 2009



to tell you the whole truth, i plan for both receptions and so far, single handed. and very unfortunately, both receptions take place at different loc - penang & kl.

i talked alot on tiffany wedding of my side, while ironically,
the white lace dreaming is actually something to do with his reception hehe.

regardless of any color theme chosen for his side, one thing for sure is i'll be wearing WHITE.

we both love red +white & gotta admit the choice was so much influenced by Nas' superb signature of red wedding theme ehhe. and all this while, thought we're quite certain about taking red as final for his reception.

but not after my recent purchase of Ratu Sehari 8th edition.
pg 131 somehow twisted everything..........
i just wanted to steal the color. yang pasti, temanya bukan segemilang itu :)

plenty of time to think about. let's hope this works!


anil lutaze said...

uish..saya blom mndptkan ratu sehari yg itu lg..

xpe..u maseh ada mase utk ubah2 apa yg patot..

hidden.wing said...

sila dapatkan segera....cover nye comel hiks!

L said...

nak tanye..
mane ye u bli majalah ratu sehari tu?
susahla nak dapat kat kedai2 majalah.


nFarhana Lai said...

hey....am one of ur silent reader & i do enjoy reading ur blog...
first of all i'd like to congrates u on ur engagement! secondly,i was browsing & found there's a homemade cuppies who's doing a "lollipop" which is similar like the "popcake2u"...
here's the link...


niki said...

yea so cantik the red theme. tapi saya tidak seadventurous!
got the ratu sehari tapi i like last months issue better.. huhuhu. i still dont have a theme color for future hubby's side of the reception either

Aku said...


macam i selalu dapatkan kat kinokuniya. i sampai terbeli 2 mags ratu sehari, yang the latest edition tu. (ms 2nd time beli tu ingatkan barunye and still not in my collection, rupa2nya check masa balik umah, dah ade.)

hidden.wing said...

L : myNEWS.com pun ade :)

Farhana : thx! shalia's made from choc, not cake ehhe. it's ok, at least i got new link for cuppies kan :)

Niki : choosing theme isn't easy..take your time k :) i'm prolly cancelling the red+white...blame pg131 for damage :P

Anonymous said...

mana u dpt ratu sehari ni?
jenuh i carik...mph?ni br kuar ke? last sunday carik masih xder..ke da sold out?