Apr 18, 2009


we completed the "marathon" that we both planned for this weekend - 3 halls & meet up the dressmaker. to us, the halls are all fine for reception tho trade off betwen the halls abit significant (e.g. lampu putih, ceiling rendah, stage rendah etc).

fiance was laughing all the way knowing that i brought my own "checklist" for the hunting. and at one point, "awak, pintu ni nak cek ade pintu ke tak eh?"

comel je.

"tak, checkla pintu tu kayu ke, kaca ke. pintu tinggi ke, rendah ke.." hehehe.

met mr dressmaker in evening, all about baju bertandang. slight change to the design to accomodate my "renek"ness hehe, and he insisted to look out for lining himself to match my white lace. he thot the lace was the one from EM with rm250/meter tag, while the truth you readers know it was not and way cheaper ;P

we then off to midvalley for late dinner at TR, and remember that Bandung vendor who quoted me rm1 for plain white paper pouch to fit my egg? (and that tag without shipping cost!)

so, my today's finding :

this goodie bag @ Living Cabin cost about rm1.90 - made from high quality paper & bigger, nak letak small pack of kerepek pun boleh hehe.

now i recall a local selling this
online, rm1.80/pcs for min purchase 0f 100pcs.

p/s : wish they come in size that nicely fit the egg ;)


anil lutaze said...

nnti jgn lupe bg saya kerepek tu yek...hik..

hidden.wing said...

aisey nil....i kasi telor je. boley la kan?

Anonymous said...

hi. i got this bag for only RM0.75 at Nilai3.

but it's silver though.

dialicious said...

alamak..u dh tempah baju bertandang ke?omg..takotnyer!i havent started mine yet..uwa!!..sbb i blum kurus2 lg.:(

hidden.wing said...

edotz : muat2 size telo eh? ****interested***

diah : ehehe...belum lg lah. baru nak seek advice on lining. last2 proposal nk beli lining sendiri di-reject mr dressmaker. layan jela hehehe