Apr 26, 2009


this entry is dedicated to bride-to-be whom i met virtually. she'll be tying the knot this coming june & currently busy assembling her DIY ideas for dream pelamin :) and one of item she's hunting now : candlestand!

dear, i'm not sure how helpful is this. in case you interested, check out
Floristika Bangsar.

sold at rm179.90 each. ain't cheap, i know :(


SuryaRahman said...

hai WLT. I nak tanye ni. regarding ur driver kat jakarta tu. pak rahmat kan. how u get him eh? and how much per day? kat jakarta u stay kat mane eh..
we r going there soon but then tak book hotel lagi.
tq in advance.

hidden.wing said...

hi surya!
leave me your email, will reply to you soonest possible :)

SuryaRahman said...

hai back WLT.
this is my email. nomilkplz_86@yahoo.com
tq very much.
keep blogging ya. ur blog is very helpful.

anil lutaze said...

waa...gile lawa itu candle..mahal erk...siapekah bride.to.be itu..

esca said...

unit... kalau letak candle dalam tu lagi nampk shinning dan meriah kan?