Apr 15, 2009

mini for akad

with lots of white & bunga sundal malam.


Reena said...

Oh dear, i pun sangat suka bunga sundal malam nie..very beautiful kan?

[ Hanie ] said...

nice! ;)

f a t i h a t i e said...

suke bunga sundal malam. pnah tgk org gubah sireh dgn sundal malam, n roses, cantik juge=)

N.I.N.A said...

hi..been reading ur blog for quite long..=) ur blog is like one stop centre for all the brides-to-be..hehe.. i like it and byk sgt info..
ow!i jez wanna ask u,jumpe taylor dulu or beli kain dulu?(i nak beli kain for all my wedding dresses)
x survey lgi pun dgn taylor2..

hidden.wing said...

Reena : cantik & fresh kan :)

Hanie : jaga Lulu.jgn hilang lg huhu!

fatihatie : teringat sirih junjung i yang bunga sundal malam nya smpi 'terkangkang' sebab jauh sgt travel hihihi

hidden.wing said...

hi Nani, thx for the compliment :)

sebaik-baiknya u consult with dressmaker dulu before u beli kain. at least you have the rough idea on the workmanship cost for certain design - so u know whether it potentially exceed your budget or not.

secondly, dressmaker will advise u bape meter nak gune e.g. if nak patching, train, veil need to extra by bape meter etc. buatnye dah beli kain kt indon, n then tak cukup takkan nk balik indon to look out for same pattern kan hikhikhik!

but if u nak design yg totally exclusive & ade extra budget, hire a designer. my fren pun beli her kain together with designer & most of the time, they know what works for u :D

my 2 cents. and to be honest, i pun x mampu nak hire designer for ALL of my wedding dresses.....reception dress je akan dipertimbangkan ehhe...

hopefully bride lain pun dapat membantu :D n thx for visiting!

anil lutaze said...

chomel2..cnthek2....dapat bygkan u sgt suwit di pelamin itu..weeee

hidden.wing said...

anil : bertuah le kalau penang ade bridal yg bley provide flowerstands & seat bulu2 tu hahaha

N.I.N.A said...

thanks! :)

Nurul Aida Zulkafli said...

sangat informative!
suke sangat die nyer bridal bouquet
sanat chantek
maybe next year nk kawen so keep on posting info about wedding k

sweet cravings said...

owh yup.. luve the idea..
sundal malam is also in my list for my wedding.. ngehehe :)

Inaz said...

Hi ..my name inaz from kota kinabalu, Sabah.i've been reading your blog as my guide to my next wedding its very usefull keep it up. thaks for the sharing.advance congratulation to u both. and may i ask you who's made you wedding reception dress?? if you don't mind. thank you.