Apr 15, 2009

reception hall

as promised.

Dewan Kampo, IYC Cheras
Rental RM1k for 4hrs. deposit rm500.
500 pax seating.
Catering rm14/pax buffet. No outside caterer allowed.
Undergoing renovation, booking can only be made by July
03-9171 9204

Pusat Komuniti Bukit Damansara
new, high ceiling hall
up to 700 pax
rm800 for 8hrs, without table+chair
019 - 388 2079
(credit to Sher)

Dewan Melati Putrajaya
RM2400 exclusive table+chair
table (rm3), banquet chair (rm1.50)
375pax, deposit 10%
2010 booking can be made by August.

Booking form.

*for bigger capacity, Dewan Seri Siantan (rm4800 for 1k pax)
or partitioned to Dewan Siantan 1&2 (rm2550 for 500pax)

Dewan Wawasan PGRM, Cheras
1500 pax.
wedding package rm59.80/pax.
hall only, RM8280 and rm8/pax chargeable for outside catering
03-9282 6398

Dewan Sivik MBPJ
hotel interior, for more pics
900 pax seating
rental RM5k, deposit RM2k
03-7956 3544

still, i dont plan to give up that Shah Alam hall.
will follow up as agreed, if takde rezeki, i redha je as i've done my part kan ehhe. in meantime, i've booked one of above hall as back up :)

i dont intend to share the cons of any hall as it might be sensitive to some. if you need one, just drop your email add. will try my best to give fair judgement, esp for hall which myself/friends have been to. nothing is perfect kan? even SA hall yang i nak tu pun interior dier sangat old style okeh?hihi.

for the benefits of future brides, do share your thought / comment anything that i missed out here. any other hall to recommend is also welcomed :)


fizz said...

i never thought dewan sivik mbpj (ke mppj? or both same hall?)chantek gitu. uwargh.

* Nat Azmi * said...

ello there ;)

tq so much for the info, i find it very informative as i am yet to finalize my choice of dewan...i am quite interested with Dewan Melati Putrajaya...what's your personal opinion on that particular banquet hall? fyi, i am searching for halls that accomodate max of 350 pax...ada suggestion?

thanks. ;)

The Journey.. said...

babe, baju songket tuh bukan dekat kimie kajang. baju tuh kat bright sail plaza city one. quite cheap. RM 620 for both + kasut for the bride.

Fiza said...

hi there...just nak share... last year i [unya wedding buat dekat dewan melati putrajaya....sangat berpuas hati.. hall condition yang bagus..ada kithen..bilik persalinan yang siap ada katil..ada mini bar...ada surau...lcd player...semuanya boleh di gunakan dengan sewa rm 2400 sahaja... really worth it...

Anonymous said...

hye hye nk share something

been to dewan melati n pusat komuniti damansara...

dewan melati agak baru, sesuai utk event malam, ada sport light utk follow pengantin, parking senang

pusat komuniti damansara, agak baru juga, siling tinggi, recomanded for event siang

just my 5cent

violett said...

u can try:
i) Laman banquet shah alam- good for garden theme, but close for nite events. 800pax or less also can. Cons is kalo event tghari msti terik panas.
ii) Dewan belia sek7 shah alam- 500-800 pax, someone recommend this but i didn't visit this one thou.

iii) KGPA- 300-500pax, Garden wedding. very nice view, but abit chaos. from my personal opinion the cons, wedding held here not goin' to be ur close function, since golfer can still wonder about at ur weds :) contact person : mahani 017-9602564/ 03- 79560122
iv) Golf resort glenmarie- sory lost the contact la, i think can cater for 400-500 pax. didnt pay a visit.
ok the 3 venue i have been to are:
i) IYC Bndr Tun Razak - Fiance brother weds 2007, 2000pax, day event. but for sit down as u mentioned 600pax cukup. dewan cantik but no chandelier, i meant ballroom feeling. i lupa tnye ur event malam ke siang ekk :) got changing room u can sewa, parking is ok and free, mkan sedap. cons is lots of deco u need to cater to make it abit special, for eg: kena layer2 kan ceiling dgn kain tu. so it looks nicer. if not u can see all the besi. i donno how to explain :) and ur pelamin kena la besar dan tinggi. if not nnti nmpak la segala frame kat pentas tu if didnt cover. lucky for him the pelamin bsar, coz i saw 1 event pelamin kecik looks xcantik.
ii) PGRM cheras- Frens wed, sit down 1000pax i think, nite event. wah dewan ni sangatlah grand nye..food was ok, i think done by the hotel cempaka beside pgrm. everything is very nice & grand. tp parking im not sure, becos no instruction/sign where to park. mybe guest have to pay. i park outside the building and got sesat. so better plan carefully ya.
iii) Dewan MBPJ - cousin weds, feb 08, 1000pax nite event. wah dewan nih sangat grand and agak mahal sewa nya..parking free, and banyak. pls note for every hour u start to deco and psg pelamin they charge u rm300/hr..huhu bygkan malay weds usually took 5-8 hours utk pasang pelamin smua..msti byk kena kat ctu shja. so i cancel this dewan. i think ur event utk 500pax will look abit empty if opt for this, and btw for dewan ni u kena book atleast 6 month before weds. for nx year event will open on june onwards. u can contact, en baharom -- 012- 2303672

aminah said...

my mum booked the dewan civic mbpj (previously known as mppj). reason being paling dekat dgn rumah. kinda expensive sb baru reonvate. my reception shall be in nov.

hidden.wing said...

big thankies to violet for the fruitful info & tips :D and to the rest as well!

nat, i've attended friend's wedding Melati in 2007. big thumbs up mostly about putrajaya halls is their modern interior. they've no chandelier, but dont worry lampunya kuning dan cantik :) since u're looking for smaller venue, melati is quite a good choice! they have lounge outside, their persalinan room just next to it. the hall lebar, making the walkway abit shorter for pengantin to make grand & long entrance and other cons, pelamin platform quite rendah as compared to ur 1st chosen hall. but overall, i still say it's a good choice!

hidden.wing said...

i miss another point of melati. ceiling dier rendah sikit as compared to the sister hall, Dewan Sri Siantan.

fara said...

this is my personal view on dewan damansara heights.my fiance's brother nye wedding reception was held there.mmm,i don't suggest that dewan for night reception as the dewan is kinda plain.
1.lighting.there's no special lighting/spotlight.we had to rely on the normal lampu putih..it was there,but there was no one to take charge of it.according to org dewan,certain was not working and we don't know which is which to meddle with it.
2.air cond.aircond serius tak rase..ade laa angin2 sejuk sepoi sepoi bahase.dok kat lua dewan lg sejuk kot.huhu!and the light's heat had worsen the condition.
3.the dewan was split into 2 level.so the upper level can fit 100 pax,but those who'll be placed at the upper level will be left out.sbbnye,they had to stand along the railing to see the bride and groom on the dais.mcm tak best laa pulak kan,sbb guest kene berdiri.

the above from my humble experience and observation.hope it helps.

any experience on dewan puspanita kuala lumpur,jalan hose?..:-i..

i've booked the dewan but really appreciate on any feedback and sharing prior to any deposit placement.

SHER said...

Hi there,

I have done weddings in Dewan Puspanita, Dewan Sivik & Dewan Komuniti Bukit Damasara.

I would like to share something on Dewan Puspanita KL & Dewan Sivik PJ.

Dewan Puspanita;

(1) Parking - Everybody thinks the parking might be a problem. But if you hire RELA to assist on the parking, things would be much easier. Around the hall, there are a few parking space which you can rent out for the day.

(2) Sekarang dah ader nice VIP room.

(3) They have 2 changing room at the back of the hall.

(4) The lighting not bad. Sound system very good. They claim to have the best system. Aircond no problem.

(5) No panel caterer, so u can have your own caterer.

(6) Surau ade.

(7) any other additional information, kindly refer my blog for the review


Dewan Sivik, PJ

(1) Although the rental is RM5k tapi that RM5k untuk 4 hours jer which is from 8-11pm.

(2) For additional hours, u have to pay RM300/hour (without aircond) & RM600/hour (with aircond)

(3) The price (RM5k) only including chairs & tables for 500pax. Any additional chairs&tables will be charged separately.

(4) The price does not include table & chair cover & for gift table, main table, VIP chairs for upacara merenjis, bilik VIP. Semuanyer additional charges. (that day, my client sewa bilik VIP untk dijadikan bilik sembahyang)

(5) The carpet as for me, i think its dirty & i hope they will change in the near future if everyone suggest that to them.

(6) Pentas pelamin very nice sbb ader 2 chandelier

(7) Tempat for meja beradap pun very spacious.

(8) Ample parking space provided that if there is no other event on that day.

(9) Toilet bersih.

Thanks & i hope it helps. Sorry if its too long. :)

james said...

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james said...

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