Apr 22, 2009

sirih junjung & a little update

perfect combination of color, flower and dulang itself.
tho sirihnya sedikit, the result is still catchy, kan :)
for wedding, i'm thinking of having juntaian bunga melur for sirih junjung. juntaian, bukan taburan bunga melur hehehe..

i've seen something similar and yet very minimalist by LyndaRahim. step-by-step using bunga melur available in at least 3 bridal mags that i bought lately, interesting, but i don't think i'm good at turning them to masterpiece. huru hara nanti haha ..

a little update; i've booked my makeup slot for majlis bertandang. lambat betul assistant dia nak confirm for payment hehe ..

critical stuff yang tinggal for bertandang is photographer, the rest boleh hold dulu. all this while, i never did any survey, other than this well-known co. cos the artwork by one of them sangat cantik pada pandangan mata saya. in fact, last May i met him at their studio but again, siapa nak bukak for 2010 booking lg kan? lagipun, we didn't fix any wedding date pun time tu ..lame lagi daa :D

tetapi, mr dressmaker berfikiran sebaliknya. he said my fave is his second choice! he suggested this photographer instead, and to be honest, i never heard about him. i browsed his portfolio, and to my surprise, memang lebih cantik dari my photographer pojaan itu. inilah akibat tidak mahu survey, dang! i rang him last weekend, and the price? agak murah utk click couture member! he wasn't a pushy type, siap suruh survey & compare yg lain dulu rather than rushingly hiring him. eheh, reverse psychology, tapi bagi saya itu lebih professional rather than hearing something like these :

"baik awak book saya cepat, kita dah ada booking even sampai May next year tau.."


"baik awak book saya sekarang, nanti date tu dh tak available tak dapatla nak tolong.."



sweet cravings said...

hee.. bestnye da start booking.. :) huhu.. me meslf- mcm br terhegeh2 nak survey.. takutnye!! :P

tp btul la... gotta book fast utk yg terbaik kot.. hee. jgn nnt last minute hire org yg last resort plak.. sgt risky!

hidden.wing said...

takpe dear, focus yg critical dulu (hall/makeup/photographer)..

yg lain2 nanti kita try bargain wedding fair bln 8 ni eh :D

nFarhana Lai said...

hye there! am one of ur silent reader =)
i dnt knw whether u r still in the midst of looking a photog,but i can recommend u one...
i prefer not to tell who =p but it would be much better if u browse his works dulu then u decide =D but i can guarantee u & dare to say that his works r original & fresh...
check this out

hope it helps =D !

hugs & cookies
nFarhana Lai

7's baby said...

nasib baik my photogrpaher sume ada pertalian darah and friends.. so i jimat dlm 3K..

:) anyway... like the sireh junjung!!

Mrs H said...

You can safely assumed that you'll be getting great photos from Mr. I,
Mr dressmaker M always recommends him to his client!

hidden.wing said...

farhana : hi, dah tgk gamba dier. chantek, thanks alot :D *hugs*

7b : lucky you..! rm3k banyak tu :)

mrs H : mr. I, mr. M, mrs. H...misteri sungguh hehe..

Nariko said...

cantek.. tk sabar tgk u nyer hasil hntaran with all the surveying and research done :)

anil lutaze said...

dear...click couture ade bbrp org..but which one?? yg pntg stp dr diorg mmg ade keistimewaan ... nama pon otai.. lucky u ..

dialicious said...

err..i think ade one of the CC members kureng sket.cant tell here..heheh
Mr I tu mesti Ikram Ismail..die tu legend babe..i tried to book 6 mths before wedd dh full..kata fototeacher..hehehe..
Mr M tu man Kajang kot..hehehe
Mr H tataula sape

hidden.wing said...

nariko : alamak, i outsource je hehe!

anil : belum booking seganla den nk reveal :P

diah : yelah, i pun rase ade few CC yang kurengg sikit ..

Reena said...

Dear, Ikram mmg legend...mmg power...
I have one fren photograher mmg byk murah dia kasi RM1800 kot utk 3 sesi tp dia agak bz. Potrait n lighting dia amik mmg cantik..sape-sape berminat can email me...

Antara photog lain SN (mahal),lagi...I suka Udey Ismail...or Gap. Antara yg I kenal larr..

hidden.wing said...

Reena : uish, tak mampulah sampai SN hehe..sape photographer yg murah tu..mind to share? :D

lein said...

hi there, am also in the midst of looking for the photographer, for my wedding; mind to share with me the name of the 2nd photographer that u mentioned in ur blog?..my email, candlelight_82@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

hi...i baru je start reading your blog. very detailed and helpful! i'm looking for a photographer...the ones i like are over my budget, of course hahaha.
Bleh tak share the name of the photographer that your dressmaker recommended? pls email me at a_lynn79@yahoo.com Thanks!