Jan 31, 2009

parents & wedding

Last CNY was spent in A Famosa Resort with my family. First family gathering since our parents’ return from Hajj, I should say I really really missed such moment. We all do, in fact.

Me & parents lepak by the pool je while rest of my siblings sibuk bermain air di waterpark. And there was the whole wedding conversation started. Since my parents will be meeting his parents the next day, they started discussing about mas kahwin, hantaran etc.

I made it clear to my parents kemampuan dotty for mas kahwin + hantaran should not exceed 1x,xxx. Alhamdulillah, they were very understanding and in fact, my dad kate tak payah duit hantaran pun takpe sbb yang wajibnye just mas kahwin. Eh, mane boleh kan hehe. Not that I’m demanding but at least duit hantaran tu more or less will later show his effort to seriously and sincerely take me as his wife. Amount doesn’t have to be berbelas-belas K lah of course, yang penting bagi jugak sikit. Just an opinion, no judging pls.

My parents agreed to have my wedding in nearby Dewan Milenium. Erm, why not my own home? I’m so wanting it to be at home :( Abah ok je if kat rumah, just his comment hall tu ade aircond so lebih selesa for guests. For mom, she didn’t want to gile2 kemas rumah, penat. True, I should think about my mum cos I know she’ll be the busiest person throughout my wedding later. Mengalah..?

This evening we’ll be on ring hunting again *grin*. Wanted something like below, but Lion kate the design was so auntiessss hahaha!! But for me, I think the ring looks very solid.. Habib KLCC doesn’t have such, Selberan punye mahal sgt smpi 800++, too much for a merisik ring la. Tomei ade around 500++, but kuning nye agak weirdooo. I never liked Tomei anyway, their discounts are super ridiculous and the band gile ringan for their discounted price. blah..

Jan 29, 2009

pink journal

this was bought while bosan waiting for my sis searching for her A Level books in MPH last week. cute, and below rm40.
flipped through few pages & came across this line..."Coverage can include everything from replacement costs for your wedding dress to re-creating the day should your photographer dissapear with your negatives". Are we talking wedding insurance here? Gosh. is there really any?!
Nak bayar my life insurance pun tetiap bulan mengomel, apetah wedding insurance? oh tidak sama sekali...!

Jan 27, 2009

meet the parents

sudden and so unplanned.

i'm cutting it short. dotty called my dad to arrange for the "meet-the-parents" session since my family were in kl during CNY.

definitely no siblings allowed. just the parents & fiances-to-be.
by 9am, mom & myself dah tercegat di Jln TAR to look for a sopan blouse. tension sbb yesterday tak dpt beli sbb kedai2 mvalley closed for CNY. finally dapat jugak grab a decent white blouse, abstract black-white tudung and gray heels @ Sogo. Puas hati sbb all bought at 50% disc ngeh3.

i dressed up in black and white, mode classy lah kunun cehs. by 1.05pm parents and myself pun sampai di tempat yang dijanjikan - Secret Recipe Bangsar South (tah manela bangsar nye...kerinchi ok, kerinchi!).

The parents pun start lah ice breaking..then sume topic kuar..from kiddies to education to career to economic downturn dan segale bagai. warm up lah tu.

by 2.15 pm, dotty and myself excused ourselves, letting our parents to seriously discuss pasal our coming engagement. lame gile, memang sangat nervous dibuatnye & mule lah kluar segale negative thoughts huhu. discussion ended after like an hour. dotty & me were soooo happy they finally agreed to ikat for 1.5 years!! depends on rezeki, if ade boleh la percepatkan but as of now, not yet la :P
mum insisted on cincin merisik. something that dotty & me didnt agree to earlier cos we've combined both tunang & risik in one ring :P mum said it's adat my negeri & his mum agreed to it as well. yelah. this weekend we'll do another ring hunting la ..moral of story nye check lah dulu adat memasing & seek for parents' opinion bab adat2 ni.....
of so many people that we met...
we finally found our significant other..
will this be a happy ending for us? insyaAllah.

Jan 23, 2009

another December wedding

My dearie Zafira has announced her coming BIG day. As expected, another December wedding! December is like musim mengawan kan huhu.

Being her so-called wedding planner (thanks for the trust dear!), the nights are now being filled with lots and lots of internet surfing on weddings. Flipping through wedding magazines afterwork in hell-packed LRT is worth to mention of, ehem. With the hope to get the best of everything within her budget and dream…and no kidding, we’re actually working for the GROOM’s side! Cooool kan?

Hall was firstly being booked, somewhere in Putrajaya. The rental didn’t cover guest chair & table, tho we still agreed on its worthy considering the nice & modern setting of the hall.

For catering, we managed to find the good one & we thought one of cheapest for KL rate!

Buffet for 800pax + guest table with cover + covered chair with ribbon + lauk pengantin + 2 VIP tables + deco meja pengantin & VIP + 3 tier cake (no dummy-dummy) + waiters

All for RM 9.50 per head. Murah lah tu kan? ??

My task now, sourcing for pelamin designer! She didn’t have any theme or any decided color, so I guess there’s much space for me to play with right? Lebih peluang berkarya, kata artis. But I would ensure it suits her femme fatale personality hahaha :P

I sketched her something simple since she didn’t want any merenjis or bersanding ceremony.
Just a nice spot for bergambar with the guests. Suggested her just one-seater bench, more laidback, and intimate :P

Combining ideas from below….

Bulky bench from Puteris - minus the busy kubah. Backdrop somekind like Rins’ with lovely hanging pomanders and one panel would just do since the stage pun rendah je and cheaper lagi kan? We can expand by putting more vintage vases with red roses for both sides. Not necessarily fresh red roses, but the arrangement should be in ROUND shape. The climbing flowers too – it shouldn’t be there, macam jungle dah hehe.

puteris' dome

rins' all white

vintage vase!!

Proposal being emailed to my friend and jeng3, she liked it and really wanted me to proceed with the idea…. Alhamdulillah.

Something red and white weehu!!

I guess we should start scouting for quotation and schedule for appointment with pelamin designer yeahhh…

Oh ya for akad nikah outfit, she left it to Hatta Dolmat to do the magic. 3 items done, phew!

Jan 19, 2009

2009 wedding color

My bestie Lion forwarded me this link.

Since my wedding theme is tiffany, maka saya suke link itu.

Especially line telling the hue is so traditional, classic and timeless.

Jan 17, 2009

white lace dreaming

my mum bought this 2 metres of white lace in Mecca.
i smiled. i never discussed with my mum that i'd always prefer chiffon over lace.
lace is pretty much exclusive, especially those french laces so i really really wanna reserve it for reception. but hey, reception for my side is not white. it's TIFFANY, remember?!

in the same time, i dont want to hurt her feeling.
kalau gune utk majlis khatam quran boleh tak? drop me your words brideys.

the bottom part of lacey

close up. flower & beads.

yet so close white lace dreaming ..

but anyway, i'm still thankful. seriously :)

the true blue..!

last time i did post on pink sejadah which mom bought in Mecca, which a bit off to be matched with the blue pelikat as hantaran. i didnt mind honestly, cos as long the sejadah is nice & comfy i'm really really fine :)

when i was happened to be so excited to check out the pink sejadah, it somehow turned out ...........BLUE!! woooohooooo.

mom found the super nice blue sejadah during her few last days in Mecca.
and she wanted to keep the pink sejadah for herself.
the best part, it's still handmade like the earlier pink but much, much prettier than the pink hoyeh!

some sneak peak....full version mase atas dulang nanti jela.

THANKS IBU! Smiling to ears.

Jan 15, 2009

tiffany and...?

just woke up, and feel like rambling on my ideal reception which will take place at my parents' sweet home. which also still tooo long to go ehhe.

the theme would be tiffany & ***** (it's not another color! secret..secret!)
no super modern, nor super sexy dress. and no heavy beading hopefully!
absolutely no tiara nor veil. bunch of baby' breaths on my hair would just do. more homey i think?

calla lily bouquet will always be my classic favourite, but i dont think its long stem would be handy enough for me to walk around with. i'm thinking of smaller bouquet now, and something white?

and suddenly feel like i dont want any bersanding for my side.
but tho, i still want the pelamin. a special spot to bergambar kenang-kenangan with the guests.
the whites should dominate the pelamin, with few dots of tiffany here and there.

hmm, sudah 6.30am. i should take my bath now, otherwise i'll be late again for work :P
nanti malam, i sambung my nonsense. best betul berangan ni, huh.

Jan 14, 2009

bride's handful bouquet

i guess most of us have own favourite when it comes to wedding pictures.
if you ask me, i'd always love the part of bride's handful of lovely bouquets. (minus the bride's face ehhe..)...i've got no reason, i just LOVE. and i saved almost that i found in my forever-not-forgotten little wedding folder of my own.

and that just answered why i have em on my primary pic.

i simply culdnt tell how long it will be there, but deep inside i hope it will someday being replaced with my own darling bouquet.

you're right. i'm on deadly-romantic tune now.
somebody should pinch me, argh.


Hope the card speaks for itself.
It’s one month from now, and am pretty sure you can guess my feeling by now.
Happy, nervous, depressed, confused and all sorts....?

All my lovely besties are coming.
Except my dearest Nazlin Shakir. Leen, if you’re reading this – I MISS YOU SO MUCH!!!

When the hell are you comin back to Malaysia…? Ehem, kepulanganmu dgn designer stuffs itu mmg senantiasa ku nantikan ngeh ngeh ngeh.

Ok, you get my name now :)

Jan 8, 2009

of being 25th

09.01.09..........i'm officially 25 today yippie!!!
wishing myself a very big HAPPY BIRTHDAY & wonderful year ahead.
thanks friends for all the wishes and to Maklong Nida, many thanks for the cake. love you lots and lots, even the cheese cream really really need me another series of long hours on treadmill later :P

remember my rambling on bridalhouse hunting? i dropped by the "3rd bridal" yesterday. Baby wasnt there, so the whole consultation was done by Rohaizad. nice person to deal with, i must say. i was so happy to know they have the flower stands that i wanted, something with candle holders. they just bought for last weekend's wedding, no wonder la before this Baby kate xde je mase i nak yang skali ngan candle lalala...

i just requested for 2 flower stands by sides and a cream backdrop with few fairylights.
the whole idea was make it simple and sweet. nothing less.or more. no chandelier as suggested by Rohaizad due to my ehem-budget friendly effort and sebab keduanya takut my dad marah kalau nak tebuk2 lubang nak gantung chandelier tu huhu.

i insisted makeup to be done at my house, malas nak kelam kabut running from house-shop vice versa.

paid my deposit & walked away..........happily :)

btw, this should be celebrated for my 100th entry ;)

tailoring with Kimie Kajang

finally last night we met Kimie Kajang for tailoring our baju tunang.
Kimie took a look once again on my kain "eh, Jakel pun ade kain ni ke? dulu Euro Moda je ade"
sian Jakel telah di-underestimate, lagipun design kain tu pun dah out quite a long ago hehe.

liked our session with Kimie. apart from reasonable price, his fussi-ness & advice are qualities that i look for in any service, nampak sikit passion dalam membuat kerja tul tak? bukan sekadar tailor yang amik baju customer and terus jahit ikut customer nye taste without consulting design tu sesuai ke tak ngan customer tu.

Kimie didnt like the idea of lining my kain with my another (cheap) chiffon. Reason being, kain akan senang tercarik especially bile kite nak duduk nanti. i didnt know that, and thanks for reminding! told Kimie that i didnt like super shiny satin for lining. "Kite terbalikkan je, so x shining dik"

He tried to best match the lining and suggested the cream satin to bring out the glittering beads.
After few demos kat depan cermin, finally bridezilla ni pun agreed hehe. "Nanti abg Kimie carikan kt Euro Moda sbb abg dpt discount". Itulah antara kelebihan buat/beli baju dgn diorg lalala...

he sketched out the kurung moden, with mermaid-design for kain nye. dying for pumpkin arm, but i rase x sesuai kut dengan beads tu..menambah2 volume utk i yang sememangnye "volume" ni huhu.

Kimie also reminded to be careful when sending chiffon for dry-cleaning, ramai yang x pandai and in the end chiffon tu shrinking and rosak. he suggested me laundry nearby his shop, he claimed that uncle tu buat manual and mmg lembab gile. asalkn puas ati, i ok je lembab2 pun hehe.

dotty punye baju melayu pun buat dgn Kimie. but i insist on NO sulam2. reserved utk nikah lah pulak k :)

deposit paid and i can collect my baju on 7/2 & next one week for any fitting...

that's all folks! btw im in penang now, nak sambut my parents returning from Hajj.
miss them so much........

Jan 4, 2009

Pameran Pengantin 2009

after a rushing morning @ gym, dotty & myself finally made our way to Pameran Pengantin 2009 Ampang Point. we didnt expect much cos we've been to similar one in Plaza Alam Sentral last time. heavy rain, traffic jam, parking full etc - not really worth going, i must say :)

some i could conclude :

1) Bridal wear
definitely LyndaRahim's. been admiring the white kurung with colorful beadings for so long. haih mesti by my time, design tu dah outdated kan..

2) Dais
Arjuna Cipta won my heart. think whites.think crystals. and bunga sundal malam.

3) Doorgift
Dinigift, still. The rest macam tak banyak choice. I'm fine with homemade chocs, but box tu jangan la kasi yang cikai sangat kan?

4) Cupcakes
Nothing really impressed me. sorry to say, the bakers were just there for the sake of participating not into business, really. dah tahu nak display kt exhibition, letak la design yang berseni sikit. blah.

5) Photographer
Ade pun 2-3 je and Adan lah kut plg ok. honestly, im not a fan of one. gamba cantik but album dier kureng. masih tahap2 album kilat yang snang lekat cap jari tu. official photog Siti tu huhu.

6) Catering
No comment cos i x food testing pun even they did offer..masih kekenyangan :P

7) Reception hall
almost heart attack when i saw Dewan Tun Rahah's new package. i always considered their package as most value for money dulu2 cos rm25++ je dah boleh dpt dome style and it doesnt come with ridiculous pelamin, cake, doorgift. but now? cheapest dome is rm50++ p/head with pelamin. nooooo!!! rate tu dh mcm dewan perdana felda ok? (which pelamin is like worst ever being invented!!). if nak sewa dewan tun rahah je, rm10k. gosh?! tepakse la ubah our wedding plan ni sob sob.

that Tun Rahah news seriously was not a good one and i need something to R&R my frustration hehehe. maka, burn jua lah few hundreds for my first Marc Jacob's. new shade, ala2 Paris Hilton. perasan gile :P

also bought myself new GUESS bracelet watch. Tissot discount sikit sgt, so x mampu...

somehow this caught my attention !

more and more whites...

fountain at the back of pelamin. hmm, menarik :)

Jan 2, 2009

friendship & little peep toe

i'm listening to my current favourite duet Lucky while writing this.
and today i really really had something that i wanna blog about.........

my dear shafaf is coming to my engagement!
and yup, she's all the way from kerteh to my little hometown, penang.
she was about to book Fireflyz tix while talking to me. i almost cried bcos i was so touched :)
but feeling nak nangis tu terbantut bile dier ckp "kalau ko x dtg engagement aku nanti siapla..sampai mati aku ungkit hahaha" ceh, dah agak dah :P
i'm still smiling, since shafaf just gave me a reason to it - a priceless friendship :)

btw, i accidentally got myself a pair of this. simple, yet enuff to fit my engagement baju, u think?
harga? sangat murah. rm29.50 from Vincci the saviour ! :D

Jan 1, 2009

flowery mini glass

for those thinking of DIY-ing your doorgift or any wedding decoration, these mini glasses from Ikea might be perfectly made for YOU. mini candles, or sweet smelling potpourri, ribbons, mini flowers - any of these crossed your mind? i did, at least ...!

do you hear me..?

Lucky - Jason Mraz & Colbie Caillat

Do you hear me,I'm talking to you
Across the water across the deep blue ocean
Under the open sky oh my, baby I'm trying

Boy I hear you in my dreams
I feel your whisper across the sea
I keep you with me in my heart
You make it easier when life gets hard

I'm lucky I'm in love with my best friend
Lucky to have been where I have been
Lucky to be coming home again

They don't know how long it takes
Waiting for a love like this
Every time we say goodbye
I wish we had one more kiss
I'll wait for you I promise you, I will

I'm lucky I'm in love with my best friend
Lucky to have been where I have been
Lucky to be coming home again
I'm lucky we're in love in every way
Lucky to have stayed where we have stayed
Lucky to be coming home someday

And so I'm sailing through the sea
To an island where we'll meet
You'll hear the music, feel the airI'll put a flower in your hair
Though the breezes through trees
Move so pretty you're all I see
As the world keeps spinning round
You hold me right here right now