Jan 23, 2009

another December wedding

My dearie Zafira has announced her coming BIG day. As expected, another December wedding! December is like musim mengawan kan huhu.

Being her so-called wedding planner (thanks for the trust dear!), the nights are now being filled with lots and lots of internet surfing on weddings. Flipping through wedding magazines afterwork in hell-packed LRT is worth to mention of, ehem. With the hope to get the best of everything within her budget and dream…and no kidding, we’re actually working for the GROOM’s side! Cooool kan?

Hall was firstly being booked, somewhere in Putrajaya. The rental didn’t cover guest chair & table, tho we still agreed on its worthy considering the nice & modern setting of the hall.

For catering, we managed to find the good one & we thought one of cheapest for KL rate!

Buffet for 800pax + guest table with cover + covered chair with ribbon + lauk pengantin + 2 VIP tables + deco meja pengantin & VIP + 3 tier cake (no dummy-dummy) + waiters

All for RM 9.50 per head. Murah lah tu kan? ??

My task now, sourcing for pelamin designer! She didn’t have any theme or any decided color, so I guess there’s much space for me to play with right? Lebih peluang berkarya, kata artis. But I would ensure it suits her femme fatale personality hahaha :P

I sketched her something simple since she didn’t want any merenjis or bersanding ceremony.
Just a nice spot for bergambar with the guests. Suggested her just one-seater bench, more laidback, and intimate :P

Combining ideas from below….

Bulky bench from Puteris - minus the busy kubah. Backdrop somekind like Rins’ with lovely hanging pomanders and one panel would just do since the stage pun rendah je and cheaper lagi kan? We can expand by putting more vintage vases with red roses for both sides. Not necessarily fresh red roses, but the arrangement should be in ROUND shape. The climbing flowers too – it shouldn’t be there, macam jungle dah hehe.

puteris' dome

rins' all white

vintage vase!!

Proposal being emailed to my friend and jeng3, she liked it and really wanted me to proceed with the idea…. Alhamdulillah.

Something red and white weehu!!

I guess we should start scouting for quotation and schedule for appointment with pelamin designer yeahhh…

Oh ya for akad nikah outfit, she left it to Hatta Dolmat to do the magic. 3 items done, phew!


Amy said...


First of all i would like to say that i really2 love your blog. Really help me a lot with the preparation and all. :) So, thank u so much dear!

Anyway, i was planning on getting marry to end of this year. And i was planning to get a designer for my wedding dress. It was my first time to consult a designer. So, i don't have any idea what's the price and so on. Ofcourse the price is always the biggest concern! Would u be so kind to write about guide on seeking a designer. since your friend her get Hatta Dolmat consultation. Maybe you could share your story a bit?

Lots of Love,

The Spasmodic Scribbler said...

Hello dear,

I've been following your blog for quite sometime. No,I'm not planning to tie the knot anytime soon but you know, we girls just love to day dream kan?

And Amy,answering your questions I can give you a rough estimate of designers here in Malaysia

Radzuan Radzwill - don't expect something below 4k
Salikin Sidek - 2-4k
Calvin Thoo - 2k and above (a really nice person and humble too)
Adnan Hassan - 3-4k
Iszal - 4k and above
Jovian Mandagie - 6k-7k and above (but boy his design sgt2lah cantik dan stylish ok!)
Rizalman - I think 5k and above kot

That's all I know. Perhaps somebody else can add more ;)

Dayu said...

u sudah jadik wedding planner ke??
full time??
syabas dear..dr merancang majlis sendiri, kini dh boleh plan for other...

hidden.wing said...

Hi Amy, thanks for visiting :)
Spasmodic has listed all the good ones - lotsa thanks to her cos ade jugak yg i x pnah ring for quot. very much agreed, Jovian punye sangat lah LAWA.
Just adding, Man Kajang's starting from rm650 for heavy beaded chiffon. other design using laces etc i tak sure dear.

Frankly, i dont have any exp dealing with designers. Personally, talking from my not-married yet experience, these are the orders currently i follow :

1) budget
2) your theme/style
3) designer's signature style

Designer rates paling murah kat Kajang. Matching between your style & designer's signature mmg important. If you're more towards simplicity, Man Kajang punye maybe not really advisable cos he's more on heavy laces and beads. Syaiful Bahrim lebih sesuai?
Last time, i plan nak buat my engagement baju (chiffon) dgn Salikin but the final minute cancel cos i notice his signature is traditional & songket2 are more of his masterpiece, kan?

my very very 2cents ;)

nanti dah ade experience sikit, i'll write special entry on this ye....

hidden.wing said...

alah Dayu, manade full time. just helping out my friend hehe.

sambil2 tu boley la blaja do and donts from their experience kan?

Huddy said...


nak tumpang tanya bleh? yg catering tu ade website ke or contact num x? sbb mcm yg belah sana survey, rm14pax.. so nk cuba tny2 yg awk jumpe tu.. hrp dpt share ngn sy :) thx..

Amy said...

Hi Spasmodic Scribbler and miss Hidden Angel!

Thank u so much. :) Now i know a little bit. So thank u. I really like Syaiful Bahrim creation. Maybe i should go and meet the designers! Can't wait and takut too.

Good luck with your engagement preparation!

hidden.wing said...

Good luck Amy!

Nanti share2 lah k.
Sharing is caring hihi :)

Purple Fairy said...

Hey babe...

Nice write ups on weddings you have here.

If you don't mind, can you share the contact info of the caterer, please? It sounds like a great bargain.


Mrs. Amie said...

Hi Babe,

Nie my caterer's number masa my wedding hari tue, as u requested... 012-9331290. It's Mazia Catering. And to me, I sangat berpuas hati... O ya.. to Amy my sis yg sibuk komen kat sini kan, tak siap2 lagi ke baju tue.. U've already know the price of the designer...ha, cpt2 pilih...

Man Kajang with fully chiffon beaded nie u tanya dia directly ke dapat RM650? I dun think so... the cheapest from Man Kajang utk fully beaded chiffon is RM2k. Kalau dengan groom skali is RM2800. And utk fully french lace is RM4K-5K.

Jovian is great! But to wear his design, ur wedding should be grand..hihihi... takut tak match dengan situation..and surely this designer only match for the modern bride...

Radzuan Radzwill simplet yet so exclusive... sangat chantek.. and the price utk 1 baju yg simple is 6K.

Rizalman, always comes with newly fresh ideas utk his collection. But for the Ijab n Qabul collection for 2008, collection dia sangat simple n very feminine.. to match the Ijab n Qabul collection, ur pelamin mesti nampak grand sbb the baju itself sgt minimize dengan perincian manik2 but he focused more on accessories...

Many new designers out there such as Syaiful Baharim, Butik Kapas, Butik Cosry, Sharifah Kirana n the new one is Datin Lynda Rahim. It's worth for every single penny if u choose the designers rather than outfit2 yg sedia ada dekat butik2 biasa tue.. it might cost u a lot..but to look beautiful on ur wedding day is much more priceless!

It's happen once in a lifetime!

So for the bride to-be, happy hunting!

hidden.wing said...

thanks amie for the contact, bley start calling2 caterer ni ehhe.

psl man kajang tu mmg i directly tnye ngan dier but tu not inclusive kain, tempah je :) kain tu dh byk beads, so no further beading from Man dah. sbb tu cheaper sikit kut :P my colleague yang tempah same chiffon like mine pun around 1k, inclusive tempah + kain..

agreed with u amie, lavishness of your dress shud match with lavishness of your majlis :)

hidden.wing said...

hi, those yg request for caterer contact tu pls drop your email add kt chatbox tu k. will try to reply asap :)