Jan 15, 2009

tiffany and...?

just woke up, and feel like rambling on my ideal reception which will take place at my parents' sweet home. which also still tooo long to go ehhe.

the theme would be tiffany & ***** (it's not another color! secret..secret!)
no super modern, nor super sexy dress. and no heavy beading hopefully!
absolutely no tiara nor veil. bunch of baby' breaths on my hair would just do. more homey i think?

calla lily bouquet will always be my classic favourite, but i dont think its long stem would be handy enough for me to walk around with. i'm thinking of smaller bouquet now, and something white?

and suddenly feel like i dont want any bersanding for my side.
but tho, i still want the pelamin. a special spot to bergambar kenang-kenangan with the guests.
the whites should dominate the pelamin, with few dots of tiffany here and there.

hmm, sudah 6.30am. i should take my bath now, otherwise i'll be late again for work :P
nanti malam, i sambung my nonsense. best betul berangan ni, huh.


Suraya said...

Hi..Erm..mmg best kalau berangan..hehe..*my hobby too*

Na said...

hem hem sgt lawalah flower bouquets kat bwh nih