Jan 17, 2009

the true blue..!

last time i did post on pink sejadah which mom bought in Mecca, which a bit off to be matched with the blue pelikat as hantaran. i didnt mind honestly, cos as long the sejadah is nice & comfy i'm really really fine :)

when i was happened to be so excited to check out the pink sejadah, it somehow turned out ...........BLUE!! woooohooooo.

mom found the super nice blue sejadah during her few last days in Mecca.
and she wanted to keep the pink sejadah for herself.
the best part, it's still handmade like the earlier pink but much, much prettier than the pink hoyeh!

some sneak peak....full version mase atas dulang nanti jela.

THANKS IBU! Smiling to ears.

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