Jan 31, 2009

parents & wedding

Last CNY was spent in A Famosa Resort with my family. First family gathering since our parents’ return from Hajj, I should say I really really missed such moment. We all do, in fact.

Me & parents lepak by the pool je while rest of my siblings sibuk bermain air di waterpark. And there was the whole wedding conversation started. Since my parents will be meeting his parents the next day, they started discussing about mas kahwin, hantaran etc.

I made it clear to my parents kemampuan dotty for mas kahwin + hantaran should not exceed 1x,xxx. Alhamdulillah, they were very understanding and in fact, my dad kate tak payah duit hantaran pun takpe sbb yang wajibnye just mas kahwin. Eh, mane boleh kan hehe. Not that I’m demanding but at least duit hantaran tu more or less will later show his effort to seriously and sincerely take me as his wife. Amount doesn’t have to be berbelas-belas K lah of course, yang penting bagi jugak sikit. Just an opinion, no judging pls.

My parents agreed to have my wedding in nearby Dewan Milenium. Erm, why not my own home? I’m so wanting it to be at home :( Abah ok je if kat rumah, just his comment hall tu ade aircond so lebih selesa for guests. For mom, she didn’t want to gile2 kemas rumah, penat. True, I should think about my mum cos I know she’ll be the busiest person throughout my wedding later. Mengalah..?

This evening we’ll be on ring hunting again *grin*. Wanted something like below, but Lion kate the design was so auntiessss hahaha!! But for me, I think the ring looks very solid.. Habib KLCC doesn’t have such, Selberan punye mahal sgt smpi 800++, too much for a merisik ring la. Tomei ade around 500++, but kuning nye agak weirdooo. I never liked Tomei anyway, their discounts are super ridiculous and the band gile ringan for their discounted price. blah..


The Journey.. said...

i nye jewellery byk dr tomei. hehe..

hidden.wing said...

it's ok. diff ppl diff taste ehhe.
maybe i sorg je kut yg tak suke. padehal kat mate org lain ok je kan?

[ Hanie ] said...

tu ar kan..bile kite nak, takde...syok ga hunting wedding ring ni...rambang mata :D

The Spasmodic Scribbler said...

For a merisik ring,it shouldn't be an expensive one.My opinion only :-)

Hey,if you are hunting for your wedding ring,go to D&P(their estrella collection), or DeGem or maybe Selberan. They have good quality (certified diamond) there.Make sure you look into all the 4 Cs okay?

hidden.wing said...

hi again TSS!
i dah dpt my risik ring, and like you said - it shouldnt be an expensive one. agreed!

too early for wedding ring hunting, but D&P's Estrella tu mmg wishlist if ade rezeki hehe.

DeGem tu kene tunggu disc 50% la baru boleh :P tu pun maybe not their Lazare ehhe!

Memey Anuar said...

hi there. enjoy reading ur blog.
ur merisik ring exactly like mine.
i bought from poh knong.
walaupun mcm auntie2, tp design tu mcm classic la. and solid. cantik :D hehe