Jan 27, 2009

meet the parents

sudden and so unplanned.

i'm cutting it short. dotty called my dad to arrange for the "meet-the-parents" session since my family were in kl during CNY.

definitely no siblings allowed. just the parents & fiances-to-be.
by 9am, mom & myself dah tercegat di Jln TAR to look for a sopan blouse. tension sbb yesterday tak dpt beli sbb kedai2 mvalley closed for CNY. finally dapat jugak grab a decent white blouse, abstract black-white tudung and gray heels @ Sogo. Puas hati sbb all bought at 50% disc ngeh3.

i dressed up in black and white, mode classy lah kunun cehs. by 1.05pm parents and myself pun sampai di tempat yang dijanjikan - Secret Recipe Bangsar South (tah manela bangsar nye...kerinchi ok, kerinchi!).

The parents pun start lah ice breaking..then sume topic kuar..from kiddies to education to career to economic downturn dan segale bagai. warm up lah tu.

by 2.15 pm, dotty and myself excused ourselves, letting our parents to seriously discuss pasal our coming engagement. lame gile, memang sangat nervous dibuatnye & mule lah kluar segale negative thoughts huhu. discussion ended after like an hour. dotty & me were soooo happy they finally agreed to ikat for 1.5 years!! depends on rezeki, if ade boleh la percepatkan but as of now, not yet la :P
mum insisted on cincin merisik. something that dotty & me didnt agree to earlier cos we've combined both tunang & risik in one ring :P mum said it's adat my negeri & his mum agreed to it as well. yelah. this weekend we'll do another ring hunting la ..moral of story nye check lah dulu adat memasing & seek for parents' opinion bab adat2 ni.....
of so many people that we met...
we finally found our significant other..
will this be a happy ending for us? insyaAllah.

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~ms tepung~ said...

yup..kena check dulu ngan parents eventho yg nk kawen tu kita...

walaupun adat tu bkn perkara wajib but sometimes mana2 yg rasa boleh ikut dan ada faedahnya bolehla ikut