Apr 5, 2010

B&B Gath - entry basi :P

Ni gang sekapal dengan Wawa, baru nak update psl B&B Gathering :P Fathiyah dah siap update psl B&B post mortem dinner dah pun...huhu

Firstly congrats to Diah, Anil, Amy & the rest committees for the success of this event! AJK kecil-kecilan dan last minute macam saya hanya mampu tolong sikit2 je ;) Diah cakap I was among earliest registering as vendor haha..yup, I was super excited at the time – not so much to promoting 2nd hand wedding items, but more of meeting up bakal pengantins & ex-pengantins that I’ve been reading through!

The night before hubby sama2 stay up siapkan our wedding scrapbook. We had the raw pictures printed on papers, then glued them in scrapbook. The intention was, at least wedding pictures are ready in case guests nak tengok prelim result of our photographers since our album belum dapat lagi ;)

bunting designed by Amy’s hubby, Atim. Sangat chic!

We arrived The Zon quite late, so had to rush preparing the booth. Had to drag my hubby cos my bestie Mas had to leave for family farewell that noon. Mas sempat helped me out with the deco, thank you babe ;) My booth betul2 dpn pintu masuk, decorated in brighttt pink theme :P Jiran2 tetangga my booth were married bloggers Ida, Jamilah & Lynda.

meja masih bersepah....baru gubah bunga

booth my jiran yang happening – Ida!
(mas kecewa tak sempat try dress tu ;P)

my booth - guestnote DIY pakai mug holder je ;P

I couldn’t exactly remember what time guests start datang, tetiba je dah ramai..i was left alone until my colleague jarjar came & help to entertain the guests, thanks jarjar! and suhana too ;D Honestly, I was glad to meet the bloggers/readers that dayyy – macam2 cerita keluar, the one I remembered most where this blogger confessed she went checking out my hall betul2 time kitorg tgh buat preparation & deco..if tau awal2 sure I dah jemput dtg kenduri mlm tu since byk lg seat kosong hehe…And tak lupa, this reader told me one of my designer wondering feedback of my wedding baju – dia kata muka I mcm takde perasaan time pickup baju :P This one guest commented i never had my email published at blog, no im not sombong..dulu i wasnt comfortable to give recommendation cos my majlis not over yet..now with the experience, anything boleh email whitelacetale[at]gmail.com insyaAllah the sharing will be more fruitful this time esp on wedding vendors & tips :)

My booth had nothing much to offer for sale, except my friend’s wedding dresses. Mostly showcase of doorgifts, dresses, hantaran etc from my weddings in case some asking for workmanship of these vendors & ni jelah cara I can be thankful to my vendors by promoting only those who did great job last time :)

Hantaran by Sher Design. Mock up hubby’s hantaran aritu… ;)

Speaking of result my wedding vendors, most popular q thrown out that day was regarding lova as the last entry freaked some out ;(…I’ve expected it anyway & I felt so bad eversince the post. I had to gently remind those who asked, tak semua bad experience & tak semua bad skin mcm I :) Even sue cantik my fave tu pun I penah tgk result my fren yang tak menjadi – but I still trust her to makeover me cos I like her consistency in giving doll-flawless result (beside Tiar), color lipstick off ke apa tu lain cerita hehe. Surprisingly too,my pengapit prefers me in lova rather than sue for her lighter, natural makeup & she even considering lova for her coming big day, see? ;) tu pandangan org yang 24jam dgn I time kenduri tuu hehe ;) So, don’t worry too much psl lova…!

Ok jom layan gamba pulak, all taken from rakan2 bloggers :P

Pelamin by Rass Deco, Que Rafael pun ada showcase their pelamin aritu ;)

doorgift pic taken from diah; kipas bulu & fancy cookies etc

Among the vendors, the popular ole-ole manis selain marryme..
2-2 tak sempat singgah ;(

leftover from my wedding telah jadi doorgift to yang singgah my booth, reason being – last time I nak buat card I pening cari layout, wording & aturcara etc..hope it helps hee!

peserta tekun dgr instruction dari anil & jai

surprise for mommy-to-be azie, tasya pun dtg all the way from Spore ;)

gambar2 kenangan koleksi fathiyah ;D

thanks again to those who came & support this event, and those who dropped by (Rosie, Azira, Chokodox, Shazana, Tahirah, Ika, Xyleen, Aim & many many more to list!) & leave some messages & your bloglink dkt my guest note ;) To those query on 2nd hand items earlier, I’ll post some close up pics & pricing soon! To Tahirah, thanks for considering us – insyaAllah we’re now ready to cater your table centerpiece or any minimal deco (guestbook area etc) :)

balik je from gathering, i terus terbongkang...hubby tolong sapukan yoko2 since my pinggang mcm dah nak patah that dayyy...but overall, i had fun meeting the rest bloggers/readers & making new friends :D

p/s : tiffany petals planned for giveaway during gath dah selamat diberi to ayna..selamat pengantin baru to u both & thanks so much for the invitation.. if hubby dpt cuti, insyaAllah we’ll be there! ;)