Mar 27, 2009

flower box

(i missed the link again!)

bridezilla's biggest problem :

desire for something personalized, while stingy at the same time.
that sounds just soooo me, hehe.

being a cute-box-freak, the one above is something to my liking.
and it seems personalized too.

cost? no idea!
but i saw once a bunga pahar made from paper. the papers came by the name of "kertas jagung"

don't you think the top flowers on those boxes can be paper made, too...?
rather than expensive fresh flower,the other side of me being a stingy bride saying, oh, what a saving!

soalnye sekarang, pandai sgt ke nak buat kotak & flowers tu? *spoil betol la...*

p/s : WLT done with packing..yippie..esok terbang ke jakarta..

Mar 26, 2009

lazy entry

our trip to jakarta & bandung is about one day left.
our itinerary was quite final, we finally end up with a supir for the whole trip.

task for tonight is all about listing out the to-dos for tomorrow.
and packing, malasnye.

Mar 25, 2009

touch of white and green

Creative Element's fave playground - wooden thing!

big lilies & bulat2-green-flowers by Maya Puri


dress for bridesmaid, Indonesian way.
*kalah pengantin dah ni..ehhe.
source : Indon webbie, forgot the link.

online dress creator. free.

design your own wedding dress, online :

ooo rupenye dress silhouette yang i suka tu panggil "sheath" ye ..haha.

it won't be sleeveless definitely

*credit to tiffany twin for the link (sorry, i didnt get your name - so i keep calling you tiff.twin hehe)

Mar 23, 2009

no more than 2-tiers

always wanted heavy bush of fresh flowers to crown my cake.

but for my tiffany wedding, i prefer something minimalist. limited or pale hue. less fancy stuffs.

something like below, just a piece of flower per tier. and yes, limit to just 2-tiers!

i dont mind if there is no cake cutting at all.

and i'm still fine with just tiers of cuppies or cakeballs, which normally a potential objection from those called mommies ehehe.

i just foresee it as a must for my indoor reception at his side, but still tak perlu sampai 7- tingkat :P

lace patches - how much required?

as suggested by fellow future brides, i've added up pasar mayestik in our coming trip. our travel agent, Kak Lina & my previous supir suggested us to visit Jatinegara too, for cheap wedding stuffs. not sure what "stuffs", so anyone been there before? is it worth a visit?

bridal laces i'm looking for, particularly for reception dress & some patchwork for akad nikah outfit.

i'm thinking of akad nikah outfit something like below, chiffon & patched with laces. and later add up with pastel beading.

but i'm not good at estimating how much/metre of laces i would need for patches hehe, tailor/designer would interpret it differently from my hentam estimation, kan. *to-do list : print sample & check with dressmaker*

but basically, my heavy patches would only be for neck/chest part and the rest can keep to minimum for hujung lengan, border baju & border kain. (and for selendang too perhaps?) design would just be typical kurung moden.

butik citra selling @ rm5k. gulp.
one layer skirting just enough, kan.

minus that tooo blossom lengan.
lace patches shud be by kain border, not heavy one as above. save cost :P


for patches, i might go for normal lace and save my french lace for reception dress.

4 days to go *grin*

Mar 22, 2009

wedding to be rememberred

one of my fave wedding, it was in my folder quite a longgg time.
i didnt know the couple, happened to stumble upon the piccies while wedding hunting on net.
Knysa & Omar, they called.

they had a perfect one. they themselves a perfect couple - sama cantik & sama padan or bagai pinang dibelah dua like we used to say, kan.

with my plumpy bod, i know i wont look good in songket. but i adore those wearing one for their wedding, and the one that i admire definitely a white songket. Knysa's blue songket with lace by Salikin Sidek was darnnn lovely, and soo matched her traditional wedding theme.

and i must say, they had the most wedding montages on net i ever seen. complete collection of their journey to bliss, with syahdu background songs by myshots. photos & videos, you named it.

here's the montage link. be prepared to sway your romantic emotion, ehhe.

engagement (photo)
- engagement (video)

bride's reception tak jumpe hehe...jumpe pic je in CS web with fab dress by Jovian M.

princess wishes

we had a great time watching Disney on Ice - Princess Wishes last saturday, our last weekend before his transfer to PD coming April.

love the show, and the kids who came and dressed up in their fave Disney's princess...complete with tiara and yeah, glittery heels....sorta reminiscing, me, being a little girl whose wedding dream was too much influenced & fantasized by Disney's princesses happy ending. with gaun kembang2, added with elbow length gloves and that longggg train of your veil. hey, you smiled - means i'm not the only one. gotcha! *grin*

and as this little girl grown up, nothing better for her to realize that "fairytale' wedding that she used to dream during her childhood is almost....nonsense?

but she didn't deny some "little" girls are fortunate enough to have more than what they used to dream long time ago.

entry ntahpape, eve of Monday blues *LOL*

Mar 21, 2009

Jakarta & Bandung - what to expect?

me & girlfriends will be leaving for Jakarta & Bandung next week (28/3 - 1/4), all about wedding stuffs hunting. except my married Shazana :P

we'll be spending 3 nights in BDO & arrangement nye pun sudah settle. Jakarta je belum, walk-in on weekend agak2 boleh dapat hotel room tak?

basically, we'll be hunting for below :

- hantaran stuffs (telekung)
- bridal lace
- kain for family
- doorgift
- invitation card

i'm not sure how much to expect from this trip as the places we could list out for now were tanah abang, mangga dua, pasar baru and visit to (Indon wedding webbie), macam takde pulak vendor yg reside at those places... *blurrrrr*

last time i sempat pegi Tanah Abg je, but those lace yang i jumpe just netting & lace indon yg keras sikit tu..bkn french lace or anything softer. appreciate your opinion & recommendation, if any. especially from those yang dah pegi...

it can be anything...jkt or bdo better, where conveniently to stay, to eat, Indon bridal tailor, cheap & nice doorgift/card etc. and the what nots toooo...thanks!

Mar 20, 2009

tiffany & traditional sense

just back from my usual bloghopping, happy to meet my new tiffany twin ehhe. lepas ni ada lah gang nak share on tiffany wedding stuffs kan. read about fizz's writing on her traditional wedding theme, which somehow interest me to jot down some notes here.

there's deep down telling me that no matter how modern tiffany theme being exaggerated from my bridezilla fantasy, i still have my soft spot for traditional element/thingy for my wedding. which one of it includes my preference of traditional egg giving, over err - those fancy candles for doorgift.

i didnt recall when this pic was safely kept in my folder, but it was there for quite some time, hmm.
and i love this doorgift so much for firstly, it came in tiffany. and next best thing - it's a miniature of our traditional tekat tepak sirih...with nicely crafted bride & groom names. perhaps more towards VIP doorgifts, since it's a lil pricey hehe..

if you love hydrostone made, you may check them at Inani Craft - one of their showroom in SACC mall. visited once, and for pic above they quoted rm8. extra one ringgit for custom made with names. min order 500 pcs...too much for my so-called VIP guests!

back to my topic - it's all about adding some traditional sense to modern wedding theme!

balinese hantaran?

not something new. but rarely seen.
by Man Kajang.

Mar 19, 2009

update from MATTA fair

almost forgotten, i didnt update anything on my visit to MATTA fair last week.

the fair was as usual, crowded with people despite the kempen berjimat during this economic downturn ehehe. we didnt book anything as the given travel period mostly by Sept 09 (before next MATTA fair), and hell yeah our wedding is still a longgg way to shout about.

i've posted earlier about Krabi and to our surprise there were 2 big booths of Krabi tourism, bukan booth Thailand...tapi Krabi sahajeee haha. yelah all this while, the island always being outshined by the sister islands of Phuket or Koh Samui...sian dier hihi.

3hrs of walkthrough, kutip brochures and borak2 with travel agents. and finally, we found Krabi package we're looking for.

total rm500 nett for 3 nights stay at 4-stars
Pavilion Queen's Bay Krabi! Without promo, rm300-500++ per night for superior room, bley?? if u need extra night, just add rm180 p/nite. and good news for honeymooners, for same price they'll give you complimentary upgrade to Suite. honeymooners sahaja. babymoon tak bley hihi.

and if you manage (talking about IF) to get AirAsia's zero ringgit tix, total with tax etc just about rm263 for return flight p/pax.

so, rm500 + (rm263x2) = kire sendiri.

for additional excursion,

- phi phi island trip rm180 (i sound dier dulu i pegi rm100 je, last2 dier kate ok haha)
- 4 islands ( tup + poda + chicken island + phranang cave) rm100
- hong island rm120
- krabi rainforest rm120
- kayaking rm90
- elephant trekking 2 hrs rm90
- James Bond island discovery rm180

rate above are published rate & still NEGOTIABLE, if only you book with hotel itu la.

brochures can be deceiving! as i'm home, i google the hotel & review at some rate it ok while some had bad experience, well lumrah lah. the thumbs down about this hotel (from review) - expensive food & ongoing renovation nearby. not by beachside, but still walking distance to Ao Nang beach. malas sgt, naik lah tuk-tuk. tepuk dada, tanya selera & tanya poket juga kalau nak sume yang first class, kan.

p/s : agak2 thn depan construction tu dah setel ke..? haha. spoil la honeymoon ni ade bising2 kan?

Mar 18, 2009

home pelamin

my pick. minus those ranting yang semak.
those white panels still "aliens" to my hometown. so, dream on!

by K.Shaja, with modern flowerstands. prefer cleopatra bench.

simple from Khareyan, with colorful lanterns.

ekin-mawi's by Nas Great Idea

for gothic brides perhaps.

Mar 17, 2009

thought on bunga pahar

one thing that i didnt do much of survey is - bunga pahar. i did save the sample pics, but i never bother to ask for quotation. no urgency perhaps, cos mase engagement dulu mane ade orang bagi bunga pahar kan ehehe.

talking from my no-idea-of-pricing heh, i'd always admire the classy look of bunga pahar made from organza. one of my fave was silver made from Amie, minus that hard-eggshell (whatever it calls, but i know you get me hehe) cos i'm trying to cut the extra cents (or ringgits) attached to it as possible! Amie got it done (very well I must say) with few petals turned into one big flower and finally coupled with nice set of ribbons.

my next best would be something like this, from kak Shaja. bunch of tiny little flowers for each stick and the outcome, those bunga pahar nampak merimbun je dalam pasu tu..pretty.

dont wanna burn a hole in my wallet, so i need some insight from you on bunga pahar price. i'm listing my fave to the least.

1) bunga organza
2) bunga gim
3) bunga stokin
4) bunga dip.

pls rank...yang mane satu murah from the other..
any comment is welcomed, especially related to latest trend, difficulty of DIY etc.


Mar 16, 2009

local cakeballs

Quick update.
Local baker for cakeballs found!

if arrange the cake on sticks to make it as cute wedding dessert,
PopCake2u turn it into our own bunga pahar!
look how western stuffs being customed to local?
Well done for another local talent! :)


Check it out ya.

Credit to Mrs Fawani for the link, hooray!

blooming mas kahwin

nice gubahan mas kahwin by Perfect Day Planner.

Mar 15, 2009

tiffany balls

perhaps something different to try on, instead of cuppies or mini cakes for hantaran.

they're CAKE BALLS.

no idea on pricing, as the pic not from local webbie. if anyone bump into local baker who really do this cake ball, holler pls. shall link them :)

Mar 14, 2009

She has dropped her to-be.

The bride-to-be has now dropped its to-be.
Big congratulations to my fellow wedding blogger, K. Reen!

Her ceremony was my first attending an outdoor garden wedding concept. The chosen theme was pretty pink. sweeeeet! And i must say, Lynda Rahim has done a good job to this beautiful couple. 5 panels pelamin with stunning chandeliers & pink-beige damask backdrop - very breathtaking!

K.Reen turned out gorgeous with her pink dress & natural makeover by Tiar Zainal. K. Reen tinggi ok, dah persis model gitu ehehehe.

To recall how we met, K.Reen & my fiance were from Uniten. so whenever i turun kl nak dating, i akan tumpang rumah Paie (Faizah), whose also housemate to K.Reen. Tak sangke, after few years we then bumped to each other again in this blogging world. wedding blogging plak tu hehehe.

ni mmg i cant resist, i soooo heart your flowerstands K.Reen! Told ya, LyndaRahim did a good job - ni baru flowerstand. yg lain2, let K.Reen post @ her blog k, tanak la nnt dh tak surprise ehehe!

K.Reen, again Selamat Pengantin Baru! Thanks for inviting us to share this wonderful moment :)

bunga sundal malam

i'm a huge fan of bunga sundal malam, especially for sirih junjung & pelamin deco.

the white & greenish part of this tuberose help a lot in living up the 'natural' look of overall deco, and they are my fave 'accessories' for solemnization.

as i was on my routine of wedding ideas hunting, i accidentally came across my friend's wedding video - who had my ideal combo for solemnization : bunga sundal malam, white, green. plus with pretty bride as Enni, everything seem end up soo perfect :) Lucky you, Syed ehhe!

Mar 13, 2009

Nona - Wedding Edition

Nona's back with special wedding edition, but it wasn't as juicier as last year's with Fasha Sandha on cover.

But anyway, thumbs up for featuring lots of nice wedding dress!

*white chiffon & beads - all it takes to turn me on!*

MATTA Fair 13-15 March 2009

For those hunting for honeymoon bargain, check this out..!

Mar 12, 2009

visit to wedding fair.

i've been a frequent goer to wedding fair, ever since i bumped to my own engagement (and later wedding) planning. and again, last Saturday, we went to Pameran Pengantin @ the Mall but this time with Fira joining us. For all i know, Fira was never been excited about her wedding until she met ezi & myself, her uni mates now cum the busy bridezillas, haha. and there we started to plan each and every detail of her black & hot pink wedding. excited, excited hehe.

we were welcomed with a nice pelamin at the entrance. love the chandelier & the big sofa. brides nowadays seem to love those big & high back seats, kan? more comfy i guess.

i was still on catering hunting, and for now we're quite satisfied with CT Catering & Suri Catering package for dome seating dinner. all we wanted came with less than rm30 p/head, not bad for established caterers ehhe.

LH Creative

Dotty dropped Fira & myself to LH Creative, doing some survey before my coming trip to Jkt-Bdg. Despite the heavy rain, the shop was still crowded with couples looking for best card bargain, meriah betul.

Too many cards to choose from, but personally i dont fancy colorful invitation. i'm still the boring bride who just cant get enough of white ehehehe. here's my pick for 80 cents price tag :

if you want to opt for thick paper inside, extra 60 cents chargeable, making the total of rm1.40. mahal tu...

Mar 8, 2009

engagement pic #7 : WLT very own, finale.

(pls click on pic for bigger version)

WLT listening to beautiful song by Estrella, Ternyata

Aku lihat dia pandangan pertama
Ternyata indah
Senyuman, Liriknya

Ku ingin dia, saat pertama
Berjumpa, dengannya
Membuat ku gelisah

Waktu berlalu hari demi hari
Hati ku dambakannya
Untuk bercinta lagi

*WLT & fiance now busy with photo selection for their custom album...

engagement pic #6 : us, finally.

Disclaimer : No editing at all, collage done at WLT's laziness & pls click on pic for bigger version.

WLT is officially his fiance!

engagement pic #5 : friends & families

Disclaimer : No editing at all, collage done at WLT's laziness & pls click on pic for bigger version.

BFF & families during ups & downs.
Leen & Shafaf - wish you were there..!

engagement pic #4 : rings

Disclaimer : No editing at all, collage done at WLT's laziness & pls click on pic for bigger version.

his & hers

with this ring, i thee engaged..

engagement pic #3 : doorgift

Disclaimer : No editing at all, collage done at WLT's laziness & pls click on pic for bigger version.

Left pic for those requesting detail of my kurung.
Kain is already beaded, Kimie Kjg just add the neckline part.

Doorgift from left : bestfriends, VIPs and my handmade to other guests.
Remember the mini toblerone? hehe.

engagement pic #2 : our hantaran

Disclaimer : No editing at all, collage done at WLT's laziness & pls click on pic for bigger version.
WLT's hantaran.
Special thanks to besties Mas, Lion & Yana for the goodness (& hiccup of cos!) before & after the event. Blame Lion for I still owe you girls Nandos cos she's the one dieting haha!

Dotty's hantaran with gothic combination of black, red & gold tray.


Big thank you to Nasz (Sher Design) for these hantaran :)

Worth the money & someone nice to deal with, RECOMMENDED!

engagement pic #1 : the prep & deco

Disclaimer : No editing at all, collage done at WLT's laziness & pls click on pic for bigger version.
DIY pelamin. hanging tulips in glass, dangling crystals & candles are available for rent haha!

the bouquet was my first handmade using fresh flowers

Baby was late, makeup was done at a very kelam kabut mode hehe.