Mar 22, 2009

princess wishes

we had a great time watching Disney on Ice - Princess Wishes last saturday, our last weekend before his transfer to PD coming April.

love the show, and the kids who came and dressed up in their fave Disney's princess...complete with tiara and yeah, glittery heels....sorta reminiscing, me, being a little girl whose wedding dream was too much influenced & fantasized by Disney's princesses happy ending. with gaun kembang2, added with elbow length gloves and that longggg train of your veil. hey, you smiled - means i'm not the only one. gotcha! *grin*

and as this little girl grown up, nothing better for her to realize that "fairytale' wedding that she used to dream during her childhood is almost....nonsense?

but she didn't deny some "little" girls are fortunate enough to have more than what they used to dream long time ago.

entry ntahpape, eve of Monday blues *LOL*


anil lutaze said...

oho...saya tersenyum tapi x penah pon berangan ala2 cenggini..saya asek berangan kawen olok2 masa zaman kanak2...typical kan..haha

hidden.wing said...

*awal pulak your comment arini hiks :P

berangan tetap ada kan......hihihi.
that just soo synonym with little girls. on a positive note, let's take it as part of our growing up journey & cherished as much possible :D