Mar 2, 2009

all-in wedding package

i flipped through March edition of Pesona Pengantin, and came across this package from this well-known one-stop wedding center, Puteris. All for rm25k.

- busana nikah (L&P)
- make up nikah
- 9 dulang hantaran
- jamuan nikah (200 pax)
- 2 sesi fotografi
- hiasan ruang nikah
- busana sanding (L&P)
- make up sanding
- pelamin Bisikan Kasih
- laluan pengantin
- jamuan kahwin (1000 pax)
- hiasan bilik
- 60 bunga pahar
- cenderahati (1000)
- kad jemputan (500)

Free :
- perancang perkahwinan
- kek 3 tingkat
- bantal nikah
- cenderahati VIP (10)
- bunga manggar
- alas dulang
- hiasan meja & lauk pengantin
- 2 jam outdoor fotografi

*Pakej Fleksi boleh diganti mengikut kesesuaian.

a friend of mine sought an opinion on this. usually, i dont fancy all-in package cos i've seen some items were not to our need and taste. but still, worth to sit for appoinment and discuss each line item offered with the wedding planners :) better if could request for sample/pic of all promised items. yang mane tak berkenan tu, nego lah for some replacement which suit your taste. mind the extra cost for any further customization too..

and pls DONT hire to only one for the sake of malas nak meng-survey yang lain. wedding is lifetime, so buat lah yang terbaik mengikut kemampuan kita. just a thought!


The Journey.. said...

kalo ada budget lebey its ok 4 u to go on with the weds planner.. bt as for me, i planned everything on my own! hahaha.. pengsan! chantek ke tak chantek ke, its ur own touch.. so tak ley la nak marah sesapa kan.. and i saved alot!

hidden.wing said...

same club qimie, i plan my own too!! worth all the "pengsan" when come to think of it later years, so...enjoyyy!!

sher said... true..its really fun & challenging planning your own wedding. All the best to you dear and just give me a buzz if you need any help.

nurul aziyana said...

kalau mmg duit bnyk, why not..mcm seme complete, kiter dh xyh pkir bnyk..tunggu choose n pick..wah kalau la diriku ini ade simpanan sbnyk itu..

anil lutaze said...

murahh babe...full package..and worth... but make sure apa yang disediakn menepati citarasa kita kan...gud luck babe!

Shazreen said...

serious murah...
25k for all listed...
kalau ikut kan, 25k tu dapat food for 1000 and pelamin jer....
just make sure, no hidden charges and must comes with a quality...

Anonymous said...

"kalau ikut kan, 25k tu dapat food for 1000 and pelamin jer...."

ooh, sy rs anda perlu bykkan lg aktiviti survey pakej pelamin & catering..

ungu violet said...

i planned my own wedding and it's worth it!

hidden.wing said...

sher : thx nasz! definitely will buzz u once your tiffany wedding is out *cant wait*

all : nampak cam sgt worth it kan?! all the best for those interested :)

hidden.wing said...

ungu violet : selamat pengantin baru :)