Mar 1, 2009

tiffany favors hunting

talking about wedding favors, nowadays most brides would go for something simple & yet stylish. i'd still love traditional egg giving for reception, especially for my side. hopefully mom wont pop any idea of having goodie bag with lots of foodies inside, no offense but seriously tak suke too much goodies.

preferred packaging either box or paper pouch. customized box a lil expensive, so pouch cukup lah kan for guest biasa. and these were a-la tiffany pouch i found on net.

but i know, good quality paper for such pouch wont come cheap too. i dont need such super quality thick paper for such too la, come on nanti orang buang jugak kan ehhe. memadai la if it's nice, fit enough and can safely hold the egg, kan?

and later i found this piccy from Bandung favor maker. simple one, a-la paper pouch that i wanted with personalised tag. since it's from Bandung, i really really hope it comes CHEAP cos i'm looking for 1000++ pieces with some tiffany theme. i'm still waiting for their quotation, and will go for it if really worth during my trip to Bandung-Jakarta this coming April. since the pouch is ringan, harap2 tak leceh la nak bawak balik Malaysia later hee..

let's pray..!


sher said...

hi dear...really love your wedding concept. I pun ader a few function this year with the "tiffany" theme..sgt excited. Nanti nak mintak contacts bandung/jakarta u. I will be going there in april as well. Thanks a lot dear.

fizz said...

me too! going to jakarta early april as well... nnt dh dpt quot tu share2 yek :D nk tgk how cheap is their price ;)

dialicious said...

wah..x sangka i ade jgk geng yg suke traditional egg as a wedd favour.unfortunately mymum doesnt like the idea coz xde org nak tlg2 rebus n the percentage of d breakage is normally high.Hopefully urs will go well..if pecah tu mkn sendiri goin to jakarta in 2weeks time.any tips?prolly u could add me at or so that we can share info faster..huhuh

FarTenTon said...

tiffany theme mmg sweet.. :)

7's baby said...

hi... suka sgt with your theme... anyway.. from one bride to be to another... if you are searching for a nice paper box at a quite reasonable price below rm1.00 i can give you details on the box maker here in malaysia.. (its handmade) :)

marigold evangeline said...

may i know kat maner you dpt wedding favors box tu x?
menarik n simple.
email me at
hope you don't mind sharing.

hidden.wing said...

sher : i pun excited nak tgk your tiffany outcome, keep up your good job! will share the contact nnt.

fizz : early april? me tooo!

diah : tips?i'm expecting from you since you yg pegi dulu hehehe

hidden.wing said...

fartenton : agreed, thanks!

7's baby : share pls. so far i jumpe Aisram je.

marigold : those from mat salleh's website. for local handmade, you can check

i got my cuppy box from him & the best part, no min order :)

Anonymous said...

blog u ade banyak info n really helps me a lot... nanti bile pi jkt-bandung, story-story yea.. sbb sy pun akan pi sane bulan 8 nanti may be nak cari doorgift n baju lace @ beaded utk wedding. really love ur blog. :).