Mar 20, 2009

tiffany & traditional sense

just back from my usual bloghopping, happy to meet my new tiffany twin ehhe. lepas ni ada lah gang nak share on tiffany wedding stuffs kan. read about fizz's writing on her traditional wedding theme, which somehow interest me to jot down some notes here.

there's deep down telling me that no matter how modern tiffany theme being exaggerated from my bridezilla fantasy, i still have my soft spot for traditional element/thingy for my wedding. which one of it includes my preference of traditional egg giving, over err - those fancy candles for doorgift.

i didnt recall when this pic was safely kept in my folder, but it was there for quite some time, hmm.
and i love this doorgift so much for firstly, it came in tiffany. and next best thing - it's a miniature of our traditional tekat tepak sirih...with nicely crafted bride & groom names. perhaps more towards VIP doorgifts, since it's a lil pricey hehe..

if you love hydrostone made, you may check them at Inani Craft - one of their showroom in SACC mall. visited once, and for pic above they quoted rm8. extra one ringgit for custom made with names. min order 500 pcs...too much for my so-called VIP guests!

back to my topic - it's all about adding some traditional sense to modern wedding theme!


anil lutaze said...

dear... i dulu penah keje part time btol2 kt sebelah inani craft tu..ihik...penah menyumbang buat glass paint kt ctu..sbb bosan tak tau buat pe..

hidden.wing said...

anil sayang...jadi sebagai org yang penah menyumbang buat glass paint boleh dapat diskaun taks?? jengjengjeng

niki said...

thanks for ur comment abt the favor boxes! yup! i just saw shaja's blog! so happy.. might contact her soon :D but going to jakarta again in May to check out more stuff. IDR2500 is a really good price! nanti share share contacts k? :D

hidden.wing said...

niki, that IDR2500 not exactly like Shaja's. simple & plain white je ehhe.

i'm going to JKT again in May too!
but this time with parents & many many aunties :P

anil lutaze said...

ahak...diorg kt kedai tu dah brtukar pekerja ...msti x ingt i dah..hahaha