Oct 3, 2011

Welcome my baby nephew, Adam Haris :)

Still thinking what to get for my first nephew...

Aug 18, 2011

Transparent Canopy Promo - rm500 (with fairy lights)

Check out their fb (YSA Wedding & Events) for further info.

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Jul 30, 2011

Khareyana Spa

Last i treat myself a good spa was during our Bali trip two months back. After weeks juggling with works and stayback series, cousin's engagement last week and delayed flight stress yesterday, i think i deserve another spa session to recharge myself, especially before Ramadhan started :)

Since this was adhoc, i prefer having them close to my place and first being shortlisted was non other, Khareyana Spa. Apart from convenience, i was earlier blown by pictures in their fb and good reviews had on this spa.

The spa located in PJ, best landmark would be Assunta Hospital. It's a private bungalow surrounded with water garden..very homey. Massage rooms all located outside, so you need to walk through stepping stones to reach there!

I opted for 2hrs Royal Javanese Body Ritual. They have 2 other treatments in Balinese Sensual range, the difference here only the lulur (scrub). The process starts with massage, scrub, body mask, shower and finally application of moisturizing cream; all took place at this fabulous massage room..

Loved the fact it has attached shower room and tub, so i dont have to walk around half naked to get myself clean :) Disposables given too are of high quality, unlike Hammam's easily koyak. Here, you hardly hear any noise despite being close to road as there were music and running waters filling the room. I would appreciate they go for other soothing music, cos I always feel Balinese music hmm, abit creepy..esp time senja lol!

Massage was real good and more detail in the sense..they rub you, then they stop and start pressing some pressure points, then rub back at same place (and next of course i dozed off). Lulur this time was great too cos no yucky coconut smell and the lady ensured celah jari kaki pun semua scrub!! :) The session finished off with serving of watermelon and ginger tea.

Overall, i had a great time today in Khareyana. Considering the ambience and service, their rate to me is reasonable knowing spas of same league usually charge higher for similar duration :)

Jul 29, 2011

Salero Negori

Remember my sudden craving for nogori food?

I googled this place upon recommendation from blog readers and found this restaurant actually has few branches, including one in Penang :) Last few weekends finally, we went to their Amcorp branch for late lunch.

For your info, Salero Negori served both minang and nogori food. Looking at the dishes, personally i would say it's a minang restaurant which has been localised with mix of Padang and Nogori, especially with fact majority of Minangs stay in N.Sembilan after migrating from Sumatera.

The serving here is similar to nasi campur where you'll have to pick your dishes. Except here, they'll serve those lauks in separate, small dishes. This type of serving is more advantage for those coming in big group where you can try variety of dishes, economically :) For us the couple eaters, here's our pick that day :

Hubby who's fond for exotic food, was glad to have his favourite gulai tunjang (beef tendon curry) that day. Unlike other restaurants, masak lemak here is very thick..puas gile makan :) I just wish their daging salai is sliced thin, not only for easy chewing it also provide better taste to daging like i usually had from my office caterer.

Taste wise, we agreed they're authentic cos hubby's grandma is originally from Sumatera..and the food here exactly like his grandma's, especially the sambal hijau and daging dendeng. We ended up with RM30+ bill, which to us worth it considering the food quality (did i tell you we settled with 2 pinggan nasi each? hehe).

Thanks again to those suggesting this place, now my husband know where to head whenever he craving for grandma's cooking... :)

Jul 8, 2011

regardless many roadblocks...

hubby deserved his favourite starter after having to wakeup early today ;)

Jul 2, 2011


From radio while caught up in morning traffic yesterday, a story worth sharing..

This caller named Azam. His parents made him engaged to a girl he never met, while he was on PLKN training. All due to the girl already pregnant, and the man who supposed to be responsible died in accident. Relationship between the families had long way established before and to not upset his parents, Azam agreed to clean the mess.

Azam married and took care the wife. Until one day, the wife fell off stairs which forced the baby to be bornt. The baby survived, but the wife died during the battle...

His in-laws didn't want to accept the baby unfortunately, or even Azam as their family anymore. Azam, being responsible, decided to take care the baby. Turned out, his family didn't agree with his decision and chased him out...

From his voice, I know Azam was holding his tears while telling how upset he was to lose two families altogether..

I dont want to comment the parents, but you see...Allah is great. HE only test to what's bearable by His hamba and Azam was one of example. Azam survived and the little girl is now a healthy 2 year old.

Knowing the kid's age, can you guess how young is this father?

Jun 28, 2011

Not wordless wednesday

Suppose i review our stay last week at Cyberview but im putting that on hold as there are many pictures to be resized before i can upload here :)

Anyways, we went to Pavillion last weekend. Saw my dream GG Twins on net now with massive sale, so this Pavillion visit just to check out the right size. Hubby wants me to get bigger handbag, he cannot tahan already seeing me sumbat everything from camera, external drive, sanitizer etc in my current small handbag..sampai kembong bag tu. Hehe.

Unfortunately, medium GG Twins is too small for my need and their large hobo to me not so nice. It's okay..im still buying my medium except not now :)

Long story cut short, we went to other shop and brought this baby home instead..

to tell the truth, this actually my dream hantaran bag last time.. :)

Jun 21, 2011


we'll be leaving to this paradise in few hours. we here not as in hubby and me. but me and colleagues, buat kerja...hehe.

see you next week office! :)

Jun 18, 2011


We had dinner at Ibunda restaurant last night, apparently it's last day to redeem our buffet voucher there. This Ibunda located opposite Prince Court and called themselves fine dining for authentic Malay cuisine.

We were there only at 9-ish whilst the buffet starts 7pm...so most food dah habis. Apparently they replenish ALL (main dishes la), nice kan considering lagi sejam je they going close :)

We were given table next to window with view to their pool. And these are some pictures taken..


outdoor stall serving ikan bakar, ikan kukus, ABC etc

one of buffet line

chicken ..very tender but portion too big for buffet style

lamb..tak bau so thumbs up!

the only reason to come back seriously!

fresh, and nicely presented too!:)

personal serving ikan kukus, unlike those at hotels ;)

ikan bakar

not many place serve with bihun kuning..

sedap! :)

classic choice...only durian and jagung :)

Our verdict...

Service was good, staffs very attentive. Choices not that many but reasonable knowing Malay dishes are generally heavy. Taste wise, alot to improve i think as being local we know originally how Malay food should taste like :) Place also very stuffy...made the experience hmm not so fine dining.

I initially craving for masakan nogori (big fan actually)..masak lemak cili api kind...or rendang...but none there, in fact all food there tak pedas. So if you have any place to recommend for masakan nogori, please, please do so. we dont mind driving to negeri sembilan if require so :)

ipad 2

I have no GPS, no Blackberry, no iPhone. I never had them in my wishlist pun to tell the truth. Probably cos i dont really follow what's in when comes to gadget.

Except this one. And we were talking about getting one the other day. The earlier the better. Hehe.

Until this morning i checked fb Machines, their status was something distributing queue cards etc...huh? batch 7 is selling today???!! How come they dont appear in my fb!!

We rushed to midvalley hoping for white 64GB wifi-3G model still available (read : 10am). Hubby siap confident model tu ada since it's the most expensive that people may not interested.

And when we got there...as expected, there was long queue. When I asked the staff, you know..

highest spec was first to sold out!! :(

moral of the story :
1. before tido must check fb Machines (esp Friday night!)
2. Never underestimate orang Malaysia! kaya okay depa ni...(sambil jeling my husband!)

Jun 17, 2011


Received my transfer letter yesterday. I'll be reporting to new boss next month, but current workload only allow me to leave no earlier than October as mutually agreed between bosses.

I was told the task not much different from what i've been doing currently except scope now broaden outside Malaysia waters. and i'll be seeing more operation jargons there..hope i'll catch up quick! :) InsyaAllah

May 18, 2011


Brand new Coach cardholder to let go. Bought today at KLCC Coach boutique, price as attached receipt after 50% disc - RM113. Serious buyer only, please email whitelacetale@gmail.com if interested


- no box, only Coach paperbag

May 5, 2011

packing light

something i'm not good at, but must check off my list tonight.


Apr 17, 2011

Sothy-ing Facial

I was first tempted to get myself a facial after reading Farah’s great experience at SKII. Last facial I had was 8 years ago, when I was religious to this famous D brand. Somehow the experience wasn’t good – extraction was extremely painful that each time I left with my face badly swollen until the next morning. Sigh. Only after 8th session I decided to stop and no more facial eversince; including for the big day. Ewww, I know.

Long story cut short, instead SKII, I finally booked my slot at 128 Faubourg Sothys a few days before our anniversary. There was 50% discount for first timers, good deal I guess knowing Sothys is generally expensive be it treatment or products.

I picked the one in BV2 for its convenience to my place. Like most first timers, I was earlier asked to complete some questionnaire before the therapist did the skin analysis and later suggestion on which treatment to go for. No doubt mine was oily and acneic, so Wednes (my therapist) recommend Correcting Facial (1.5hrs) to firstly treat my congested pores.

I was then ushered to Suite 3; a dimmed light facial room with soothing music as background. Changed to their tiny robe and slowly soaking my tired feet into the warm water for some foot massage until Wednes came to dry them off :) A pillow now placed under my knees with soft duvet around. What a nice beginning!

Wednes started with having me sniffed this lavender scent, known for nature’s aid to stress-relief before continued with scalp massage. As any double cleansing, firstly she removed my makeup with cleansing milk and later with foamy cleanser, except here they extend cleansing right down to my neck and upper chest :)

Next was the peeling cream. It’s the type of chemical exfoliant used in this facial to remove dead skin cells and very, very tingling! She then put Desquacream (one of my fave from Sothys line), emulsified and made circular movements for deep pore cleansing. Then I had steam machine placed upon me few minutes to open up my pores, this actually to prepare my skin for extraction later. I was already nervous this time!!!

Now the real pain *gulp* - extraction! Surprisingly, it wasn’t as painful as those years. I mean they still painful but very much bearable, unlike last time where I had to stop my therapist many many times to clear my tears. After the extraction, Wednes showed me my whiteheads that she managed to extract out – all nicely lined up on her palm! Banyak gile!!

Later, Wednes applied me clay mask which very common to oily skin to absorb our excess oil and dirt, apart from tighten back the pores. While waiting for mask to dry, Wednes slipped her hands beneath me and started giving good back, shoulder and neck massage :) Her hands must be really strong then to support my back hehe!

When the mask was removed, Wednes applied some toner and later used purifying serum to allow deeper skin penetration of congested areas. Finally the moisturizer and finished off with dabbing hot towel to my back accompanied with another generous massage!

I was then served with chinese tea & some biscuit, while Wednes made her routine to check my feedback on facial I just had. As expected, she tried to sell their facial package & products. I told her that i just changed to new skincare that the jars still had long mile to go...Luckily she wasn’t pushy, instead she offered me few Sothys samples to try first e.g. moisturizer, cleanser, scrub etc. I loved their Desquacream though. The usage only twice per week, I just couldn’t justify the need of having many cleansers in my skin regime just yet hehe..

Speaking of facial, for the price RM110 after 50% discount was worth it. Not only I walked out with no longer a swollen face, my face too finally had room to breathe! Hehe. Some more the promotion came with extra 30% discount for next visit and RM50 rebate for Sothys product!

Facial at 128Faubourg/Sothys is a bit luxurious to be made as routine. Cheapest they have is RM150 (normal price) for 1 hr deep cleansing facial. So why not save this promotion for special occasion; your big day maybe? :)

click here for more Sothys promo

Apr 11, 2011

map dewan siantan/melati putrajaya

For those requesting "simplified" map of Dewan Seri Siantan/Melati Putrajaya, here you go...please click on pic for better view :)

Feb 14, 2011

14th February 2011



Feb 13, 2011

CNY @ Penang Makan Trip

It's common sometimes to find local who knows very little about their place. Well, ME INCLUDED! ;) Since we married, husband been bugging me to bring him to Penang and try those heavens (food, beaches etc) but i soo had no clue esp when all you know your last, nice visit was 10 years back! Only recent CNY, the whole family able to gather & spent our great 2 nights together in Penang. All arranged by our parents & theme for this trip was non other than LOTS OF MAKAN! :D

We stayed in Copthorne Orchid, Tg Bungah - the last few left with friendly budget as most hotels were either fully booked or too expensive given CNY is peak season. But I didnt recommend for it has worst bed so far.

All makan places we went were from my abah's best ratings, apparently those are popular among tourist too :) First we stopped by for lunch was Restoran Kapitan. I've been here few times before, no doubt my favourite was their Ayam Tandoori! Very tender and the spices very well blended, except this time i wished the ayam more crunchy ;) The boys must have rice in their menu, so all of them ordered Briyani Claypot - one of signature here in Kapitan!

Went to Padang Kota Lama for dinner. It's food-court kind by seaside & one of my fave place when i was kid. We had almost everything that night - sotong bakar, sotong kangkung, pasembor, laksa penang, char koay teow, cendol etc! Except charkoay teow, the rest were all good. Recommended for those wanted to have all kind of Penang food everything under one roof :) But expect to pay extra for decent plate as the place has all the way been commercialized.

We had late lunch at this one Malay warung the next day. Sorry no pics, everyone like angry piranha when the food came! Warung macam nak roboh je tapi the food here amazingly all sedap & pedas!! Tomyam, ikan 3 rasa, ikan stim, kerabu mangga, sotong tepung etc...cant remember how many trip of nasik tambah we had here LOL. Highly recommended esp when you dah boring asik makan mamak je. Unfortunately they dont have signboard, but the warung just opposite Royal Hotel i think..

bumped into drive thru atm..my first time!

Finally that evening, we tried parasailing for the first time! Price RM80/px & RM150/couple for 15mins ride. We could barely see the jellyfish and as we flown up, these creatures made beautiful sight when viewing from far top..impressive! We also tried the jetskii (rm70/ride) - cursed my husband all the way as i almost terpelanting sbb laju gila dia bawak.....sumpah lagi scary dari parasailing ok! He said only jetskii je you can merempit sesuka hati & nobody will ever saman you..yea rightttttt !!!!

Later that night we went to Gurney Drive for dinner. We were entertained by this mamak who prepared pasembor sambil menari...no wonder he can stay in shape LOL!

After checkout the next day, abah brought to local's fave of kedai Kari Kepala Ikan for lunch. The kedai only opens 11am-3pm daily & very tricky to find (bawah flat). Their curry memang terbaek, and according to owner they about to launch their new branch at Damansara Perdana this week :)

We thought the curry was the closing. No, NOT YET! Next food station was Salwa Mee Udang in Teluk Kumbar. To everyone their mee udang worth the waiting, with thick gravy & all served are udang laut. I just wished the gravy is more pedas. We also had ketam rebus, sedap gile cicah air asam - a must TRY here :)

Tandoori & Briyani. checked.
Char Koay Teow.checked.
Laksa Penang.checked.

The only souvenir we brought back was tee for Hana's baby from HRC. I'd love the baby romper, but Hana prefer the tees ;)

We're looking forward for next family trip cos somehow we missed Nasi Kandar earlier! :p

p/s : We're ONE YEAR today by the way!