Jun 18, 2011


We had dinner at Ibunda restaurant last night, apparently it's last day to redeem our buffet voucher there. This Ibunda located opposite Prince Court and called themselves fine dining for authentic Malay cuisine.

We were there only at 9-ish whilst the buffet starts 7pm...so most food dah habis. Apparently they replenish ALL (main dishes la), nice kan considering lagi sejam je they going close :)

We were given table next to window with view to their pool. And these are some pictures taken..


outdoor stall serving ikan bakar, ikan kukus, ABC etc

one of buffet line

chicken ..very tender but portion too big for buffet style

lamb..tak bau so thumbs up!

the only reason to come back seriously!

fresh, and nicely presented too!:)

personal serving ikan kukus, unlike those at hotels ;)

ikan bakar

not many place serve with bihun kuning..

sedap! :)

classic choice...only durian and jagung :)

Our verdict...

Service was good, staffs very attentive. Choices not that many but reasonable knowing Malay dishes are generally heavy. Taste wise, alot to improve i think as being local we know originally how Malay food should taste like :) Place also very stuffy...made the experience hmm not so fine dining.

I initially craving for masakan nogori (big fan actually)..masak lemak cili api kind...or rendang...but none there, in fact all food there tak pedas. So if you have any place to recommend for masakan nogori, please, please do so. we dont mind driving to negeri sembilan if require so :)


Moose said...

ibunda ni yg dekat area (or is it further up) pavillion tu ke? i think we passed by this restaurant masa otw nak pegi restaurant seri melayu when our german friend came aritu.

didnt know that it serves local malay dishes, if not, we would've went there sebab seri melayu tutup for private function aritu.

Anonymous said...

if u dekat2 area taman melati/tmn setapak indah, ada satu kedai makan tgh hari masakan negeri sembilan. jalan ke danau kota, sebelah masjid al amin taman setapak indah.bole tahan sedap :)

Wani Rahman said...

kalau sanggup ke n9...boleh cuba restoren nelayan..di rahang berhampiran wisma PBNS...bnyak choice gulai lemak..but a bit pricey..

[ Hanie ] said...

hee, tq for this entry shyla. aritu baru ternampak this place, mcm nak cuba pegi sana :)

hidden.wing said...

Anonymous & Wani : thanks dear..hopefully sana ada daging salai/siput sedut masak lemak ;)

Moose, next time boleh try Rebung..many rave their local dish :)

Hanie, if nak bawak baby tak selesa sgt sbb panas sikit tempat tu.

Anonymous said...

u can try Selera Nogori at SS15. Very nice indeed. Very the nogori n minang style. Nyummers. It's located in fornt of Carrefour. Try it!

hidden.wing said...

hey dear, thanks! the name itself sounds perfect...must try, soonest!! :)

Moose said...

went to rebung but sadly the food was only so-so. i personally think that chef ismail's cooking is nothing to shout about. i ate his cooking on few occasion when he stayed at malaysian's consulate in frankfurt but yeah, nothing special.

but maybe i'm just a picker eater. hehe

hidden.wing said...

Yeke? I penah rasa nasi goreng je, tapau-ed by cousin who went there. she said some sedap, some so-so..thanks moose, i initially put this place in my checklist..camtu tunggu promo jela baru pegi like i did to Ibunda..tak menyesal sangat lol! :p

Anonymous said...

solero nogori mmg nyumss tau....ss15 n gurney pn ade solero ni....

near to stadium seremban ade restaurant masakan nogori yg best gak.....