Jun 18, 2011

ipad 2

I have no GPS, no Blackberry, no iPhone. I never had them in my wishlist pun to tell the truth. Probably cos i dont really follow what's in when comes to gadget.

Except this one. And we were talking about getting one the other day. The earlier the better. Hehe.

Until this morning i checked fb Machines, their status was something distributing queue cards etc...huh? batch 7 is selling today???!! How come they dont appear in my fb!!

We rushed to midvalley hoping for white 64GB wifi-3G model still available (read : 10am). Hubby siap confident model tu ada since it's the most expensive that people may not interested.

And when we got there...as expected, there was long queue. When I asked the staff, you know..

highest spec was first to sold out!! :(

moral of the story :
1. before tido must check fb Machines (esp Friday night!)
2. Never underestimate orang Malaysia! kaya okay depa ni...(sambil jeling my husband!)


Nuown said...

Beb, beli online. Worry not..its machines kan... I purchased ipod touch online for Sinan before.. The good things you purchase online, you can engrave your name theere.. Cuma for ipad maybe 3-4 weeks kena tunggu.. Tapi confirm you dapat..hihihihi...tak perlu que panjang..

nsue said...

yes, beli online pun ok. i got mine after 2 weeks. siap free engrave. btw, if u wanna but screen protector (tp kena pasang sendiri)at rm30 only, i ada jual.

hidden.wing said...

Nuown, tula I’m reconsidering online cos I read this one customer already like zombie after queueing since 4am and he was no.15. Gile!

I read we can reserve from Harvey Norman too. This one guy got his within a week, same price and best of all no queue!! Just the catch we need to buy at least 1 accessory i.e. smart cover. Tapi tula..no engrave hehe.

hidden.wing said...

Nsue, bestnya u dapat on time! Bile u beli? Cos I dgr now delivery >1mth. I’m checking Harvey’s tomorrow, if no more slot I’ll go online la. Tak sanggup nak camping kat Machines kul 4 pagi hehe!

Moose said...

i still dont own any ipad, iphone or BB and not interested in getting any of those any time soon. my mil on the other hand has all the iphone available at the market, she also has ipad and thinking of buying the ipad 2.


Drama Queen said...

My husband pun had to q for so long. Finally he tak sabar, he went to Low Yatt and got us the ipad 2! I got the white one :)
My baby now is a proud owner of my ipad 1. Kecik kecik pun dah pandai technology..so we must keep up! If you can wait..get it online!
I wanted to get it online but hubby tak reti sabar.

hidden.wing said...

Moose : Coolness! At least u both have other interesting topics to talk about...than babies. or cooking. Hehe!!

hidden.wing said...

Zura : Yeah, i read Heidi's ipad! i need mine pronto..malu gile everytime meeting client i need to find meja close to power source to ON my old lappy. LOL!

Anonymous said...

you and your husband are very2 stupid & very2 poor people in msia.