Nov 30, 2009

maintable gift

found link of this vendor while bloghopping to kak shaja's. if you still remember this post... secretly im still hoping for angel vendor who can accept small order for this nice Yaasin. they may not stand as nice to what i found in jakarta, but the cover seems so neat...and one thing that made me think it's a perfect maintable gift is, oftenly, those who eat with pengantins are veterans..and most of time, religious stuff is one that close to their heart, kan :)

p/s : just found out the bride on cover is my uni-mate...congrats to sarah!

Nov 28, 2009

hiv test

we're done, 26th Nov 09. fiance sgt proactive, calling everywhere since last 2 weeks to find out convenient place to do hiv test while his tunang goyang kaki layan blog hehe..

we did ours at klinik kesihatan shah alam seksyen 7. no hassle at all & no horror stories to share..less than an hour, semua siap. tak ramai ppl, maybe sebab org dh balik cuti raya haji appoinment required, weekdays 2-4pm only.

Nov 25, 2009

chocs gift

our hantaran stuffs almost ready, last monday dah pick up tiny bag from this aunty. i bought 2 stuffs from different online sellers, and they are truly recommended in term of service..pantas :) and alot cheaper than this famous local site. courier from US pun tak sampai seminggu dah dpt hehe..only one hantaran item left, which awal2 lagi we decided to's a gadget, lagi lambat beli, harga lagi turun..and since our survey in may...the harga had turun let's tunggu lagi until end of Year End Sale ;)

for meja vip (it's meja rombongan pengantin actually hehe), after pening2 thinking what should be the doorgift, we finally inspired from below gift by kak fathinz...choc bar with personalized wrapper :) see, i always fell back at stuffs that i saved ages ago in my lappy...selalu je love at first sight win tsk tsk..for families (esp with kiddies), we think edible favors are still everyone's all time fave..esp choc kan hehe. so we browsed around and finally found vendor who allow small order here we go, 40pcs ordered :) i've sent our monogram for cover, but she requested the format to be in illustrator or photoshop..have to check back with fira, praying hard she still keep them....*gulp*

p/s : Happy Hari Raya Haji to everyone!

Nov 17, 2009

i finally found someone...

i've posted this pic more than a year was love at first sight i admit. during the time, only Bliss Treasure offered this for local market...and sadly, they required min 100pcs (now min 50pcs je), which i thought too much for my budget. furthermore, i prefer edible doorgift for my guests...only special people i would consider giving out candles, and definitely the persons should be my besties...

and today while hunting for my bridesmaids' gift, i dropped by this wedding gift blog...and she has this...i emailed her & it was great to know she accepts small order - except, i had to pay a little extra. i was extremely happy, and quickly placed my order for 10 pcs :) im planning to keep one, with my name on it hehe..

and today too, i ordered 40pcs edible gift for meja rombongan from next vendor :) im still waiting quotation for nikah & maintable favor from another vendor...hopefully we could settle the ordering by this week...

recent trip & tiara

our wedding card & favors dah safely ordered last weekend. the card vendor also do favor box - so we ordered both items ni terus from him in pasar tebet. the place was real stuffy, so abah malas to wait for my usual long-discussion with vendor so i had to end up doing the proofreading & all using email or phone je later - which i hated most becos the risk of miscommunication is high :( i hope to settle the proofreading asap so our vendor could deliver the stuffs by xmas week.

kain for sisters & bridesmaids finally complete. abah give up sebab susah sangat getting the right tiffany for the ladies hehe, mayestik dah nak tutup baru we found the hidden cheap price :) we jalan2 at plaza indonesia that night, sempat grab one item for hantaran which was sold cheaper than kl..

final day baru singgah mangga dua. prev trip tak sempat hunting wedding accesories sbb both geminian besties asik teruja dgn jam ciplak yg sgt chic kat sane tsk tsk! choice for accessories in M2 mmg banyak, but finding the dream tiara not as easy as i thot...i was looking for decent tiara which fits these criterias : rendah, detailing penuh & tengahnya peak sikit...ala2 below...mostly they have either too small or too big ala2 beauty pageant tuuu...only one shop i found close to my spec..beli jela, price pun murah hehe...

overall, the trip abit relax this time..we sempat enjoy nice seafood in kelapa gading too, sampai boyot hehe...

Nov 13, 2009

pameran pengantin

during lunch hr, faeizah & myself buat amazing race to pameran pengantin in pwtc. surprisingly, ctcatering not participating..selalu they're like muka wajib in any wedding fair hehe..

im still in midst of hunting our wedding cake, we dropped by all cake booths kat situ & mostly the quotation starts rm600 for 3-tiers cake. Isabella's promo quite interesting, rm440 for 3-tiers (6kgs) but when we requested for sample of that, they're too small for my pulang dgn sedikit kecewa. anyhow, both of us love this mini by
Isabella....sama2 sibuk snap pic ;P

btw, my parents arriving in next hour. hopefully, we could scrap few pending stuffs from my checklist this weekend :)

p/s : next month kena start settlekan borang & hiv test...malasnye :(

Nov 9, 2009


all i concern is nice font & they must come in grey instead of black...

and we made similar to my tiffany theme too..
thanks fira, owe you a big lunch heee :)

Nov 8, 2009


today, fiance joining myself at nearby Old Town to sort out wording & detail for our wedding card (since we'll be sharing one!). we had to finalize asap as the order will be made this weekend, together with our doorgifts.

we fixed out the doorgifts, and their packaging. we had to line up some backups in case the vendors reject sebab tak lepas minimum quantity hehe..tomorrow i'll meet up fira, she has agreed to help me out with photoshop-ing the monogram....

since fiance wont be around during the card ordering, we discussed the design & layout for the card too - of course, there were moments we agreed to each other & fight over little little things :) one of stuff we bertekak was the agenda for majlis bertandang. ideally, we want the majlis to start 8.30pm, but based from experience, it's most likely to slip..and usually 8.45pm baru start we argued what's the best timing to put in our card for "ketibaan pengantin" to alert the guest what's the latest time they should already be in hall friends, i need your opinion...

Nov 6, 2009

bridal mags

i love reading mat saleh's wedding mags, but hardly buy them becos they're so expensive & not much we can apply to our local wedding. the most i would buy is their old collection becos they're sold cheap (usually half price) and these are 'latest' i managed to grab during my outstation to Miri last few days...they're May-June 2009 edition, price each mcm mag Pengantin je hehe..i prefer the white mag - found inspiration for my plain cake & doily paper...i didnt realize berapa kali i khatam the white mag from hotel sampai dalam flight hehehe :P

if you're into mat saleh's wedding mag too & not willing to spend much like me, you can go to these 2 in cineleisure tingkat bawah (nearby escalator) and satu lagi in taipan commercial area tu..sorry, tak ingat the shop name ;P there are few more out there, but so far these 2 are my fave sbb banyak wedding mags and sambil2 can tengok wayang or layan takoyaki yg sedap di taipan ;D

so next time when u're craving for martha stewart's wedding mag, tunggu je lagi 3 mths for new release...nanti the old one serta merta je half-price & left about belas2 ringgit je..(lagi murah dari Ratu Sehari hehe..)

Nov 4, 2009


anyone know where to get this transparent butterfly...
preferable with price =)

pic from here

Nov 3, 2009

inspirasi baju nikah

last 2 weeks, we met the designer & shared him this inspiration for my baju nikah. im not blessed with any creativity to design & sketch my dream dress, so i just pick few pix of favourite dresses and do the mix & match of my preference.

for nikah, my all time fave is white kurung moden...with some lace patching & sulam. while design wise, i love any kurung moden with bukaan kebaya in the middle...similar to diana-zamarul's reception dress featured in recent Pengantin mag :)

i told them to lining the lengan as well, but make it abit jarang from the rest portion of the what aleya had...(copycat lagi hehe...)

btw, i didnt tailor my veil from same designer sbb too expensive :( ...i hope to find other tailor to jahit my veil soon. but i need the designer to potong the lace portion for dress first, so i could take the remaining for veil patching...honestly, malu gile nak request him to do that but i dont have any choice...

Nov 2, 2009

floating fuschia pelamin

taken from cyber view lodge's site...

Nov 1, 2009

bertandang catering

yesterday we met up with Syawal and somehow after the discussion, i can foresee the potential problem i might have with this caterer later. im a little dissapointed at first, but thinking back, even the famous caterer pun ada problem, so i'd better be calm and think of some backup plan je :) it would be so unfair to give unpleasant review before engaging their service & seeing the real result. furthermore, the problem is not on food side...more to decorative stuffs hehe :)

prior to our meet up, i read back some comments & concern some readers raised on this caterer. and i could conclude mainly are below & addressed to syawal :

- food so-so. some said great, but none said tak sedap at all :)
- slow food replenishment. this may not really applicable cos we're having makan serentak..our risk may be nasi/dessert/coffee lambat serve
- waiters slow & tak alert. part ni my biggest worry but dah solve abit. syawal will provide 1 waiter for every 2 tables (1:2)
- barang yang dijanjikan tak disediakan. *gulp* the least he could offer now is checklist a day before event & he need my rep to be on site during prep for checking.. can la :)

syawal also shared some tips :

- appoint one rep to deal with caterer during the event. caterer always had problem when so many family members campur tangan to direct them doing mcm2
- get sufficient ushers if u have assigned seating, but it's always better not to have it at all (esp guest 500 above) sbb nanti jam dpn entrance. if u still want to do it, loose abit by just putting sign at few tables and let them freely pick which they belong to e.g. "bride's friends", "telekom staffs"
- state in your invitation guest arrival within 7.45 - 8pm. let them know any nearest surau/musolla so they could perform their maghrib at your place
- dont pick theme similar to your hall or carpet..and your color should outdo these 2 items
- balance out your thick rendang ayam/daging with light sayur. pajeri nanas too heavy to fit this combo

and i sempat asked him how to benchmark canopy price (after terkejut reading mira's post)...before ni i only refer here as quick guideline. as per syawal :

- arabian canopy with table & chairs (rm300-350)
- complete with standard/butterfly scallop (rm400-450)
- complete with scallops & chair cover+ribbon & fan+lampu (rm500-550)
- underlayer (rm100)
- chandelier (max rm100)
- mist fan (rm100-rm180)

fan with decorative lamp...practical :) source

we finally placed deposit for our catering. malas to fikir lagi cos getting caterer who can offer below rm25/pax for seating event not that easy and so far the well knowns are suri catering, siti catering and yeob catering being the cheapest (rm20/pax siap meja & kerusi banquet lagi hehe)

btw, we heard lots of insufficient food during kenduri & kebetulan i bumped into Mutiara Catering's site and they commented on this issue : Part 1 & Part 11. it's worth reading :)