Nov 25, 2009

chocs gift

our hantaran stuffs almost ready, last monday dah pick up tiny bag from this aunty. i bought 2 stuffs from different online sellers, and they are truly recommended in term of service..pantas :) and alot cheaper than this famous local site. courier from US pun tak sampai seminggu dah dpt hehe..only one hantaran item left, which awal2 lagi we decided to's a gadget, lagi lambat beli, harga lagi turun..and since our survey in may...the harga had turun let's tunggu lagi until end of Year End Sale ;)

for meja vip (it's meja rombongan pengantin actually hehe), after pening2 thinking what should be the doorgift, we finally inspired from below gift by kak fathinz...choc bar with personalized wrapper :) see, i always fell back at stuffs that i saved ages ago in my lappy...selalu je love at first sight win tsk tsk..for families (esp with kiddies), we think edible favors are still everyone's all time fave..esp choc kan hehe. so we browsed around and finally found vendor who allow small order here we go, 40pcs ordered :) i've sent our monogram for cover, but she requested the format to be in illustrator or photoshop..have to check back with fira, praying hard she still keep them....*gulp*

p/s : Happy Hari Raya Haji to everyone!


BuTtErFlyInFraMe said...


marry me deco and usch pun ade gak kan?

bEEdLE d' bARd said...

boleh tau x brape range harga choc tu?

sweet cravings said...

owh, me love the idea. macam nak jugak, but i'm afraid, takut habis sebelum waktu. heee :p

selamat hari raya haji to you too dear. lets enjoy this last festive (with the single status) heheh

Fathiyah said...

selamat hari raya ash =)
p/s : sapa online seller tuh?boleh tau?

Anonymous said...

Emma K at Bangsar Village does the same thing as well. Not sure about the price but it's lovely.

Sabby said...

hey dear, i'm also doing this for my reception favours..doing it at emma k the shop is at bangsar village 2..i love it sooo much...the price is around RM 4-5ish...but if u order like a lot..its slighty cheaper RM 3-ish..and the best part is..they have amazing wedding cards as well...u can even custom your own design but that would be from RM5above..

lizamohamed said...

its a bit pricey if u wanna give it for reception.. kalau utk VIP or as nikah favors ok la kot... but again, its all depending on ones budget rite?

~Legal me Yours~ said...

hidden wing.....

if u work with enni..

well... we are under the same roof!


hidden.wing said...

yeap alena. i ordered from her hee.. ;D

beedle, price different ikut quantity & choc type (cadbury or homemade). can also request for loose wrapper or together with choc :) u may refer here for more info :

mira, jgn sampai your beryls habis k ;) i enjoyed this raya..makan daging sampai lupa diri hehe..

fathiyah..selamat hari raya, now byk site yg jual murah kan, best betul hehe..will email awak the links :D

yup yup anonymous, i met Emma K during last year's pameran pengantin...their design for wedding stationary amazing... :D

sab..dulu i wasnt keen to have this favor..sedih cos ppl will buang the wrapper..if nak kasi non-edible gift (which they can keep), kids surely not i have to agree with u..certain stuff we cudnt be sentimental sgt hee..btw, the price u got from emma dah include choc? wow..almost to marryme..never thot emma can be that affordable..thanks so much for sharing sab :D

liza, me too..cant afford for all 2000 reception guests..their favor cost less than a ringgit but belum siap printing lagi hehe..this choc only for meja rombongan pengantin..we order 40pcs..budget constraint :D

zain.anna..really?..maybe we different tower hehe..the co. so huge..ppl hardly knew each other, so it's nice to meet a colleague here..tho just virtually... :D