Nov 1, 2009

bertandang catering

yesterday we met up with Syawal and somehow after the discussion, i can foresee the potential problem i might have with this caterer later. im a little dissapointed at first, but thinking back, even the famous caterer pun ada problem, so i'd better be calm and think of some backup plan je :) it would be so unfair to give unpleasant review before engaging their service & seeing the real result. furthermore, the problem is not on food side...more to decorative stuffs hehe :)

prior to our meet up, i read back some comments & concern some readers raised on this caterer. and i could conclude mainly are below & addressed to syawal :

- food so-so. some said great, but none said tak sedap at all :)
- slow food replenishment. this may not really applicable cos we're having makan serentak..our risk may be nasi/dessert/coffee lambat serve
- waiters slow & tak alert. part ni my biggest worry but dah solve abit. syawal will provide 1 waiter for every 2 tables (1:2)
- barang yang dijanjikan tak disediakan. *gulp* the least he could offer now is checklist a day before event & he need my rep to be on site during prep for checking.. can la :)

syawal also shared some tips :

- appoint one rep to deal with caterer during the event. caterer always had problem when so many family members campur tangan to direct them doing mcm2
- get sufficient ushers if u have assigned seating, but it's always better not to have it at all (esp guest 500 above) sbb nanti jam dpn entrance. if u still want to do it, loose abit by just putting sign at few tables and let them freely pick which they belong to e.g. "bride's friends", "telekom staffs"
- state in your invitation guest arrival within 7.45 - 8pm. let them know any nearest surau/musolla so they could perform their maghrib at your place
- dont pick theme similar to your hall or carpet..and your color should outdo these 2 items
- balance out your thick rendang ayam/daging with light sayur. pajeri nanas too heavy to fit this combo

and i sempat asked him how to benchmark canopy price (after terkejut reading mira's post)...before ni i only refer here as quick guideline. as per syawal :

- arabian canopy with table & chairs (rm300-350)
- complete with standard/butterfly scallop (rm400-450)
- complete with scallops & chair cover+ribbon & fan+lampu (rm500-550)
- underlayer (rm100)
- chandelier (max rm100)
- mist fan (rm100-rm180)

fan with decorative lamp...practical :) source

we finally placed deposit for our catering. malas to fikir lagi cos getting caterer who can offer below rm25/pax for seating event not that easy and so far the well knowns are suri catering, siti catering and yeob catering being the cheapest (rm20/pax siap meja & kerusi banquet lagi hehe)

btw, we heard lots of insufficient food during kenduri & kebetulan i bumped into Mutiara Catering's site and they commented on this issue : Part 1 & Part 11. it's worth reading :)


BuTtErFlyInFraMe said...

partkena ada rep utk urusan dgn catere tu its true..sbb dorang tak suka bnyk mulut lain yg bg arahan itu ini..bila dh bnyk mulut yg bg arahan, semua jadi tunggang tebalik nanti.. :P

fieyza verwest said...

on my wedd, i let my parents jd rep...most of the guest pn kwn2 m glad 2 c they happy 2 instruct n decide for that particular matter...

BTW, am speechless wit ur effort nk kuruskan bdn...mase nk kawin hrtu pun, hari2 lari kt putrajaya xderla kurus sgt sgt tuh...on ur case, i can see da weight loss on ur ticker chart...beside gym, wat any other thing that u do?...share la :) would be da tips to keep weight remain even after marriage tau...

Riena said...

u ambik mutiara catering kee? i nk tau sgt comment2 dorg pasal catering nie..sbb tgk blog mcm menarik dan murah kan?

Nurulhuda|Adlie said...

i rasa pegi mana2 caterer pun mesti ada kurang kan, i semalam pegi 2 potential caterer, satu tu PR dia very bad, dia la yang attend org test food, dia la pick up call org sesat yang call 100x tak penah buat research mcm mana nak dtg, dia jugak la nak discuss, dang! pastu since the package tu package rumah we try to contra few stuff like khemah for other this la, then nego2 masa future mil i tanya2 tetiba she said kak saya tak makan duit akak, wth, we are now in a discussion of u cant commit to what we want u have the right to say no but please la in a proper manner.. masa tu i dah pissed off, mmg i will never come back for that caterer..

then we went to mutiara catering's place yesterday, sofar okayla i guess for a first time meeting them, better PR, and they give us advise, suggestions and such, even yang attend kitorang tu agak muda jugak la, especially like the one u highlighted tu yang nak kira guest bebetul so that makanan takkan short.. n since i punya majlis combine lelaki & perempuan both pun suka makanan dia, my fiance mother kata sedap, my parents pun okay, i je tak rasa lagi cos kene cirit birit teruk, nanti pegi sekali lagi nak request food.. hehe :)

Nurulhuda|Adlie said...

gile banyak typo i tulis, abaikan jela ek :)

anil lutaze said...

wohoo..bab catering ni lah byk kali i tuka2 vendors...haha...

1st kater ok, then lg sebulan tarik diri konon jaoh lah, takot x kene selera lah...apdaaa..x pro lngsong

2nd--hrga mahal nk mmpos mcm anak menteri buat kerja kawen..bos lak berlagak n kekwat

3rd yg akhirnya mnjadi...harga sgt reasonable..boss turun pdg n sgt x father bg je apa arahan..sumer die kate ok...

waiters pon byk kat merata meja..cpt buat tang chandeliars je agak nk buat cmne..tu je yg dia ada...hehe

tp rep b4 events tu mmg kena ada...boleh check mne yg ade, x de..

dialicious said...

Yeap hafta agree w u.even siti catering pun hidang dome letak sikit2 je..when we asked for replenishment nak dkt seminggu br dpt.hehehe..betul ke mutiara below rm25?they quoted me mahal dulu!huhu.lucky u!

hidden.wing said...

betul alena..rep pulak harus yang teliti dan pandai membuat keputusan kan =) yg tak best tu ade pelakon2 tambahan di saat-saat akhir e.g. makcik2 etc hahaha

tq for your support fieyza :D i gi gym je buat 500 kcal/day tapi i tanak recommend ni sbb excessive exercise..i dah masa kecemasan hihi. smlm start consume herbalife, tp arini dh giveup sbb tak sedap dan kena minum byk sgt air :( perut bloated gile hehe

riena, kalau i buat buffet mmg nak consider mutiara catering..murah gile kan, booking dia pun nampak berderet je every weekend, sedap kot kan? hehe

hidden.wing said...

bagusnye u lmbt lg but dh stat survey caterer :D SA yg i deal ni pun quite susah nk buat appoinment & if client yg tak tahan sure assume diorg ni mcm tanak berbisnes je sbb call pun layan tak layan sbb everytime we call diorg bz handling event..fiance pujuk to think on +ve side; they tak entertain us sbb nk fully concentrate kt event client yg diorg handle..which is so right, cos after we meet him up personally, he layan us sgt baik & reject all unimportant calls & share useful tips dgn kitorg :) all the best to u...tak sempat nk food testing mutiara catering tu, i pn dgr ppl ckp sedap :D

hidden.wing said...

wah anil, caterer awak handle 3000pax & able to give good service..mmg tabik! bagusla bos dia pn turun padang, br tau camne staff buat keje & tang mana boleh improve lagi kan :D rezeki awaklah anil..last2 dpt vendor yg best2 je semua hehehe..

diah, awat lambat habaq..i dh book siti catering tu hehehe...yg replenish tu buffet ke seating diah? takpe, i welcome ur comment snang nanti i highlight kt dia..i tak penah attend any friend's wed yg pakai siti xtau sgt *gulp*

`BaHa` said...

i ambil Ct Catering jugak for my wedding. in fact my fiance's sister wedding last April pun dgn Ct. ada isu nasi tak cukup masatu tapi still kitaorg ambil dia lagi so we can highlight outstanding issues and demand for improvement for our wedding nanti. kalau ambil caterer tak tau lagi ape peel. anyway, Ct food dia sedap.make sure syawal mase wedding u nnt, time my sis-in-law to be punye wed, dia takde so agak kelam kabut

hidden.wing said...

tq BaHa :D lega sikit dgr from returned customer like u..agreed, i was quoted cheaper too by few others but since they're new & not used to seating event, we quite reluctant to give them the job..thanks again dear, i'll highlight psl nasi tak cukup tu jugak to syawal :D