Aug 31, 2009

white cakestand

yesterday's trip to SSF was super fruitful...

though the 'kaki' not that tinggi like my prev post, but can u resist when they come with only rm58 price tag?
(earlier my budget was rm50 for renting! heee)

p/s : tingkat kedua, second from right. plain one ;)

Aug 28, 2009

ratu sehari 9th edition

came with cute & handy diary!
price now rm25 :(

Aug 27, 2009

ring deco

if jewellery box or ring holder not your type,

you may consider this :)

bunga hijau ni murah je in floristika, kan fizz ;P

p/s : parents coming over tomorrow!
yeay dapat berbuka dgn family lagi on 2nd weekend heeee

Aug 25, 2009

kerusi pelamin

this actually a backdated entry. alhamdulillah, last 2 weeks we finally secured decorator for our wedding. discussion took place at Old Town nearby, senang sebab ade wifi should we need any quick ref. we had to speed up since we only had 3 hrs before the shop closed. we managed to cut another 1k from original quo. not due to discount, but we personally cut few things which we're not keen to splurge on & stick to original budget. one of topic discussed was, kerusi pelamin.

speaking of preference, yeah, we love
chaise lounge :) especially yang assymmetry type :

but, abg Man from Precious Moment (no, i didnt hire them) didnt like the idea of short & plumpy bride (aku la tuh) having this chaise. "sinking", he said, and advised us to opt for 2-seater type instead. down sekejap, but i still refused to change hehe ;)

for northern bride, checkout her site for this seater.
found this link from alena :)

we dont have too much requirement for our kerusi, as long it comes with 1-seater type and white, we're fine. if typical seater mcm bawah ni pun kitorg redha je hehehe!

credit to all pic owners!

Aug 24, 2009

doily paper

since they're so cheap, fiance & myself thought this would be great alternative to something ;)

UPDATED - doily paper available @ Bake with Yen, Lrg Haji Taib
smallest selling at rm4.50 for 100pcs
(big thanks to Nasz!)

Aug 22, 2009

cake stand

im home ;) and while waiting for berbuka, i googled some info on cake stand, which i tentatively considering one for my wed. was overwhelmed with idea after reading k.Shaja's tips - they make small cake look bigger & taller.

here some to feast your eyes, all taken from mat saleh's sites :

lil pumpkin for cinderella dreaming; available in various size!
click here for more, hehe.

curly for your multi-tiers. available locally, but i missed the link :(

glass tiers of cuppies & cake on top.
local cuppy maker usually have smaller size for hantaran setting.

for hygiene-freak? huhu

out of those gorgeous cake stands, WLT being the boring bride always fell for simple, plain stand hehehe! and here my pick, love them in solid white :

i found they just perfect for my 1-tier cake & homey outdoor wedding. so friends, if u happen to know any place to hire with reasonable rate, please please let me know. thanks!

p/s : selamat berbuka to all :)

Aug 21, 2009

plain mini

p/s : i'm leaving to my kampung in couple hours :)
1st day bersahur & berbuka di rumah yeay.

to bloggers, selamat berpuasa.
may we have another wonderful Ramadhan this year.

Aug 19, 2009

tiffany on cover

lambat gile ;P

p/s : heart how Zahnita put her Cosry's veil on, sedikit rendah from her bun, just the way i like it :) and not to forget, gigantic potraiture pelamin of Catriona & hubby - unique!

Aug 14, 2009

2 days left!

we've got our honeymoon tix.........

at half price yeayy!!

Aug 12, 2009

wedding signage


the first time i saw this pic, it made me thinking - apart from deco, this would also be great wedding signage! a personalized balloon, hanging at few prominent places on the way to your home reception. since my house tepi highway je, we can just keep 3 pieces as max. mylar/foil balloon is recommended as they can float/last longer, but i prefer plastic balloon (macam beach ball tu) as they are better in appearance :) i'd love them in white, but simple tie of tiffany ribbon at the bottom would make them even livelier, kan?

been searching high & low for this personalized balloon, mostly found locally are limited to latex and mylar balloon huhu. otherwise, got to resort to simple written signage with hanging tiffany & white latex balloons. but latex balloon cepat kecut, and am not sure their reliability during sunny day hehe! while the risk of having this too could invite attention to kanak-kanak nakal untuk memecahkannya :P or worst, due to it being unconventional in malay wedding, our guest may not even know it's actually a wedding signage!

earlier, i thought to print the balloon with "arrow" to indicate direction to my reception. but but, they're floating anyway and the "arrow" could be misleading in the end. tak pasal-pasal guest sesat nanti, so i scrap the whole arrow printing idea :)

i hate to admit that i'll trash them once the wed is over. or most, i'll keep one, fold them nicely & paste them in wedding scrapbook to reminisce moment of being dreamy bridezilla hehe!

adorable :)

Aug 11, 2009

shades of pink

here we go again :)

latest work by Wishing Tree

Aug 9, 2009

Diah's Majlis Bertandang

Finally, we make it to her majlis bertandang. We among the earliest to arrive gara2 my fiance tersalah beli show GI Joe 2.40pm at midvalley #$%^&*@ I insisted to wait until pengantin sampai & sempatlah tengok them gorgeously in songket berarak to their beautifully decorated pelamin :)

Segan pulak nak say hello & bersalaman dengan pengantin while kompang masih dimainkan. We had to leave by 2pm, time tu us dah macam ular sawa cos perut masing2 dah full dgn makanan yang sedap at her kenduri :)

Diah & hubby, selamat pengantin baru! thn ni raya rumah siapa dulu? hehehe :P

Aug 8, 2009

Pameran Pengantin 2009

Was on leave yesterday, had the chance to visit Pameran Pengantin in midvalley. Pelamin di entrance sgt cute, with home miniature backdrop & little birdies by Rins Suzana. Somehow, i feel tahun ni tidak semeriah dulu & halls pun not fully occupied. NGI occupied 4 booths, with his gigantic pelamin nikah (at 5-figures RM!) im not really a fan of royale-type pelamin he had, but shades of pink used, mmg drooling!

Lots of new faces joining, prices not that competitive, except they have lots of freebies to offer & result of some pun cantik jugak e.g. Dina Halim's white pelamin, with my fave shaggy carpet (booth 58 & 67). guna artificial je, but i like flower arrangement at both sides, siap ada tumbuhan hijau kecil yang comel di bawah tu. and those tiny candle stands too! panel pelamin pun unik, cos hujung nya melengkung sikit. Visit kali ini hanyalah berjaya mendapatkan decorator for his hantaran :)

Was late for appoinment with CT Catering that evening, sesat. Hall dah siap setup by then :P Fiance arrived by 8pm and we stay sampai majlis selesai, giving ideas how event typically going at our hall. We had problem with their opened doors & lighting, there's still room for discussion later. Regarding food, we pretty satisfied and Uyaa was right, their rendang daging sangat sedap :)

Aug 4, 2009

mint tin

anyone know where to get this mint tin?

any idea on price? thanks!

pic credit to gg

Aug 1, 2009

wedding banner

alternative to bunting :)

by Green Apple